A single player mission for Doom 3, played over three levels. Includes a Quake style skill selection area. The Endarchy project started life as "Industri" on the Tenebrae engine way back in 2002.

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Awesome action packed mod with 3 new maps in different dark setting from vanilla D3 Mars base, game got many backtracking elements and exploring is worth. Also new achievement system is something very interesting increasing chance for another replay.

This is absolutely amazing. The menus, guis, atmosphere, level design even the little secrets are all superb. There is great attention to detail and the lighting is really good. Gameplay is exactly what you'd expect from a Quake type game - it's well paced(read fast), dangerous and rewarding. Loved every second of this mod and recommend it to everyone :).

Fantastic mod, better than original, just nuff said.

Very good!

Some brilliant stuff here.

Nice, i like it.

SO beuatiful and awesome!
a little less ammo..
but that was fine!
Like it a lot!
10 for you!

Really, really impressed by this mod. It's fast, it's fun, and it has all kinds of really nice touches. Very slick stuff.

There's a lot of backtracking with respawning enemies, which gets a lot of play out of its levels. However, this also means that there's a lack of flow, which can sometimes lead to you getting lost. I hit a wall about 30 minutes and had to look up the walkthrough!

Wondering around aimless, while respawning enemies drain your ammo isn't fun!

New mod can't wait to play so happy to get doom 3 today.

Awesome level design, sleek difficulty curve, a bit more scarce with ammo (except for the submachine gun of course) a tough boss to fight with limited room to move, and moderately long mod with some replay value for the secrets. I like the fact that each secret has its own name. Few enough secrets to easily read off a list at the end of each level. Nice work, it's good to see people give a shot at making mods for doom 3 which I barely ever get to see.

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