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1337 Board ( Source / Gold Source / Half-Life / Half-Life 2 / Quake )
Elements of War - Source ( Source / Gold Source / Half-Life / Half-Life 2 )
Elements of War - UT2004 ( Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 )

Elements of War
By Curtis Turner <IceIYIaN>
Copyright 2002-2014.
All rights reserved.

Crystals have fallen from the sky. The lands are shattered and chaos is around every corner. Your lover, "Death", has been infected by the blue crystals. Touching the red crystals, you're now a red creature. A great battle is fought as you two collide. He manages to damage you, inflicting the blue crystals into your skin. Your mind is once again at peace, as the crystals begin to mix. He still has the hatred to kill you, but you manage to escape his grasp.

War is spread throughout the land, as these red and blue zombies pleague the world. You realize that you are the cure, "Life". On an epic quest to save the world and your lover from total extinction.

1337 Board
1337 Board is a HotkeyZ Menu based on Config.cfg from id Software's Quake engine and Valve Software's Gold Source and Source engines. It also comes with a Config(xCFG) folder filled with ConfigZ.cfg's

Features Include:
Over 9,000 hotkeys
to create the -ULTIMATE- config.cfg!
New ways to attack!!!
Change the Camera View of -ANY- Gold Source or Source game/mod!
- First Person
- Third Person
- Top Down View
- Side View
- Left/Right Shoulder View
- Even Create Your Own
Combo Commands! +Speed_Use, +Duck_Block, etc
Exec countless config files on the fly
Extreme X-BoX 360 xController support
Countless HUD options to help you view the game in a whole new way.
Cheat commands built in, no need to fiddle around in the console or searching online.
Graphic and Sound options.
Easy to edit, use any text editor, like NotePad or ConTEXT.
One simple file, countless video games covered.

1337 Board - How do you play the game?!

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Elements of War 2012

News 1 comment

Elements of War 2012!

The Good:
Elements of War was created sometime in 2002! This year marks a DECADE of Elements of War!
Elements of War .NET turns three next month!
Elements of War: 1337 Board v7 was downloaded nearly 4,000++ times! On alone!
EoW 1337 Board v8 was released!
Elements of War is now on social websites, although totally useless.

The Bad:
In 2010/11:
--- A third party Elements of War Tower Defense game was released. Commercial.
--- A third party Elements of War RTS game was released. Commercial.
--- A third party Elements of War book was released. Commercial.

Even though I created the website, started the book, and other projects to make money, I may not even have the trademark rights to the IP I created.

Those third parties lowered my stuff on search engines, taken social website addresses, among other things. Which is actually a good thing, cause now I've actually gotta fight for Internet spots.

Valve's EULA is still for, "The love of the game!". Unless you're making TF2 models, of course :p

The Ugly:
Microsoft is raising the price on domain names and website tools. From $15 a year to $15++ a month I believe...

Some computer issues seemed to go away after some tinkering finally. I just needed new ram. However, my graphics card appears dead. Amazingly the integrated graphics card works again. Integrated graphics are useless for video games and 3D tools... It's hit or miss.

I still have a wireless modem. Been too lazy to ask for a second, dedicated wire only modem. My niece was already doing mad surfing on her laptop, but now they have a Wii too and found Netflix...

Elements of War Next:
Decided I'mma dabble as an indie game developer and not a modder. I'm going with a simple 2D game, making it using Visual Studio's XNA Game Studio 4.0 framework. Right now I'm calling it, "Elements of War: cSharp". However, with all the legal issues regarding Elements of War, I may simply create a new name.

What's in a name?

What's in a name?

News 0 comments

I created Elements of War years ago and worked on it for a long time now. However, other companies are wanting to use the "Elements of War" name... Where...

Elements of War - ColorZ of War?

Elements of War - ColorZ of War?

News 0 comments

An epic clash between ColorZ as the Elements of War evolved over the years...

1337 Board v6 - ModZ Quake HL HL2 CSS L4D L4D2 Call of Duty World of WarCraft

1337 Board v6 - ModZ Quake HL HL2 CSS L4D L4D2 Call of Duty World of WarCraft

News 0 comments

1337 Board v6 - Based around Quake engine's Config.cfg, it can be added to countless games. Includes a massive keyboard/hotkeys menu for the Gold Source...

1337 Board v5 is UNLEASHED.

1337 Board v5 is UNLEASHED.

News 0 comments

1337 Board is a simple modification to Gold Source and Source based engines, changing the keyboard menu(Options menu in games). Also packing in countless...

Elements of War 1337 Board v8

Elements of War 1337 Board v8

Full Version 19 comments

Elements of War: 1337 Board is a HotkeyZ Menu based on Config.cfg from id Software's Quake engine and Valve Software's Gold Source and Source engines...

Elements of War v12

Elements of War v12

Full Version 2 comments

Elements of War v12 by Curtis Turner - IceIYIaN Source SDK Base 2006 (Single Player) Sky camera view! Advertisements! Learn about Config.cfg, creating...

1337 Board v7

1337 Board v7

Full Version 89 comments

Hotkeys Menu! ModZ/Quake/HL/HL2/CS/CS:S/L4D/L4D2/PortaL/2/Dark Messiah/Call of Duty/World of WarCraft Etc Etc Etc...!!!

Elements of War UT2004

Elements of War UT2004

Full Version 8 comments

Elements of War v8 - Unreal Tournament 2004. EoW sky camera system for UT2004.

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"Vegeta what does the scouter say about the configs!?!?!"

"ITS OVER 90000!!!!!!!!"

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how do i change camera views

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
IceIYIaN Creator

What game or mod? Have you tried setting up 1337 Board v7? Go to Options/Keyboard(Hotkeys) and use some of the third person hotkeys.

You can also make an AutoExec.cfg (Config.cfg) with your third person hotkeys. See the post below this one.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

is there anyway to just install the camera views because i tried editing the kb_act file but theres a dam lot of camera controls that im not sure what do

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
IceIYIaN Creator

Yes, open kb_act and find the camera controls you want the most.
Open AutoExec.cfg or UserConfig.cfg with a text editor.
Paste all camera hotkeys into one or both of those.
Paste that AutoExec.cfg and UserConfig.cfg into every Valve game or Quake Config.cfg game you own.

bind "F1" "xViewIN"
bind "F2" "xViewOUT"

bind "F3" "xViewSkyToggle"
bind "F4" "xViewSkybToggle"
bind "F5" "xViewlsvToggle"
bind "F6" "xViewrsvToggle"

bind "F7" "exec xCFG/xDefault/xView/FirstPerson.cfg"
bind "F8" "exec xCFG/xDefault/xView/tpv32x0.cfg"

bind "F9" "exec xCFG/xDefault/xView/xChase/LeftShoulder32x0x16.cfg"
bind "F10" "exec xCFG/xDefault/xView/xChase/RightShoulder32x0x16.cfg"
bind "F11" "exec xCFG/xDefault/xView/xChase/ChaseOFF.cfg"

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i'm using it, why? the scripts are just damn usefull

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
IceIYIaN Creator

haha I figured out the PayPaL donate button and link (:

Reply Good karma0 votes
IceIYIaN Creator

haha, somebody doesn't want me to eat ):

Reply Good karma+4 votes

love ur scripts till this day 2 bad my comp died *Rip* 7/8/10

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IceIYIaN Creator

I'm updating EoW and 1337 Board for Alien Swarm. I'm also changing hotkeys up:
bind TAB +Config_xTAB // exec Config_xTAB.cfg
alias +Config_xTAB "exec Config_xTAB.cfg"
alias -Config_xTAB "exec Config_xXxTAB.cfg"

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