EVN The New Age is a mood for freelancer Based off the Mac game Escape Velocity Nova It is Still In the early stages of creation But is coming alive as I type this!.

at this moment the features of the mod are
over 240 new systems: from EV Nova and over 100 custom systems
Over 23489 New commodity's (our trade manager is back at it and going strong)
530 new Ships: from EV Nova(we are making the quality of the ship depend on were you buy it from[Rhino Bought From a liberty Shipyard Will Will be Stock][Rhino bought from A Well known Trading outpost will have upgrades][rhino bought from a Military base well have more weapons but less cargo])
A brand new equipment system(you will have to buy permits to have some weapons/gear)
max rank is now 500
max money is now 1,000,000,000,000
rank is no longer set based on total credits(your total kills/successful missions/knowledge of the galaxy will raise your rank and at the same time your total deaths/mission failures/lack of Honor will lower your rank
terraform(yes now thanks to your friends the federation you can apply to have a planet terraformed
new crime system(so you stole some traders 5k tons of neurotic gold
well now every one can scan you and see that you are a robber who you robbed and what you robbed)
capture able bases(when you destroy a bases defenses you can then take over a base)
Npc piracy(we can tax each other right so why not the npc's now camping the tradelanes is fun agine
i love seeing those transports carrying 200k lots of gold dump their cargo and burn out thier star drives trying to get away from you)
covert ops(have you noticed that when you elude the police and land on Manhattan with those illegal artifacts that you just walk on up the the trader and sell him your goods
now if you do that you will be attacked by all npc's in orbit to deliver contraband you must now fly the goods to the target location and land then you must go to the bar were you will find a contraband dealer who will tell you to bring the cargo to a sertian location and trade the cargo from your ship to the dealers but be careful make sure you trust the dealer he may not pay you and may turn you in the the police)
escape pod(tired of having to return to a distant system when you die
now at the cost of waiting for rescue you can live through the tragic
loss of your ship)(this will be optional and will not be put in mp for the time being reason? you will have to buy a new ship/new equipment/new cargo)(would suck if you put all your credits into a fancy new ship only to lose it after you launch from sol!
npc role play(have you every wondered why the wars going on between factions never got anywhere? well have you? now the different factions will be making and breaking alliances with other factions
The bounty office(plain jobs boring you well now you can look up the hit list and hunt your target all across the known universe be sure to stop at bases and planets to look for rumors and news reports to find were your target was last)
trade lanes are so last year welcome to the age of the star drive(warning the star drive is not for bigginers as you can't see normal space wile it is engaged you risk jumping into the middle of planets solars) (a random minefield that wasn't there before?)(spell check is killing me how the hell do you get was, wan, awns, and swain out of wasnt?)
hyper drive...........is impossable? must be!(or is it?)
Escorts(what would we do with out this head to the escort center and
recruit you band of trusty Allys!)(be care full if you run out of
credits they will turn on you)

we are working on:
More new systems
More new Ships
50k new commodity's(LOL)
The Nova Bomb(yes i know the nova bomb is not from evn but i just had to put it there)(this baby destroy every thing in the system until the server resets)(cost? you won't see that money in one life time)(sry this might not be possible but i am still trying)
possible auto turrets?

features that have been scrubbed
{{{We have gone farther than any other mod to this date the planet's will
change places in there systems([the planets will move around the
sun}[the moons will move around the planets][the stations in orbit will
"orbit" the stellar mass that they inhabit](this is currently being
tested on a test server to see if the problems we had before are
fixed)(i will be asking for help on this so keep checking back)

We are working on a lot more but this Should satisfied your apatite for now

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help wanted

6 years ago News 1 comment

we are looking for someone to help us make a new opening intro if interested pm me and well see what can be done

to the people watching this page
i am sorry that i have not keep this page updated
i am very busy with this mod as i am the lead coder
and i have a life too
i will try to keep this page updated as often as i can

we have no hits on the story help! {"_"}
whats going on guys come on go to the board and sign up
the more you help the quicker we get released

Screenshots And videos

Screenshots And videos

6 years ago News 0 comments

this is not my decision so please don't blame me hopefully we will release the first version soon

Storyline of EVN The New Age

Storyline of EVN The New Age

6 years ago News 0 comments

first i will say sorry for not updating this page things have been very stressful of late but are starting to look good and now on to the story

computer parts

computer parts

6 years ago News 0 comments

Made by sin tech our trade manager computer parts only stage one

medical Commodity's

medical Commodity's

6 years ago News 0 comments

Brought to you by sin tech our trade manager this just a small bit of whats to come

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nymphia Creator
nymphia Aug 25 2009 says:

star trek bridge commander? hmmm maby but it will have to wait a wile
we are planing to make a elder scrolls mod after this is over
hmmm what do you think about a stargate bridge commander mod?
i think i can pull that with some small effort but i can't say when it gets released might take a few mounths

+1 vote   reply to comment
sebse99 Feb 18 2010 replied:

why dont you make a bridge commander mod
there you have an much better damage model(only a idea)

+1 vote     reply to comment
gmmll Aug 10 2009 says:

If you give me part of the mod that you have done i could try to create several movies for the intro then you pick which one you would like?
obviosuly since it isnt complete yet i would ask for a set of instructions of places i cannot go yet things i can buy/do ect.

+1 vote     reply to comment
sebse99 Aug 10 2009 says:

why you dont make also a mod for star trek bridge commander?

+1 vote     reply to comment
nymphia Creator
nymphia Aug 9 2009 says:


Extra-dimensional Fusion-powered Cabbage
Fuzzy-wuzzy Trapperyzer
Itching Computerized Rapper
Atomic Barfer
Explosive Cupcake Mutillator
Internet-enabled Spanker-o-meter
Minty Motor
Tripod-mounted Nuclear-powered Smokerion
Self-regulating Computerized Spanker-a-tron
B-movie Drive Flurocheese
B-movie Motor Chronostinker
Chocolate-coated Electrical Adapter


+1 vote   reply to comment
QPsychosis Aug 9 2009 says:

If I may simply add my support, I love Escape Velocity Nova and consider it one of the best 2D games out there. Keep up the grand work!

+1 vote     reply to comment
SWAT_OP-R8R Jul 15 2009 says:

why are all images rendered pics from other games/movies?

+1 vote     reply to comment
nymphia Creator
nymphia Jul 12 2009 says:

okay so the forum is being set up now the chat room is running for yee who have questions sign up here Flevntna.proboards.com

+1 vote   reply to comment
quintin522 Jul 5 2009 says:

Im wondering, just how much of EVN are you bringing over? The same factions (i.e. Polaris, Free Traders, Rebels), or will you add some new ones? Will you bring back weapons like the Hellhound, or even the EMP torpedo? Are we going to see the Kane Band?

And most importantly of all, are you bringing the Kestrel back?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ryukaschien Jun 26 2009 says:

Hmmm, with all of the different upgrades and so many new features, especially the storyline?? Come on! I'm not trying to be arrogant but, if this mod goes well, I think it'll be safe to call this Freelancer 2

+1 vote     reply to comment
nymphia Creator
nymphia Jun 23 2009 says:

sorry i have not updated this page in months
i will run the mod and grab a few shots after i post this

+1 vote   reply to comment
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