ETXreaL is a graphics mod for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory using the enhanced XreaL id Tech 3 GPL engine.

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Oct 20 2011 Anchor

i ve be modelling for old et since a long time -

now i want to know if there are new limits in et-xreal
for example - et supports only 1024 verticles in one group
what is the limit in et-xreal?

can i still use animated md3s with a script mover?
i prefer making a real chain model for tanks - means not just a painted moving texture link the jagtpanzer and the churchill got
no "real" chains which moves around - is that still possible?

can you add bump- and normalmaps to (existing)md3 models?

does it support the mdm/mdx playermodels from old et?

does the shaders support animaps?

i forgot - can you add lights to models - i mean a vehicle with lights that affects the map?

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