EaW is a historical mod for Company of Heroes that adds new battlefronts with new commander trees, abilities, units, vehicles and weapons for each, representing in the best way, as far as possible, historical accuracy, to immerse players in a much more realistic gaming experience. Situated on a Western theatre from the warm sands of north africa, italian battlefields, beaches of Normandy, Dutch Tulip fields, the muddy scheldt, the ardennes forests and the defensive lines of the Rhine in germany. (may be considered a "7 in 1" mod )

Command the 8th British Army or Rommel's DAK. three new doctrines for each army and new real units prepared for combat in the desert.
Tanks and anti-tank can yield the maximum in the great plains of sand, but we must not neglect the sky: the RAF and the Luftwaffe are in constant fight for the air domain.

Allied troops landed in Italy from sea and air. During this long campaign the Allied and Axis forces fought fiercely for every hill and every village. Companies just have very few heavy tanks due to the mountainous terrain. Defenses, aviation and artillery are imposed.

Paratroopers were dropped far from their objectives and scattered, even so achieved most of its objectives. Landing troops took heavy losses on the beaches but finally forced the withdrawal of the defenders. Hedges became death traps for the infantry and Shermans. The German anti-tank and machine guns were hiding in any corner. The Luftwaffe was almost nonexistent and allied air supremacy makes the difference against the powerful axis tanks.

What at first seemed a perfect plan became hell for the Men of the XXX corps. The paratroopers met their targets quite effectively, but were isolated from the armored support, fighting with heavy casualties until run out of ammo. The only American troops (82nd &101st; airborne) are dropped more near and could join the British tanks, but the German ambushes on Highway 69 delayed the progress and finally stopped the offensive.

The plan for opening the estuary involved four main operations. The first was to clear the area north of Antwerp and secure access to South Beveland. The second was to clear the Breskens pocket behind the Leopold Canal, and the third was the capture of South Beveland. The final phase would be the capture of Walcheren Island.

Early morning, following heavy artillery bombardment, a large German force has penetrated US positions in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium and Luxemburg. Allied HQ is hastily rushing reinforcements to the area, to counter the surprise attack and prevent them from crossing Meuse river.

Patton and Montgomery armies prepare to cross the Rhine, trying to secure the bridges, using boats and floating bridges. Gathered ammunition, soldiers and tanks. The artillery constantly bombard the opposite river bank, while the German divisions were entrenched to resist attack. The axis used the remains of the Luftwaffe, artillery and V1 rockets to try to destroy the remagen bridge, but without success. At this stage were used late tanks like the Jagdtiger, the M26 pershing or the T26E1 Super pershing.


●More realistic damage system.
●New units and vehicles for all armies.
●Giant commander trees. (16 upgrades)
●42 different commander trees.
●7 different battlefronts - Africa, Italy, Normandy, Holland, Scheldt, Ardennes, Germany.
●Different commander trees and units for each battlefront.
●Many new abilities
●New skins for all units.
●Extended range system. The stationary vehicles increases their range.
●100% compatible with single player campaings.
●New coop missions.
●New game modes:
•Annihilate with PoW
•Annihilate with different population cap
•Infantry combat
•Infantry combat with victoy points
•Infantry combat with PoW
•Tank wars
•Tankwars with victory points
•Quick Start
•Quick Start with Vic. Points
•Annihilate with ATC
●Removed transparency effects
●Historical accuracy improved
●New sounds and fx effects
●Increased zoom out
●New veterancy system for british troops
●New vet symbols

Allows you to enjoy new experiences of game: is 100% compatible with the
single-player campaigns, includes CoH: Joint operations
cooperative missions


Some things imported from the Blitzkrieg mod and BotB mod
surrender mod by wilko, Muad`Dib, Berse.



Codding support:


New 3D models by:

@Loran Korn - R.I.P.
@inukshuk (weapons)
@MrScruff -R.I.P.

*Ju-52 by MrScruff - R.I.P, animated by Tankdestroyer.
*Dfs230 glider model from "The Battle of crete".(Thank you!!!)
*FA 223 Drache model from JointOps mod


MrScruff - R.I.P.
VanAdrian (medical ju52, some desert skins), team member.


Mapping & custom missions:



Special thanks to eliw00d and inukshuk for their hard work modeling.

Personal assistants and advisers:
Halftrack - historical adviser, botb Dev. (a million thanks for your support!!!)
Twitchy - balance and beta testing

German by Haltrack and Supermauz Rumpelkammer
Italian by HarstockITA and deathangel99
Chinesse by saukopf
French by Airborne974 and Satkill08

HAMLET12111SPAIN (A good friend)

ModDB site assistant:

Join to CoH: Europe At War group on steam to play with other EaW fans

Download Europe At War on Steam

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Ever updated!


*EaW mod requires CoH New Steam version

*How do I configure my shortcut to play EaW?
-adds this on your CoH shortcut "c\Program files\THQ\Company of heroes\RelicCOH.exe" -mod Europe_At_War
-for new steam version:

Open steam, go to your library, open the properties of CoH new steam version, and add the extension " -mod Europe_At_War" into "set launch options".

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On December 16, 1944, the largest battle the US Army had ever fought in history began among the snow-covered evergreens of the Ardennes forest in Belgium. US intelligence had determined that the Ardennes sector was ideal for the rest and reorganization of American combat infantry units, since, by their research, it was defended by limited-service veterans, severely wounded soldiers missing an arm or an eye, too young or too old to pose a serious threat. As a result, the Army used this area for the training of newly arrived, untested infantry divisions fresh from the States.

In reality, 30 of Germany’s crack divisions were forming up for a counter offensive designed to cut the Allied army in two, and ultimately capture the port of Antwerp. It was the first time in the war that the US Army faced such a well equipped German attack of this magnitude. In combination with a spell of poor weather, German tanks rolled unhindered by Allied air attacks and caught most GIs at the front completely by surprise. The US 106th Infantry division was encircled in the opening hours of the attack, leaving two out of three soldiers killed or captured. GIs up and down the line were in full retreat, with the exception of isolated, scattered groups of tenacious soldiers, fighting to delay the German onslaught.

What the Allied command first thought to be a German counter attack was now confirmed as a major offensive. Units from all over France were rushed to reinforce the “bulge” in the line. Confronted with a manpower shortage, local commanders on the scene began forming provisional infantry units. Soldiers serving in support roles, such as cooks, mechanics, etc., were sent to the front as riflemen.

The Germans had pushed 60 miles beyond American lines before their advance was checked, which finally happened after Patton’s Third Army arrived toward the end of December, and the weather broke, allowing US flight operations to resume. By January 28, 1945, the Americans had pushed the Germans back to their initial positions of December 16, 1944. Nearly one million soldiers were engaged during the six-week battle, resulting in 67,000 American and more than 100,000 German casualties.

Finally, EaW incorporates the Ardennes front: More than 30 new historical maps, uniforms and winter camouflage, new commander trees adapted to the historical period, winter climates...and a Single palyer campaign!

Four armies available to recreate one of the great battles of the Second World War.

Gather warm clothes soldiers!

Ardennes Offensive Closed beta

Ardennes Offensive Closed beta

News 2 comments

The Ardennes offensive closed beta is now available on Steam. The countdown has begun.

Europe At War released on Steam!

Europe At War released on Steam!

News 28 comments

Europe At War mod is now on steam. You can install and update ir more easyest!

New year, new release!

New year, new release!

News 48 comments

Europe at War 6.1.9 incomming! A lot of new features and fixes for many bugs. Enjoy!

looking for new maps

looking for new maps

News 7 comments

If you know any historical map, or you created one yourself and want to recommend it, leave the link here. A selection of the best will be added in the...

Europe At War v7.1 (not supported)

Europe At War v7.1 (not supported)

Full Version 27 comments

Last update for Non-steam version: Includes Africa, Italy, Normandy, market Garden, The Scheldt, Ardennes and Operation varsity.

Europe At War v6.1.9.9 (Outdated)

Europe At War v6.1.9.9 (Outdated)

Patch 55 comments

AI error SHOULD be fixed. Requires Europe at War v6.1.9

Europe At War v6.1.9 (outdated)

Europe At War v6.1.9 (outdated)

Full Version 96 comments

New release with a lot of new content. New battlefront, units, ui icons, skins, vehicles and many bug fixes.

Europe At War v6.1.8 (outdated)

Europe At War v6.1.8 (outdated)

Full Version 175 comments

Last version with some visual bugs fixed. Includes autoinstaller. Full version.

6.1.8 beta hotfix - OUTDATED, dont download.

6.1.8 beta hotfix - OUTDATED, dont download.

Patch 10 comments

hotfix for american tank destroyer missing rgm. extract in your CoH directory. (requires v6.1.6 + 6.1.8 beta)

Europe At War v6.1.8 beta (3rd beta test)-OUTDATED

Europe At War v6.1.8 beta (3rd beta test)-OUTDATED

Patch 166 comments

requires EaW v6.1.6, extract in your CoH directory.

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My voice, for this wonderful mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hey bro why then you not make part files seperately and upload it here

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

i use the other COH steam ones because New steam version crashes in steam offline mode. will this work with the older COH 6.602 on steam??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

I very like this mod , the only thing i feel lacking in it is it not challenge when playing with A.I.
A.I only fight better at the beginning but after that it`s feel like they don`t want to play anymore , especially the British, they don`t even want to win or something ( only spawn some light vehicle and infantry only ) . One last problem is this mod very unstable ( i don`t know about everyone got this problem or not )
, i play with my friend and A.I , playing 5 times but 4/5 times counter crash and Sync problem ( it`s mean my game and my friend game in not the same anymore , i attack in their base , but in my friend screen only saw he`s the one attack the base and i`m not doing anything ) .
The solution for the A.I i think you need to increase the man power , at least +300-330 at start , and everytime you complete built a factory or a Barracks you need to increase the XP to make them unlock more skill .
P/s : sorry for my terrible engish too

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Sorry but crashes all the time when a Ardennen map is choosen...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Dartborne Creator

Play without empty slots.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

please... consider a rar. file

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
Dartborne Creator

I will repeat it once more ... I can not post the mod in .rar or .exe because 3.5GB are too many for my internet connection. Steam is much faster and easier to upload updates, and just you ought to enter your CoH serial number to activate on Steam "CoH: new steam version".

If someone can not enter their serial number on steam because is a pirated copy of CoH, I can not do anything. EaW dev team does not support piracy.

Reply Good karma+4 votes


Isn't a question of activating a steam copy. For example my steam version of coh works fine with any mod but EAW now (the problems began just in the moment you decided to move the mod to the steam workshop and it seems to me that they are still growing)...

EAW mod (after deleting and reloading all the files 3 times!) starts from time to time but crashes very often, has a lot of flickering graphic bugs (ardennes) and steam says that one corrupted file has to be downed again. But no matter how often I validate the files or my steam... The probs with EAW remain..

The mod (it's steam folder) also can't opened with world builder in order to sort out the broken .abp or .rgm files. So unfortunately it remains unplayable. This is sort of a shame cause it definetely is one of the best mods out there...

Perhaps you could consider to create a torrent version of the mod folder?

Best regards,

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes

Ok... Giving up now... Liked this mod very much but unfortunately unable to play it again....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+6 votes

Deleted any old files now and downloaded the whole bunch again. Now EAW doesn't even start. Vanilla and any other mod work fine.

PLEASE... Consider to up a .rar version of the mod outside of this /&/&$%(&()/)())=) steam....

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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I gotta say this is easily one the greatest mods for company of heroes it rounds out the game so much you guys did an amazing job with this mod every fan of company of heroes needs this mod

Apr 7 2011 by Maximus4509

Lowest Rated (3 agree) 1/10

Installation plus que problématique.

Jun 21 2012 by Sheemere

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