ETM: Shadows of Dissent Minimod

SoD will be among the first releases, focusing on the Rise of the Empire Era.

As a Rebel leader, you will be tasked with uniting the insurrectionist worlds and diverse militaries like that of Naboo, with their fleets of N1 and N1-E Starfighters, Mon Calamari, with their emergency refitted Star Cruisers, and Corellia, under the control of Kota's Militia and the CorSec's aging Battleships. All the while being hindered by extremist rebels such as Gizor Delso's droid armies of Mustafar and territorial Black Sun warlords.

As the Empire's leader your mission will be to develop your technology into a unified Imperial military. Develop stealth fleets with the resources of Aetan II, Highly trained commandos in Anaxes, and powerful superweapons at The Maw. All the while quelling insurrections in planets like Mandalore, which responded to the creation of the Empire with a massive military buildup, Kamino, where Cloners have created their own private army of Anti-Clones, and Jabiim, the staging point for a large Hutt fleet.

As the name implies, mercenaries will be a major part of this mod. The player will have to decide on long term and short term goals, as shipyards and defensive structures become available to them they will also unlock special units, heroes, and of course, mercenaries which can be used by both sides.

The Tech Trees of every faction have been completely revamped in order to match the units corresponding eras/factions. The Eras will include (in future releases):

Tech 1 - Rise of the Empire Era (Late Clone Wars/New Order Technology)

Tech 2 - Early Imperial Rule Technology.

Tech 3 - Height of the New Order (Late Imperial/Rebellion Era Technology)

Tech 4 - New Republic Era (Imperial Remnant Technology)

Tech 5 - Legacy Era (40 ABY) (Second Galactic Civil War Technology)

Contact me here in case of questions!

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Hi all, welcome to another installment of "Is this the last we'll hear from Mobius?" (pt.3). I'd like to welcome you all back with a fan favorite. Today we will focus on the work thats being done in the mecca of Mercenary planets: Mandalore.

More importantly, we will be focusing on why you should focus on getting there before your enemy.

That is, if you can get past the Mandalorians.

Reason #1 - Kandosii - Class Dreadnaught

Available only at MandalMotors, the Kandosii is an ancient design that has been constantly retrofitted over the past millenia. Although it does not compare to modern hull designs, the Kandosii carries the advantage of a largely missile based armament, boasting 4 Main Concussion Missile batteries, as well as 2 Laser Cannon Batteries and 2 Turbolaser Batteries.

Reason #2 - Aran Missile Cruiser

A relatively new design, the Aran (meaning Guard) is well suited for its name. Equipped with missile weaponry and state of the art flak missiles, they are powerful perimeter escorts and a must-have in any anti-fighter situation.

Reason #3 - M3-A Scyk Fighter

An unimpressive fighter by all means, the Scyk's standalone trait is its cheap availability and sheer numbers. Though it carries a hyperdrive and shielding, it is about an equal match to contemporary fighters like the TIE Fighter and hard-pressed against Z-95 Headhunters.

Reason #4 - Mandalorians (duh)

The most feared troops in the Galaxy, Mandalorians bring a lifetime of experience in a military society to the table. Heavily armored and armed, Mandos are superior to even the elite Stormtrooper Corps. The three basic (read: basic, not all) Mandalorian infantry available are Shotgunners, Grenadiers, & Riflemen.

Reason #5

Mandal Hypernautics, a more ground focused Mandalorian company, also sells ground vehicles, such as the Kov'nyn Assault Tank and the Bev Scout Speeder. Both of which are retrofits of older models, but have proved capable in battle, continually proving the Mandalorian rule of "If it ain't shuk'la don't fix it."

Hope that's enough to tickle your fancy. Let me know what you think in the comments!

- Mob

Shadow of  Shadow

Shadow of Shadow

News 9 comments

Hey guys! It's been a while. I'm wondering if there's any interest in this mod still.

Shadows of Dissent - 8/7/12 Update

Shadows of Dissent - 8/7/12 Update

News 4 comments

First in the series of updates focuses on what will be the first release of the mod.

Question to the Community.

Question to the Community.

News 11 comments

If possible I would like to know the opinions of the mod's watchers on something.

Confusion, Confusion, Confusion

Confusion, Confusion, Confusion

News 1 comment

As you all know, making a mod isn't easy, especially working alone.

Mobby's Mini Model Pack

Mobby's Mini Model Pack

Models Pack 7 comments

Random Models for your pleasure. Code not included in many of these.

Storm Commando V2

Storm Commando V2

Players Model 6 comments

UPDATED: Old model was missing firing bone Imperial Storm Commando The zip file includes: - Model and animations - DDS Skin files - TGA Icon - XML File

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awesome congrats Mobius13 for getting back to this mod.. it looks fantastic and can't wait for you to finish it so we all can play IT :))

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Mobius13 Creator

Much appreciated (:

Reply Good karma+4 votes

Any new Star Dreadnought for this mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mobius13 Creator

SSD's and Star Dreadnaughts will be an addon for those who want them, simply because they are so time consuming to code in and test.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

can you give as list of space units in mod ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mobius13 Creator

Coming very soon my friend.

Reply Good karma+5 votes

How about adding some battle cruiser in it if u cant code in those star dreadnoughts?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Will there be basilisk war-droids? Also, thanks for starting this up again :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mobius13 Creator

I plan on having an edited version of Warb_Null's model in the mod as a unique hero mount, so yes (:

Reply Good karma+2 votes

As for the yet unnamed ship:

Ship name: Menos-class battle carrier
Role: battle carrier/medium destroyer
- 10 turbolasers
- 2 proton torpedo launchers
- 4 ion cannons
- 2 cluster bomb launchers (not the ability, but the projectiles)

Other equipment:
- 2 shield-generators (middle-left and middle-right)

- shield overload
- missile defense system

Description: As for most of the ships used by criminal organizations they're most of all a bunch of compound, mostly stolen and modified parts from other ships which might have proven their application of engaging and destroying enemy units in official and approved military organisations already. Especially for this ship this description does not apply. It was developed and constructed under big secrecy by a feared criminal warlord to serve as his personal flagship. As first successes became apparent he even decided to build a small fleet of them to expand his little empire. But as for many smaller personalities of the criminal underworld his profile disappeared fast from the galactic historiography and his empire remained only a dream without any fulfilment.
However, soon as his crime syndicate resolved in pleasure - as well as his own life did - the blueprints reached in the hands of subtle thieves and pirates.
About private sales the blueprints reached a very high price on the black market and only some highly decorated leaders take care of such unique offers.
Nevertheless, popularity in form of massive firepower also has it's specific price.

A very resistant medium sized ship which can even become dangerous for star destroyers, provided that it is accompanied by a bigger fleet.

Nice ship by the way!

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