Estranged, the story of a lone fisherman, stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm. Explore rich environments and meet the curious inhabitants of the island as you find a way back to the mainland.

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Estranged Act 1 is among the best Half Life mods around which does not feel like a HL mod! It felt similar to Underhell, being so different and story driven, but without the military aspect.
Atmosphere and sound are used to great effect, where some areas become scarier than they are because the music ramps up the tension along with the fear. However this is a very creepy game from the onset.
Puzzles are clever and not instantly obvious and require the protagonist to look around to solve any issue, except for a terminal on the 2nd floor – Marketing and Sales, where I got stuck in a terminal and had to re load a save to get past it!
Weapons and stores are handled nicely and are easy to find, but health in the cargo container warehouse is mean by comparison. Combat here is very clever and thinking is rewarded with life!
The crane had a glitch where the magnet dropped and would not come back up, but a full 360 of the crane somehow solved this and it worked normally.
A most impressive experience and I can’t wait to continue this fascinating story.
The zombies had the result of making me chuckle as I took them on. The assailant wearing mustard with black trousers reminded me of Kirk from Star Trek, the original series. (Showing one’s age)! So Kirk killing became a thing. May have got a Spock too, but a replay will tell.
Best mod ever? Maybe. Looking forward to Act 2…


maxfil says

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Absolutely amazing graphics, stunning gameplay, and a wonderful story, custom textures skins, and animations all fit together flawlessly weaving you a wonderful experience of a game that feels like an entirely finished, polished game and not just part one of a mod, I'd give it an 11/10 if I could, if you have not played this, what's you're excuse? Add's a whole lot of flavor to a typical survival/horror/zombie game, and yet, we haven't been answered in this mod as to whether that's even the genre, it seems to be the theme but this is only part one, and judging by the twists and turns in the story, I imagine it'll take a few crazy turns to keep you on your toes! Play this game!


Only because of mapping..

Loved the Game it Runned smoothly and it was fun cant wait for the second act

Estranged is an action-horror mod for Half-Life 2. It has every main aspect of what is needed to make a horror game. It has great visuals, great soundtracks, all with the exception of voice acting. The gameplay is a solid run-and-gun shooter, though generally lacking. For instance, you can't 'switch' weapons and you will often stick to using certain weapons, such as SMGs, Sidearms (Colt 1911) and one type of melee weapon. It lacks in variety. However it does succeed in making maps look interesting and enjoyable. Who wants to ride a train and crash it into another train? I do!


ThatMontecore says

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I really enjoyed this game, I feel like it gave the feeling of actually being stranded and lost. They game isn't overpopulated with infected like most zombie games are. I really enjoyed this part of it. If you want to see any gameplay of it there some on my YouTube channel. Name Montecore. I can't wait for act 2!


Modification looks great, the atmosphere is just great, the story is fascinating, I can not wait to continue!

This is another mod in the category of those in "Continuing Development", because here in this release we have the first official delivery called Estranged, Act 1. Now, if that is a good thing well I really don't know. I mean, as a pure mod gamer, I prefer a mod to be delivered as a whole instead of parts, although I know there are some very, very ambitious projects, as Underhell mod, which their only way is to release in parts rather than a whole. With the case of this mod, I guess the job into it is great and huge as in most of those Total conversion mods, but I would have better preferred to wait to see this mod launched as a whole, why? Well because here in this Act 1 I found things I liked but others I frankly didn't like at all.

First, the pros are the quite immersive story around this mysterious island and the whole secrets, the gameplay and story tell is quite linear, a thing that I prefer rather than those cut scenes-cinematic mods like Underhell, also the dynamic "search things such as keycards or so" and "go there and press the button" are not overused, like in Underhell, again that's another nice touch.

Now the cons, or things I didn't like at all, but nevertheless can be improved are, the hectic combat and absolutely stupid weapon system used in the gameplay, I just did not like the formula, many zombies in one part, too few in others, plus be able to carry just 1 weapon which is melee in almost a big amount of time during the maps, I just allow the player to use more than 3 weapons and, please correct that terrible enemy imbalance in the whole mod. Also the zooming use is pretty weird, very annoying in some times I'd rather prefer to use the old reliable "Z" key to do that instead of the scroll-wheel in the mouse, also there is an imbalance regarding to lighting in the maps, as dark areas are way too dark and lightened areas are way too enlightened.

Overall, this is a nice mod to play is fun and bad points can be corrected in the future.

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