The Edain Mod aims to take you deeper into Middle-Earth than ever before and create a game worthy of Tolkien's books and Peter Jackson's movies. In our quest for lore accuracy, visual quality and deeper gameplay, we overhauled every aspect of the original game to craft a new, immersive Lord of the Rings experience. Discover the new factions of Lothlorien and Rohan, field new units and heroes for each of the existing factions, enjoy a visual style closer to the movies and unleash the power of the One Ring with individual Ring heroes for every factions. Light or Shadow, Defender or Conqueror... the choice is yours.

Review RSS Feed Bjassie says
10 Bjassie

Apr 10th, 2011 4 people agree 0 people don't

Great mod, really feels like an large expansion to them game. I espcially like that mordor can build walls now. the only problem is that it is in german. My german is not perfect so I am waiting for a english release of the mod. Hopefully that wont be long

Fady222 says
10 Fady222

Feb 8th, 2011 4 people agree 0 people don't

Fantastic guys! Very good work!! I love your mod! Danke!!!

Chillbacca says
10 Chillbacca

Jan 29th, 2011 4 people agree 0 people don't

Absolutly brilliant! Every Faction is reworked, feels like a new game now! Almost no bugs. Great work.

LieutenantDan says
9 LieutenantDan

Dec 6th, 2010 4 people agree 0 people don't

This is a good mod, it completely changes the vanilla game and adds a more personalized touch to each of te factions. The way that this mod overhauls the gameplay is phenominal. Great job guys!

guldan says
10 guldan

Oct 9th, 2010 4 people agree 0 people don't

best mod!!!

Kingeldi says
10 Kingeldi

Dec 15th, 2010 5 people agree 1 person doesn't

It is the best mod ever, it has to win, the Modchallenge.

Unlucky13 says
9 Unlucky13

Apr 26th, 2012 6 people agree 2 people don't

This mod is amazing. I love how the team was able to make it as canon as possible while still keeping a bit of balence. The only reason it got a 9 instead of a 10 is because it lacks an english version. It's still pretty playable though.

Cirion92 says
8 Cirion92

Feb 18th, 2013 3 people agree 0 people don't

This mod certainly takes you deeper into Middle Earth. More maps are included and there are new fractions: Arnor, Rohan, Imladris, Lothlorien. Also the already existing fractions of Dwarves, Isengart, Mordor, Gondor and Angmar are improved!

But ofcouse in every fair review there should be suggestions for improvement. First of all, to reach more people with this incredible mod the makers should really make an English version. Of this, the makers are very much aware and it should be a number one priority for the next update. Secondly, there are a few bugs in the new campaign, (which follows the war of the dwarves): the Mirkwoord and Dunland map for instance. These missions cannot be completed without the help of fixes that can be found on the Edain mod forum but they can’t however get rid of all the problems. This means that the campaign cannot be completed.

Overall this mod deserves a fair 8!

vaggi93 says
9 vaggi93

Jan 26th, 2013 3 people agree 0 people don't

Two are the strong attributes of the Edain mod. Excellent illustration of troops, heroes and buildings and also the fact that the modding team stays true both to Tolkien's lore and the two film trilogies. Its really a grat add in the original game and it enchans the gaming experience a LOT. However there are some things i didn't like about the mod (honestly very few) with the obvious lack of english text coming first. Also there are some very few errors that inevitably happen when working on such massive moddifications (missing descriptions, balance issues etc) but they are really too few to deteriorate the in game result. Overall a very good mod and one of the best (if not the best) out there!

joh3nny says
7 joh3nny

Jan 23rd, 2013 3 people agree 0 people don't

This mod is excelent but only was in german is a big error

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