You are Emma, daughter of esteemed scientist, Dr. Robert Coleman. Ever since his discovery of the mythical Orb of Power, he has vanished, leaving you alone in the family estate. With strange things happening, you wonder what has happened to him. The story begins as you wake up in your room to find an ominous note from your lover. As you play, you will unravel Emma's Story.

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If you're searching for a thoroughly scary mod, look no further. The first 30 mins in particular or so, was some of the scariest gameplay I've ever had in Amnesia, and the rest was still very good. The story isn't the most original nor is some of the level desgin, but this is still a very scary, well made mod

This mod is good, not amazing, its has good ideas in it, and are well executed.

The bad things are; the extremely big maps, i don't know the reason behind this but its feel like a waste of space.
The monsters, i know that a good use of tension could make things better, but, seriously, why put a monster chase so near each other, and why make them un-despawnables? The atmosphere becomes a silly hide-and-go-seek game.

The story is good, nothing special, but good.
The mod has its let downs, but also has good moments.

But i think that with a little improvements building-up the atmosphere, this could be an entertaining mod.

Good solid story line, no "stupid" jump scares like a random flying or poofing naked guy. recomend this custom story for those who want a lengthy custom story with a good story line and great game play

I love this custom story, it's awesome! I wouldn't gave it this high rating if it didn't deserve it. I already played the part 2 and if you could come out with another amazing story-line for a future part 3 it would be freaking awesome. Cheers!

Only one other cs has gotten me into a mods atmosphere as quickly as this one. Emma's story features a bombardment of jump scares (good ones) within the first 20 minutes or so that set the tone for the rest of game. And even though most of the levels were fairly bland the other elements of this mod more than made up for it and the ending set the stage perfectly for part 2 (even better than this one)

loved this mod 10/10 this game had a great story great eerie atmosphere and really scares this cs kept me on edge the whole way though well done guys

This was actually my second mod I've ever played! Been two years since I last played it! But that didn't stop me from reinstalling amnesia, getting the mod, and beat it again! :)


I want to say good things about this, but there were a lot of errors I found in this mod.

Let's start off with this. I feel like a game that lasts a hour should be a little longer. I am not sure about other people but I finished within one hour. That was something that should be taken into consideration. Second, the amount of scares and how poorly some of them were executed were kind of bad. The one in the Prison where the Graveyard Corpse coming out of the wall was a little startling but it being a Poofer, it was eh. otherwise, throwing boxes out of the tombs there was a little weird. I have to give credit for not overusing the scares, because so many stories do that now-a-days it feels like you're never safe. A perfect example of this, not even being a Custom Story would be Outlast. terrifying but you NEVER get a break.

I also want to point out that there were a lot of puzzles taken from the original game and put into this mod. While it's okay, I would try to steer away from using that all the time. Maybe figure out how to do them and execute them a little better, otherwise don't put them in the game. There were lots of these like the exploding chemicals that could be used a lot better. Also, when ScriptDebug is on, PLEASE FOR GODSAKE.

Every time I opened my inventory going into a new map, I would get another lantern. I even checked in the scripting and it is there that you get the lantern in literally every map if you have ScriptDebug on (which I did). Plus, you also gave most of the needed items when it is usually more fun to go looking for these items. Getting a random crowbar or a random jar of acid was okay but I rather go on a search for them.

Now I wanna try to fade to the positive side. I'm okay with the story I guess. It could use work but it was okay. Some of the map design was okay, again could use work. I'm gonna go on a limb here and say this was your first story. I'd have to look to check it out.

Better luck next time (: ran out of characters



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