The Europe in Ruins team is proud to present the latest iteration of their award winning modification with: Europe in Ruins takes the fast paced, intense and surreal combat that you've come to know from Company of Heroes and combines it with persistent environment, ever changing meta-gameplay and ongoing war. The modification sees you creating and commanding your very own battalion in which you can customize with any units and upgrades you wish; Company of Heroes strategy has never had so much choice. Not only do you get to build up your battalion, but as you units battle, they will gain and retain all the experience they have earned, carrying over from battle to battle; going from green to elite! Not only do units gain veterancy, but your battalion as a whole increases in effectiveness through doctrine unlocks and other advantages. Each of these unlocks are designed so that the player can tailor their battalion to their ow

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An excellent idea for a new level of persistancy and depth of playing that could not be executed in a more poor fashion. In my fairly extensive tenet playing Europe in Ruins: Reinforcements, I frequently encountered frustration after frustration at several aspects of the game, which I will now detail:

Starting Out

The mod is indeed incredibly hostile territory to new players. The average user will be thrust into Europe in Ruins with little to no readily accessible information available to you. Your first game, perhaps even your first few games, will inevitably end in failure. Creating a proper company to suit the new playing environment provided in Europe in Ruins, no matter what you have read or watched prior to playing, will not affect your upcoming defeat. Barely any information exists on many of the new doctrinal units, so information comes from tedious and incredibly annoying trial-and-error, with many associated defeats and reprimands.

The Development

Development in Europe in Ruins is a case of "one step forward, two steps back". Update schedules are ignored to the point where they no longer seem to exist, and glaring flaws such as non-functional doctrine abilities and bonuses are blatantly overlooked in favour of implementing new and even more broken features. An example is the new "weapons cache" system, recently implemented at the time of this review. The idea was to create a system to reduce spam and create a new way to control and limit units or upgrades deemed as overpowered. Sounds good thus far? In reality, the weapons cache turned out to be an ugly mess which punished many players' companies for no apparent reason. The updates regularily conflict with other code, breaking units and abilities as others are fixed. At one point the entire Panzer Elite faction was unable to capture territory for almost a month. Great work, boys.

In Conclusion

There are many reasons why you should stay away from this poorly-made mod, just don't bother playing it.


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