Estranged, the story of a lone fisherman, stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm. Explore rich environments and meet the curious inhabitants of the island as you find a way back to the mainland.

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5 Beez-one

Jan 19th, 2014 0 people agree 0 people don't

Quality bad game IMHO
Let me explain it to you. Somehow it combines finest moments with terrible ones.

+ Absolutely gorgeous ambient music
+ Lovely lighting
+ Good UI design

- Absolutely awful choice for footsteps sound. My had actually started to hurt I'm not exaggerating!
- Lack of ambient soundscape in general
- Terrible firefights. That is corridor shooter for you!
- Puzzles with in-your-face solutions
- Boring level design. Too much of straight lines I guess.

Overall outcome is mediocre at best.

Pelk says
5 Pelk

Sep 19th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't
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I helped you out on the second release with picking up double boxes and zombie model. So I've been around since the start and this is all fantastic!
The change to faster zombies was a HUGE surprise to me.
However, after the chair the game starts to have moments where you wonder through vast detail just passing it up. No action. No puzzles. Just walking through abandonment. Then I feel almost rushed back into action & then a sudden end.
To summarize
1. I crash to find an apocalypse.
2. I get into a horror zombie shooter.
3. I play jurassic park trespasser for a bit.
3. I fight 8 zombies with a hammer.
4. I get rushed into a sudden human shooter.
5. Sudden end.

luiz0regis says
5 luiz0regis

Jun 5th, 2014

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Lacedaemonius says
5 Lacedaemonius

Feb 19th, 2014

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TheMortified1 says
5 TheMortified1

Sep 29th, 2013

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tyfa says
5 tyfa

Sep 5th, 2013

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