Energy is mod is a parcial conversion of generals it adds many features like super units and new SW and some of the coolest Fx and units in a mod. Also this mods features navy wich means that the war is not only in ground but in water aswell. See the subs ,crusiers , boats and even a carrier fighting for the victory. We add 3 new generals to the game wich adds a personal touch to it and great fun to ! This are: Black market general, Napalm general and our admiral. If you are interested in getting more info about the mod go to our web page and see all the news, pics and movies that we have fot you. See ya !

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Giving the mod.

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OK since there will not be a V5.1 with the current staff Im willing to give the mod to a person that can continue it. I will give you everything that...

V5.1 in development !

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Yes, we are now developing V5.1. We need someone to help us with AI, mission making and coding! Also if you have a good idea head to our forums and let...

Energy Mod v5.0 releaced

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Energy Mod v5.0 is out and ready for DL. Head over to to get it. The mod is for generals zh and I would say has the best particle system on any mod every...

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