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Article describes main engine adaptations made during levels development

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We want to present our adaptations list for game engine like GoldSrc or Xash3D. We sure that this list is long been known (used engine is more than two year old). But sometimes it is necessary to show same view points.

Main changes touch client and server libraries, not engine core and menu.

1. We have fix some known bugs (like non-rotating func_rotating) for which we had enough mind and time.

2. We have added entity trigger_sound that replaces env_sound. It works as well as trigger_multiple (with hardcoded 'wait' value - 1 s). We cannot understand, why there was no brush entities to set sound effect. Spherical env_sound has very weird and unpredictable behaviour, and it is difficult to apply it in cases like that:


This situation really needs two brushes - before and after the gate - to trigger sound effects.

3. We have returned green blood to some monsters. This feature was implemented but not activated in client library. Also accepts by 'env_blood' and 'monster_generic'.

4. Also we have returned to zombie human-like gibs and red blood. We think that zombie is more like a scientist than a bullsquid.

5. We have removed from our maps the 'cycler_sprite' and added 'Non-solid' flag to 'cycler'. Also our 'cycler' now have 'Material' field (crowbar hit sound depends on it) and two fields that defines collision box endpoints (looks like 'Color' setup). Entities 'cycler' and 'env_sprite' also can accept 'body', 'skin' and 'sequence' settings.

6. Our doors (momentary, rotating and simple) have different fields for 'Just opened' and 'Just closed' sounds. We are planning to 'split' 'Opening' sound to 'Opening' and 'Closing'. But now it is not necessary. Also we have fixed some bugs (basically, around 'Starts open' flag) and expanded list of sounds (not only replaced exist ones). Finally, our doors are not play 'locked' sounds when opened.

7. Our turrets can trigger something on death.

8. Breakables can spawn crowbars (why it was not so?).

9. Our ambient_generic (and all entities that can sound) has more accurate sound radius (minimal as default).

10. We have added entity 'item_key' in addition to 'item_security' (can look like a card or like a bunch of keys) to simplify doors triggering.

11. We have added entity 'game_player_set_health' that sets absolute value of health and armour. Applicable when you need to create effect of immediate but controllable damage.

12. Our 'func_illusionary' triggers its textures when get call (as well as 'func_wall' or 'func_button').

13. Our grunts, barneys, scientists and zombies got 'burned' state: we can add burned corpses to the map. Also zombie got 'dead' animation.

14. Our gman has 'Killable' flag and two skins.

15. Our monster_rat can run and can be smashed (as well as monster_cockroach, but with red blood, of course).

16. Our .357 and crossbow got correct reload sounds.

17. We really want to create fog entity. We think that 'func_water' without oxygen loss and swimming-like movement (and some other sound effect) can be used for it.

18. We have added 'Don't reset view angle/speed' flag to trigger_teleport entity.

19. Our weapon_fastswitch is really fast (as it is in HL2).

Unfortunately, we cannot fix some bugs yet:

1. 'momentary_rot_button' bug: infinite cycle for loopable door sounds.

2. 'func_pushable' bug: totally incorrect collision box.

3. 'func_door_rotating' bug: incorrect collision if door has 'Ox' and/or 'Oy' flags.

But we believe that it is not serious problem for now.

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