Empires, the award winning Half-Life 2 mod, combines the best of the first person shooter and real-time strategy genres. Fight as either the Northern Faction, remnants of the fallen nation of Jekotia, or as the imperial Brenodi Empire. Empires features:

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Empires is an RTS/FPS mod that involves futuristic warfare.

+With a lot of people, it's a hellzone (and that's a great thing to say).
+Different classes with advantages.
+Rank up and gain more advantages (passive or active)
+Vehicles are fun to shoot and drive.
+RTS (Commander) Mode is fun... (Continue to CONS)

-At the same time though, RTS (Commander) is for people that know what they're doing.
-Weird Texture (I should of said bad, but it's Valve-Source...).
-Teamwork is a "need" here... but if none, you're going to have trouble.
-Vehicles can sometimes be a pain to drive.
-Laggy in some servers (Seriously)
-Might be confusing to first-time players to Empires.

My team hangs back - leaving a few soldiers on the frontline to feign an attack. Back at the Northern Faction base, we begin producing jeeps in bulk. Everyone changes to the grenadier class - soldiers focused on explosives. We assign drivers to the jeeps and jump in, filling the speedy vehicles with bristling rocket launchers.

We line up, and the commander says something on mic; "Go". With this, the jeep at the front drives at full speed towards the enemy base. Everyone else follows in formation. As the convoy reaches the centre of the map, however, someone notices in the distance, and to the left, an enemy jeep. A few seconds later, and it is clear that the enemy is attempting the same tactic, their command vehicle leading their brave rush. Chuckles erupt on voicechat as we follow their unknowing formation; driving back on ourselves.

As their troops spill out of their jeeps and begin firing on our base, they notice the absence of our command vehicle. One soldier turns around, noticing with a shriek our jeeps, subsequently pinning them in in their enemy's base. We destroy their commander, winning the match. Laughing, sweating and grinning at their keyboards, the players prepare for the next match.

I have experienced a lot of great moments in Empires, from turning the tide of a battle with just a single, skilled squad, to the jeep rush that went (amazingly) not according to plan. Finding the right group of people to play with is fantastic - the game can be tense, tactical and downright hilarious with a good crowd.
For the uninitiated, Empires is an FPS/RTS hybrid, with one player playing as the RTS commander, and the rest of the team playing as FPS soldiers. The gameplay is varied - one moment you will be sniping and sneaking, the next rolling around in a huge tank.

Empires is a truly classic Half Life 2 mod.

sham i cant find any folk to play it with but LOVE IT MAKES ME CRY good job

Amazing Mod, innovates in an absurd amount of categories and pushes the Source Engine to its limits.

Specially fun for fans of the Battlefield Series, due to the high amounts vehicle types and infantry combat and variation of terrain.

This mod adds classic RTS elements of base building, setting one player as the "Commander" of the team. Other players are considered "units". There's Resource gathering (don't worry, they're all automatic, so there's no manual labor for this one) and many classical research functions that make units better overral. There are also factories that create vehicles for players to use. The only problem here is not with the mod, but the highly unpredictable behavior from the players, that tend not to follow orders.

The game can be easily griefed. Though, when there's cooperation, the game turns out to be absurdly entertaining.


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