The Edain Mod aims to take you deeper into Middle-Earth than ever before and turn the Battle for Middle-Earth II into a game worthy of Tolkien's books and Peter Jackson's movies. In our quest for lore accuracy, visual quality and deeper gameplay, we overhauled every aspect of the original game to craft a new and immersive Lord of the Rings experience.

Edain 4.0 Demo [DONT'T AUTH]

If you experience any problems, check here for frequent issues and solutions:

Master the One Ring

While the One Ring has no lord but Sauron, there have always been those who sought to use its power for their own ends. In Edain, you no longer bring the Ring to your fortress to unlock just Sauron or Galadriel. Instead, you can give it directly to select heroes who will attempt to draw upon its powers, with varying consequences. Each faction has different Ring Heroes, allowing you to discover what could have been if Saruman the White had attained the One Ring, or if Denethor and Boromir had foolishly decided to use it as a weapon against the Enemy...

Fight Side by Side with the Heroes of the Third Age

The fate of Middle-Earth has always been shaped by great heroes and villains, many of which never appeared in a Battle for Middle-Earth game before. Edain gives you the opportunity to stand in battle with new heroes like Thorin Oakenshield and his companions, Beregond and Imrahil or the sons of Elrond. Those with evil in their hearts may instead choose to share in the power of villains like Smaug or the Necromancer of Dol Guldur...

Furthermore, every existing hero has received new abilities and mechanics to more accurately represent his role in the books and movies. Aragorn, for instance, will start out as the ranger Strider and go from the defender of Helm's Deep to King Elessar of Gondor over the course of the game, gaining new abilities each time he takes a new step towards his destiny. Similiarly, Theoden will now accurately transform from a defeated pawn under Saruman's control to the heroic king who fought on the Pelennor fields.

Command New Factions

Rohan and Lothlorien have been split from the Gondor and Rivendell factions to form new factions in their own right. The Rohirrim are a people of riders, evidenced by their powerful cavalry units, including the Royal Guard. Their infantry and archery are poor, but they can receive signifant aid from the inn by recruiting Elven archers and Druadan warriors. The Woodland Realm, on the other hand, lacks cavalry altogether. To compensate, they rely on unorthodox tactics such as stealth, speed and elven magic coupled with their formidable archers. They cannot easily expand their base, but all buildings are manned by archers to keep invaders at bay. Units like the animal empaths, who slow down enemy cavalry, and elven chanters, who support your army through their songs, provide veterans with exciting new strategies to master. Both factions also come with a completely unique set of spells, including powerful finishers like the Rohan spell, Last March of the Ents, which summons Treebeard and a host of Ents to your side.

Rediscover the Old Factions

All factions have been expanded with a large array of new units. Among them are the Gondor Citadel Guard, Lurtz's Uruk Scouts, Haldir's Galadhrim from the Battle for Helm's Deep and Orcs of Minas Morgul. All in all, Edain allows you to assemble your forces from a pool of twice as many units as before.

Furthermore, almost all existing units and heroes have received visual overhauls to eliminate issues like golden armor on Orcs and bring the visual style closer to the movies. For example, Aragorn will now wield the actual Anduril blade upon purchasing the respective spell instead of getting an exaggerated blue glow around his sword. Head to our gallery for more examples of the improvements we have made.

Follow your destiny... Middle-Earth awaits.

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107 comments by Lord_of_Mordor on Mar 28th, 2015

Edain 4.0 Demo Released

Greetings, companions of Edain!

After three years of work we're proud finally release our demo of Edain 4.0!

Edain 4.0 Demo [DONT'T AUTH]

If you experience any problems, check here for frequent issues and solutions:

Back to the roots. Edain 4.0 revives the classic gameplay of the first Battle for Middle-earth, expanded with dozens of new heroes, units and spells. Build a mighty fortress, then sally forth to conquer settlements and outposts. Those not only allow you to improve your economy, but also let you rally supporting factions like Dunland or the Fiefdoms of Gondor. Edain puts the entire breadth of Tolkien's world at your command und lets you journey deeper into Middle-earth than ever before! We have adjusted every single map from both games in the series for our new gameplay and created dozens of new ones, including fortresses like Dol Amroth and Cirith Ungol.

Mission: Battle in Eregion

Fully in English for the first time. At long last, this is our first version with full English sound and text! In addition, we have greatly expanded our English forums over on our site - all international fans are welcome to share their feedback and suggestions and discuss them with the team! (of course, German sound and text is still available as well)

Fight the Battle for Middle-earth your way. Seven different game modes let you customize the game to your style of play. In the dynamic Conquest mode, victory goes to the player who holds more than half the settlements on the map for a time, ensuring intense back-and-forth battles all across the field. Or would you rather crush your foes with Middle-earth's greatest heroes? Then the Legendary Heroes might be for you, putting greatly empowered heroes at the center of the game.


Old strengths, newly enhanced. With all these upheavals and new features, we haven't forgotten what so many of you loved about Edain in the first. As in previous versions, every faction has their own Ring Heroes, some of them brand-new, and almost every hero from the original game sports an expansive set of new abilities. What's more, the custom heroes make their return after a long absence and offer more classes and options than ever. At the same time, we have carefully rebalanced the game to eliminate weaknesses that were weighing the mod down. For example, archers no longer completely dominate the field and battles are no longer decided by a single mass destruction spell - you must cleverly bring all of your strategic resources to bear over a longer time to emerge victorious.


The beginning of a great journey. This demo contains the four core factions of Gondor, Rohan, Mordor and Isengard. In the future, we will periodically expand it and add the remaining five sides: The Dwarves, the Misty Mountains, Lothlorien, Rivendell and Angmar. After years of modding, it is a fantastic feeling to finally share this latest and best version of Edain with you. Thanks to everyone who has followed us on this road so far, and remember: The Battle for Middle-earth has just begun...

Edain 4.0 Demo [DONT'T AUTH]

Your Edain Team

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Edain 4.0 Demo

Edain 4.0 Demo

Mar 28, 2015 Demo 188 comments

This full version contains all files you need to play the latest version of the Edain Mod. Please read the Readme before playing! The Readme contains...

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ABR-D Dec 10 2013, 10:01am says:


1 -. Regarding what I told you last time, I think I may have a solution to the problems I had. When a building is destroyed, it's better than the ruins of the building remain, and does not disappear until the building is rebuilt or build a new one enemy.

- This allows reconstructions are cheaper to its material. Or that the enemy can exploit your building. (Only Misty Mountains)

- For the plot must be yours to eliminate all nearby enemies and be 10 seconds near the plot. (As in Game 1)

- Then you decide whether to pull the building and use the materials, completely destroying it (so that the enemies can not use the ruins) or use the ruined building. (Only Misty Mountains, maybe Mordor)

2 -. Lorien may be surrounded by a giant vine that does not permit passage only the elves that would leave them at any point. (Referring to those who know only the entrance to Lorien can enter.

- This might be a little different. Could you have three open and visible to the enemy tickets, but for all the elves can exit points.

- Elves should be invibles to the enemy provided they are in or near the limit.

- The goblins should be able to climb any wall, except for creepers Lorien. Its disadvantage is that they are weak to fire. But resistant to catapults.

. 3 - One of the funniest points of Game 1, was that you could create powerful units uniting them and getting to level 10. I think it's something you ought to recover.

- Even Orcs performed (Battle Fields Pelenor) combat strategies Lancers putting in front of the archers, when the Rohan cavalry arrives.

- It would be very positive, so unless you use Rivendell and Isengard. Or it could be left for a few units. But they could also be divided.

. You once said that troops Gaucher disease should not take more than 5 levels, they die fast. I like to keep the troops and train them to be the best. (Personal Opinion)

+2 votes     reply to comment
ABR-D Dec 10 2013, 10:04am replied:

. 4 - I think it's a mistake rivendel wizards. Not respond to anything, not the book or the movie. I do not understand because they are 3, you could be one. I had all the powers, as a semi-hero.

. 5 - I really liked the line of defense of the Dwarves, I think that could be transferred to other factions.

- Cities may have more defensive improvements; Rohan could turn your stone wall (as Helm's Deep) to improve their resistance to fire projectiles. Rivendell might have a moat.

- Do not citadels with cities will join? It's a shame because he did an amazing job

. 6 - A major issue that has not yet come in the updates is "Evil Men" or "Men of the East."

- I think it could be a new faction to gather the three armies of Harad, Rhun and Umbar. Being the largest Harad army. Same as "Misty Mountains" has main army to Moria.

- The main hero can be Khamul. The book that was the general Khamul Gundur Dol, ruling an army of Mordor Orcs and Easterlings (Rhun and Harad)

- Khamul again only when Dol Gundur Mordor is destroyed. You could say that the three major generals are Sauron: The Witch King, Khamul and the Mouth of Sauron.

- I could have 3 Nazgul: Khamul, the Traitor and the Knight of Umbar. (Although they are not legitimate) Thus to remove Mordor heroes having many. (Warhammer reference)

- In this way we eliminate Dol Gundur Sub-faction of Mordor. Simplifying Mordor having too much stuff and should focus more on the Orcs.

-Although the problem of who should be the hero of the ring arises.

7 -. Shagrat Gorbag ​​and think they are heroes that should not appear, have no importance in history. (I think it is a very complex Mordor faction, you have to simplify it) Orcs, Trolls, Nazgul and siege.

. 8 - Is there a possibility that in the future we can edit heroes?

I think this game comes close to perfection. Do not understand how EA games does not see it.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Gnomi Creator
Gnomi Dec 10 2013, 10:52am replied:

If I remember correctly it is not possible to leave ruins in a castle, as it collides with the build plots. (there could be more than one building per plot afterwards - there was a similar bug in bfme I, when you tried something like that)

Would be a possibility.^^
But Goblins will never be able to climb wall fortresses - the problem is the engine - either a wall is CLIMBABLE or it is WALKABLE - we can't add both to the same wall. Therefore the huge walls around fortresses are just WALKABLE (=> you can walk on them), while the small walls around rohan or gondor camps are CLIMBABLE (=> orcs can climb them)

3. Afaik we haven't discussed that.
But the problem is that this game is not Bfme I.^^
There will be many more troups on the battlefield than in Bfme I and therefore it will be much more difficult to save the same batallion every time. So it will be more or less a game of luck - either you manage to save one soldier at level 8 (=> get the whole batallion back) or you loose the whole batallion. When it is a really strong batallion, this can mean defeat or victory. In Bfme I it was much easier to save your troups and therefore it was much less luck-based.
If they don't get so many boni from leveling up/level up faster, (means: just to level 5) the whole game will be much more balanced. I personally liked the possibility in Bfme I, but also would like a balanced game - we will see how we solve the problem as a team. :)

The problem is that single units die too fast and you have very little possibilities to save or rotect them - batallions are always much easier to defend and therefore they are more than one.^^
We wanted to gave the imladris elves a link to the nature and add the magic they have used to defend themself against the nazgul - if they can do something like that with water, why not also with the earth?
Additionally we wanted a siege weapon, which is not a ballista, as those ballistas doesn't fit to the other parts of the faction.

+3 votes   reply to comment
Gnomi Creator
Gnomi Dec 10 2013, 10:53am replied:

You mean the different building plots?
In camps you already have special building plots for your towers - we gave the dwarven this extra spot, as they have very few normal building plots, but have more different buildings than other factions with the same amount of building plots.
We aren't adding cities, as those fortresses are no cities, but castles or camps.^^ Additionally Gondor and the dwarves are both famous for their buildings - therefore they have such upgrades, while other factions don't have so strong fortress upgrades.
Rohan had only very few strong stone fortresses - additionally it doesn't fit to their style - just imagine the current fortress with a stone wall... the buildings and everything else would look totally stupid in this fortress. Rohan is a faction of peasants - therefore they don't have a strong castle with multiple upgrades for it.

We have already planned new factions, you don't have to bring any ideas for it - but those factions won't be integrated in 4.0 (as FG15 said on one of the last pages), as it would be too much work - but don't worry there will be more factions, but we won't tell you what factions we're working on.
Shagrat and Gorbag are perfect examples for orcs and explain their mentality better than any other hero - additionally there are many fans of them in our community and I personally see no point to delete them.

No. As I've said a few times it is very unlikely that this feature will return, as it is technically impossible to have a huge mod like edain and the cah system ingame. This is just too much for the engine to handle.^^

+4 votes   reply to comment
ABR-D Dec 10 2013, 11:28am replied:

1 -. The destroyed walls could disappear, so that they could leave but the buildings remain in ruins or uninhabited. Or that the sectors of the destroyed walls disappear leaving the rest standing.

. I think it would be great. We create a transition between new construction. So it is more difficult to create new settlements (for those who are winning) and is easier to recover. (for those who are losing)

3 -. It is something that I would like a lot but if the Edain Team believes it is better for I accept user.

. 6 - I commented as a suggestion. You do not you say anything about them, you want to be a surprise.

. 7 - I think Mordor is a very complex faction. Do you think the same?

You're a great guy. Thank you very much.

+1 vote     reply to comment
deathbirdw Dec 10 2013, 7:08am says:

just a question does the dwarves ring hero still need the building to be recruited and if so doesn't that balance out the whole amount of buildings needed with isengard plus the new stoneworker makes another building. just saying dwarves might need the old 3 in-one building.... if that makes sense :p

+1 vote     reply to comment
FG15 Creator
FG15 Dec 10 2013, 9:05am replied:

The ring hero will need the durin statue, which will be the normal statue and also can be build on the small defence build plots.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Tienety Dec 10 2013, 5:13am says:

Nice updated but still do not know nothing about small outposts for the dwarfs and about integration Dale/Esgaroth and Beornings units. So will be the more update about dwarfs?

+3 votes     reply to comment
FG15 Creator
FG15 Dec 10 2013, 9:04am replied:

We can't say anything specific about Esgorath/ Dale until we have watched the second movie, but they will propably just get a building on one of the settlements.
There won'T be an update to everything, because that would spoil the fun of finding it out ingame.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Venris Dec 10 2013, 4:46am says:

Are those new barrack are only for Ered Luine, or all dwarves sub-factions?

+1 vote     reply to comment
FG15 Creator
FG15 Dec 10 2013, 4:50am replied:

The barrack will be the same for all the dwarf factions, because the old ones, weren't fitting anymore for the new building system.

+2 votes   reply to comment
Venris Dec 10 2013, 5:31am replied:

Shame, I liked the different designes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
fraq100 Dec 10 2013, 3:04am says:

A new update! Great work guys! I have a 2 questions, how many factions we'll have in 4.0? What about War of the Ring mode? Does it will be playable with all mod features? sry for my bad english ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
FG15 Creator
FG15 Dec 10 2013, 4:12am replied:

There will be still the same amount of factions as in 3.81. 5 good ones and 4 evil ones.

The war of the rings mode should still work, but we can't say anything exact because this mode has always been were buggy, which we can't change.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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You could think im exxagerating the value of this mod,but i can only tell you : try with your hands. Edain mod is without any doubt the best RTS based on the LotR series,and,but this is just my opinion,the best RTS overall. While being much more true to tolkien than any other EA's work,it combines great complexity with good-balance in an excellent way. But what,above all things,makes this mod stand out are the models of the units,heroes and buildings,just take a look to the gallery on the site…

Oct 19 2010, 2:42pm by TheMost

Lowest Rated (16 agree) 5/10

Mordor and other evil factions are overpowered including their heroes and ringheroes. Especially Lorien and Imladris are too weak and their ringheros are not powerful enough to be ringheroes (and Galadriel is far too weak to be Galadriel. Make it to be like in the Lone Wolf mod: two palantir and stronger powers, etc.)... All ringheroes should be as powerful as Sauron, because now it's not fair. Almost all good factions are underpowered. Ents should be better than trolls (except armoured ones), because…

Oct 17 2012, 7:38am by TheLapari

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