As the son of a wealthy writer, famous in 1872 for his mysterious obsession with his late wife, whom he he had claimed was kidnapped he decided to investigate the last place he was known to have been at, a castle in the remote Yorkshire moors.

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Story seemed like it was going somewhere but then didn't and it ended abruptly. Ugh Can't say I enjoyed the gameplay, same stuff we've seen before. It gets 5 for above par level design.

lacking detail

The lantern doesn't give any light, it gives some kind of gloom. No real beginning and nothing makes sense.


Certain areas of the game require strategies that people with common sense would not come up with.


Your review was low?
Well i am here to give you present!

Eternium was something different not awesome, but still pretty great. There are a lot missing details, but I sure know why.. but it still lacks of that atmosphere and richly detailed mapping what I'm focusing in many stories.

It was good, enjoyable and mixed of complex puzzles and frustrating ones, it's really worth to try and play :)


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