Estranged, the story of a lone fisherman, stranded on a mysterious island during a violent storm. Explore rich environments and meet the curious inhabitants of the island as you find a way back to the mainland.

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A Short mod, but provides a beautiful presentation of the source engine. In my experience, I had found no bugs or issues. Keep up the good work, man!


Templarfreak says

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Finally got around to playing this.

Great atmosphere, but that's really all this had.

The zombies were not at all threatening, and they only legitimately scared me once and that was when they first popped up.

The only other highlight of me playing this was the last sequence. It was an extremely large and bizarre difficulty jump and I very-much do not look forward to stuff like that in the future parts. Not saying the fighting was bad, but it was just the ridiculous difficulty. The majority of the time spent on this was on that last part. It was extremely frustrating.

I do like where the story is going, though. I look forward to that at least.

All-in-all, this is definitely worth playing, if you can excuse that difficult jump (I BARELY can). But it certainly needs more polish and probably some balance tuning.



A great single player experience, with fun & engaging voices and a well layed out story, interesting and well thought out puzzles, this HL2 "like" experience is worth trying out, it may be short but packs a nice little punch, wheres act 2?

+Level design
+Voice Acting
+Intro was very well put to together, if starts out so promising to its a shame to see how predictably the whole thing goes afterwards.

-Story is a rather bland generic zombie island one that can be explained in a few sentences.
-Gameplay is very bland. It has nothing going for it, it doesn't have any real survival element, it doesn't have any challenge as the zombies are easy to kill and always come one at a time except in one circumstance. When they do somehow get close to you, getting hit with one swipe is so flimsy your health barely feels.
The creators either need to take a few pages from No More Room in Hell (survival elements) or atleast throw lots of zombies at us (L4D), because they don't have the advantage of a sandbox for emergent gameplay (State of Decay).
-Horror or lack there of. When a zombie shows up its no big deal, there's no special sounds of scripts of zombies doing anything but standing there, no use of lighting or anything like that to give us horror.


Seth1466 says

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Going into Estranged, I was expecting quite a bit because of all the positive reviews and impressive looking media. Overall, I was not impressed, but i was not necessarily disappointed.

Mapping started strong in the beginning. The outside environments were lush and realistic looking, and the inside areas were filled with appropriate furniture, but later on the outside areas seemed too open and empty, and the inside areas looked like bare rooms with a few scattered props. Maps were also lacking ambiance at times which threw out the atmosphere. There also seemed to be a lack of zombies which got rid of the entire "Infested Island" feel.

Sound and music were very well done. Sounds seemed fitting, and the music sounded superb. Like I said earlier, it would have been nice to hear some more ambient sounds. Voice Acting needs some improvement. Everyone sounds similar and talk almost like robots.

Story wise, it seems like everything that happens is really rushed. The guy in the beginning was acting like he really wanted company, but he sends you off alone almost immediately. At one point your on a train and not three minutes later you're on foot again.

Overall, I'll rate it a 6/10.
(I realize this is in alpha, and I hope to see it improve in future updates!)

A fun title, but it's over too quickly (Alpha 5). The zombie animations are clunky, and it doesn't help that every one looks the same. Needs more than 2 weapons in the game as well to make it a serious contender to other HL-2 single player games. I like the atmosphere and story though, and I also like that each segment is playable in about 15-30 minutes. Fleshing out the story, increasing the number and variety of enemies (from 1 to more), adding new weapons, and more levels will improve the game.

I have never stared at a lens flare that long, the shader work going on here is amazing. Biggest annoyances are every physics-based jumping bit, the stupidly large amount of zombies just after the treehouse, the objective marker, the ****-weak sounding gun (it sounds like air!), and the lack of clear indication if you're supposed to stand still or run when meeting mr shooty.

Apart from that, I love pretty much all the shaders going on, however the sound quality is a bit low, when people talk it sounds like an audio clip is just being played instead of someone talking.

Because I'm a new user I can't give higher than an 8, but it's a 10. Keep it up, I can't wait for more! Loving the simplistic UI.

You guys are awesome!

One of the best mod for HL2. Very atmospheric, well-made card. Beautifully nice. Like playing in AAA game.
A bit of humor is appropriate to make the passage even better. There are very original moves and ideas for gameplay.

10 / 10 of course

Professional level! Excellent.

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