The Edain Mod aims to take you deeper into Middle-Earth than ever before and create a game worthy of Tolkien's books and Peter Jackson's movies. In our quest for lore accuracy, visual quality and deeper gameplay, we overhauled every aspect of the original game to craft a new, immersive Lord of the Rings experience. Discover the new factions of Lothlorien and Rohan, field new units and heroes for each of the existing factions, enjoy a visual style closer to the movies and unleash the power of the One Ring with individual Ring heroes for every factions. Light or Shadow, Defender or Conqueror... the choice is yours.

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7 joh3nny

Jan 23rd, 2013 3 people agree 0 people don't

This mod is excelent but only was in german is a big error

chubber says
7 chubber

Aug 16th, 2010 5 people agree 3 people don't

Good Mod, hard to understand all of the German, and it crashes often on my computer. Also, morgul riders are overpowered. And sometimes it seems like the mod team changes things just for the sake of changing them, even if they are fine the way they are.

Ahrimansiah says
7 Ahrimansiah

Apr 28th, 2013 1 person agrees 0 people don't

an AWESOME mod for this game!! u wont find a mod even close to this mod!
so many new features and units with cool effects some serious battles and heroes to love!
i gave it 7 because its all in germany and we dont have an english patch for long time!
once we get an english version i will give it 10 :)

aplom77 says
7 aplom77

May 1st, 2014

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bontanel says
7 bontanel

Dec 28th, 2013

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MattTheLegoman says
7 MattTheLegoman

Jul 23rd, 2013

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TheGruber92 says
7 TheGruber92

Feb 14th, 2013

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huntercity says
7 huntercity

Dec 29th, 2012

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KingenOgge says
7 KingenOgge

Dec 26th, 2012

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Halbarad1996 says
7 Halbarad1996

Sep 6th, 2011

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