I begun to creat a new Mod.
The goal of the Mod is to give the Galaxy Map a bit more depht.

Phase 1 (Version 1)
- a few new Planets
- new order of the Planets
- new structures und units on some Planets *
- new scales for the ships and units
- new units for the Pirates

Phase 2 (Version 2)
- new transportsystem for fighters in GC

Phase 3 (Version 3)
- new transportsystem for Groundunits in GC

Phase 4 (Version 4)
- diplomacysystem

__________________________________________________ ______________
__________________________________________________ ______________
__________________________________________________ ______________

Now here are some more information about the first Version:

1. New order of the Planets and New Galaxy Maps
There will be many sectors wich includs 3-4 Planets. All Planets in a sector have traderouts to each other, but there will only be 2 - 3 Traderouts to an other sector. So you have to be more tacticly.
Status: Finished

2. New Galaxy Maps
Till now there are 3 new maps
Status: Finished

3. New structures und units on some Planets

-Imperial Guard (Coruscant)
-Superbattledroids (Geonosis)
-Dark Jedi (Korriban)
-Escort Carrier (All Planets)
-Repairship (All Planets)
-Venator (All Planets)
-Legacy SD

-Gungans (Naboo)
-Wookiees (Kaschyyk)
-Superbattledroids (Geonosis)
-Mc40 (Moncalamarie)
-Rebellcarrier (All Planets)
-Repairship (All Planets)
-Venator (All Planets)
-Procurator Korvette (Hoth)

-Mandalorian (Mandalore)
-Geonosian (Geonosis)
-Superkampfdroiden (Geonosis)
-Dunkler Jedi (Korriban)
-Aggressor fighter
-Repairship (Galaxieweit)
-Venator (Galaxieweit)

Status: Finished

4. New Scale
New Scale of the ships and units

Status: Finished

5. Other Stuff
-After the engines of a ship are destroyed, the ship can´t move any more
-Infantry Units of a squad don´t shoot by the same time.
-Bether AI
-News Creditstations
-New Creditbuildings in GC
-Mobile Landingzones

Status: Finished

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New Mod Version

8 years ago News 0 comments

I want to announce that the Mod isn´t death an that we are still working on it.
Currently we are working on Version 2 of the Mod.

There is going to be al lot more content than in the first Modversion. Besides a total new and expanded Galaxy Map, we are going to make every single Faction unique- the Gameplay of each is going to be different. And just as a reminder: We have a 4th fully playble Faction: The CIS.

We are also going to add a lot more tactical experiece to the GC, like new special structures and Builddefinition and of course new units and vehicles for the battles.

So stay tuned for more ;)

Patch 1.1

8 years ago News 0 comments

Maybe you all noticed, that there are some little bugs in the Mod. Because of that I´m going to make a little patch, witch correct them. If you find...

Mod Release

8 years ago News 0 comments

Version 1 of the Mod is ready. Im uploading it at the moment, it depends on Moddb when you can download it. Have fun ;)

Mod Release Date

8 years ago News 0 comments

I´m going to start the Beta Phase on Saturday. So ther 1. Version of the Mod is going to be released soon. Greetings ;)

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Expanded Galaxy Mod V 1.1

8 years ago Full Version 3 comments

Expanded Galaxy Mod Version 1.1 This is the Version 1.1 of the Expanded Galaxy Mod. This is just the beginning of this Mod, there will be much more features...

Expanded Galaxy Mod Version 1

8 years ago Full Version 0 comments

Note: This is the First Version of the Mod. This is only the beginning of this Mod. I just released it to get some Feedback. I hope you like it ;) Version1...

FoC AI Mod

8 years ago Full Version 0 comments

--------------- AI Mod --------------- FoC AI Mod: This is just a Mini Mod, wich makes the AI more agressive and in anyway stronger. Mainly this are the...

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SovereignReaper Mar 24 2009 says:


-1 votes     reply to comment
Imperial_Guardsman21 Jan 1 2015 replied:

**** dead mods aint funny

+1 vote     reply to comment
wampa42 Apr 13 2009 replied:

no not dead still alive looking forward to future releases although the cis is added to alot of mods if its possible a faction you dont often see would make this mod stand out but that is just my opinion

+2 votes     reply to comment
commandotoy Apr 8 2008 says:

plz reply to me. i need help it won't work.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SpartanJedi24 Mar 24 2008 says:

So uh, what are the new planets? I couldn't read the names on the video.

+1 vote     reply to comment
SovereignReaper Feb 5 2008 says:

is this for foc only

+1 vote     reply to comment
deboss May 6 2007 says:

My galactic conquest maps don't work properly. No matter which one I pick it always gives me the gigantic one. Could you space out the planets a little more my icons keep overlapping and it gives me trouble finding out what is happening at each planet. Love the graphics and units. 9.7 average.

+1 vote     reply to comment
deboss Apr 28 2007 says:

Are you going to modify it to work on skirmish as well. Also could you add some small campaigns? Just like ten planets like a few from the original game. I use turtle combat style and it took me a week or so to get through a single galactic conquest. Sometimes I just want a little two or three hour quickie to relax after class. Also for some reason turbo laser fire is like a quarter the size it should be. This is happening in all space combat and the ATAT has reduced turbo laser size but regular laser cannons are normal. I only complain because the smaller shots make it difficult to hit the corvette sized ships. The sensor jamming on the aggressor fighters doesn't seem to be working right. It turns off really fast and requires a full recharge time.

+1 vote     reply to comment
the28ig Apr 23 2007 says:

damn, I was hoping it was for the original.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Very_Dark_Lord Creator
Very_Dark_Lord Apr 23 2007 says:

It´s for FoC

@ munkyfish
Yes, I already noticed this little bugs, in Week or two I´m going to puplic a patch to fix them ;)
Oh and yes I made the AI a bit mor agressive ;)

+1 vote   reply to comment
the28ig Apr 22 2007 says:

Is this for original EAW or for FOC

+1 vote     reply to comment
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