Elements Of Style (EOS) should be very satisfying to the many people that have found Max Payne 2's original gameplay to be very flat and/or stale. Because of MP2's gameplay, many other mods sometimes feel stale after a while because the gameplay is still the same. EOS takes the Max Payne 2 gameplay and specifically refines it wherever needed while also making the combat so much more appealing and exciting. This mod has received perfect scores on every site it has been on. Download this mod and trust me, you won't be disappointed VIEW TRAILER: DOWNLOAD MOD: Much More Satisfying GunPlay -Bullets make glowing streaks through the air -Bullets leave smoke trails ripping through the air -Bullets can be heard as they travel with new Whizz sounds -The screen shakes as enemy bullets come close to the player -The screen flashes after each shot fired from the player -The screen vibrates for every shot fired off from the player -Bullets penetrate many objects -Bullet impacts now squirt...

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this is the best max payne enhancement mod ever imo. 10/10


This is an excellent mod. It makes Max Payne even more...gamey...if that makes sense. Headshots are no longer instakills, and bosses such as Kaufman are now much harder and more intense. The music selection screen is a very nice addition. The new skin is very well made. The new animations are eye-candy as well. All in all, it is a fantastic mod with little to no flaws.


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Cool effects but i like the original max payne better.

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Fun and intense, but the sounds effects are very loud and the special effects gave me a headache after extended play.


this is better than the game itself. great job!


Great mod... nothing more to say.


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