The Edain Mod aims to take you deeper into Middle-Earth than ever before and create a game worthy of Tolkien's books and Peter Jackson's movies. In our quest for lore accuracy, visual quality and deeper gameplay, we overhauled every aspect of the original game to craft a new, immersive Lord of the Rings experience. Discover the new factions of Lothlorien and Rohan, field new units and heroes for each of the existing factions, enjoy a visual style closer to the movies and unleash the power of the One Ring with individual Ring heroes for every factions. Light or Shadow, Defender or Conqueror... the choice is yours.

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Important information on the latest version of the Edain Mod, including details on the installation process, frequently asked questions, support information and more. PLEASE READ THIS!

Posted by Lord_of_Mordor on Dec 17th, 2011

Edain Mod 3.7.5
© by Edain Team and Ealendril Games
Supported by: EA Community Team

Table of Contents

This Readme contains essential information on the Edain Mod 3.7.5, among other things in regards to common issues and questions, the Edain Switcher, and multiplayer. It is strongly recommended to read this document in its entirety in order to avoid problems.

This document contains the following points:

I.    Team Members and Credits
II.   Installing the Edain Mod
III.  Uninstalling the Edain Mod
IV.   Support and Frequently Asked Questions
V.    Edain Switcher
VI.  Submods
VII. Multiplayer

Team Members and Credits

Contact persons:
Ealendril der Dunkle (Team Leader), Lord of Mordor, Simbyte, Gnomi

Codes / Scripting:
Ealendril der Dunkle

Lord of Mordor, Reshef

Reshef, Lord of Mordor, Ealendril der Dunkle

Models / Animations:
Ealendril der Dunkle, Thorongil03

Skins / 2D Graphics:
Adamin, Ealendril der Dunkle

Ealendril der Dunkle

Campaign / Maps:
Ernesto -m-, Reshef, Gnomi

Concept and ideas:
Lord of Mordor, Adamin, Gnomi

Website administration (

Cost management:

Installer / Switcher:
Turin Turumbar

English Translation (in progress)
Simbyte, Leander, Sleipnir

Beta Testers:
Elros, Chu'unthor, Prinz_Kael, The Witcher, piet1976

Balance Testers:
Der König Düsterwalds

Thanks to our former members:
Alien aka Infiltrator
WOA aka Witchking of Angmar
Doggy aka Ghostface

Special Thanks for the support of:
EA Community Team
Moddb ( )
Cirdan and ( )
Ravencrest and ( )
SuM-Fanpage ( )
German Gaming Magazines PCGames und PCAction
HdR Inside ( )
The entire Modding-Union Community

Thanks to the team of Edain I:
Elessar Telcontar

Many thanks for the support and contributions of the following mods and modders:
Robert Johnson      (RJ_RotWk)
Sûlherokk           (SEE - Special Extend Edition)
Nazgul aka Chriz    (SEE - Special Extend Edition)
Celeglin            (Elven Alliance)
The Dead Player
Morgoth615          (Four Ages)
Herunor             (DsuB - Die Schlacht um Beleriand)
Hatacatan           (DsuB - Die Schlacht um Beleriand)
Manuel2811          (Elvenstar Mod1)
Firmus              (Elvenstar Mod1)
Buccane             (HDRHQ)
Wars of Arda
Christian Beltramo  (Legends)

Thanks for the contribution of the following Modding Union Edain Community Members:
Lord-Alex           (Sounds)         
Tar-Dingens         (Map "Fornost Erain")
Wulfgar             (Sounds Theoden)
MCM aka k10071995   (Sounds Eowyn, Merry, Pippin)
PumaYIY             (Sounds Merry, Pippin)
Tar-Palantir        (Sounds Pippin)
Halbarad            (Sounds Pippin)
Kili                (Sounds Dwarven Elite)
Lord of Arnor       (Sounds Araphant)

Thanks for the work of the Edain forum concept moderators:

The screenshot of the fellowship departing Rivendell was taken by MCM aka k10071995. The Screenshot of Helm's Deep is from LastElb's Edain trailer "Edain Mod 3.5 - Helms Klamm" ( The Screenshot of Minas Tirith is from LastElb's Edain trailer "Edain Mod 3.7.1 - Trailer [German]" (

Special thanks to Petri Tikka for permission to use his fantastic rendition of Tolkien's song "A Elbereth Gilthoniel" (Gildor's Song) in the Edain Mod. You can find him and his work at:

II. Installing the Edain Mod

The Edain Mod is a modification for "The Rise of the Witch-King". Make sure you have a fully updated copy of both "The Battle for Middle-Earth II" (Version 1.06) and "The Rise of the Witch-King" (Version 2.01) installed before proceeding. Also ensure that you have no other mods installed.

Edain Mod 3.7.5 is a full version of the Edain Mod. This download contains all required files to play the mod - no previous versions are required. It is recommended to uninstall all previous versions of Edain before installing 3.7.5.

Edain is automatically installed by an installation program which extracts all required files into the appropriate directories.

During the installation process, you will be asked to accept our license agreement. You are not authorized to use or install the Edain Mod or any associated programs and components if you do not consent to all points in that agreement.

III. Uninstalling the Edain Mod

To uninstall the Edain Mod, simply launch "uninstalleredain.exe" in your "Rise of the Witch-King" folder. You can also find a button for uninstallation in the Switcher. Open the tab "Tools und Optionen" and click "Deinstallieren".

IV. Support and Frequently Asked Questions

In case you experience any technical difficulties or errors with installing or playing the Edain Mod, please post them on our moddb profile ( or the english section of our website:

The Edain Team will answer your questions to the best of our abilities.

If you wish to report a bug or error within the game, please always include the following information:

*How much game time elapsed before the bug occured?
*On which map and as which faction did you play?
*Against which opponents did you play (AI or human, AI difficulty setting, LAN or Internet, number of players, which factions?)

- Common Errors and Frequently Asked Questions: -

Below, you will find answers to these common questions and problems:

1. Is this Mod only available in German?
2. Units in the game are pink or invisible.
3. The game crashes after roughly 15 minutes.
4. Custom Heroes do not work.
5. When trying to start a multiplayer game, I get an error message that hero data failed to transmit.
6. I'm having problems with the Edain Switcher.
7. War of the Ring causes crashes when playing with another human player.
8. I can't increase my command points when playing as Mordor.
9. I can't increase my spell points when playing as Imladris.
10. I can't build barracks when playing as Lorien.
11. I can't play as Arnor.

1. Is this Mod only available in German?

At this point, yes. All features of the Mod are entirely in German. Progress on the translation is going very well, however, and we're confident that we'll be able to release an English version soon!

2. Units in the game are pink or invisible.

Most likely this means you have a corrupted asset.dat. In many cases, this problem can be solved by uninstalling the mod, then reinstalling it. If you still have the same problem, try redownloading the entire mod and installing it from the redownloaded files. If the problem persists, please contact us on Moddb or in the Modding Union forums.

3. The game crashes after roughly 15 minutes.

This could happen because you have enabled Custom Heroes. Custom Heroes do NOT work with this modification and should always be disabled. Additionally, make sure you have a fully legit and patched version of the game. No-CD cracks are NOT supported! If you still experience crashes, try uninstalling and re-installing both the Edain Mod and the game.

4. Custom Heroes do not work.

This feature is not compatible with the Edain Mod. Custom Heroes have been disabled to solve several grave problems caused by them and will never work with this mod.

5. When trying to start a multiplayer game, I get an error message that hero data failed to transmit.

This means Custom Heroes are still enabled. You cannot disable them when playing the Edain Mod, as the button has been removed to prevent people from accidentally enabling them. To disable Custom Heroes, you need to disable Edain using the Switcher, then run the regular game and disable Custom Heroes. Now you can enable Edain again and Custom Heroes should be disabled and no longer cause problems.

6. I'm having problems with the Edain Switcher.

Please ensure that you have the latest version of the Switcher. You can download the latest switcher version under "Edain Mod Switcher - Aktuellste Version" on the following site:  

The Switcher also requires Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 or higher. If you're having issues with the switcher, check whether you have the latest version of .NET installed.

7. War of the Ring causes crashes when playing with another human player.

For Edain 3.7.1, the War of the Ring has been overhauled to work with all Edain units, factions and heroes. It is possible to play it without errors in singleplayer. Unfortunately, the mode still causes problems when played in multiplayer which we are unable to fix at the moment. Of course, this does not impair regular skirmish multiplayer in any way.

8. I can't increase my command points when playing as Mordor.

Mordor no longer gains command points by building slaughter houses. Instead, you need to recruit Orc Overseers from the Orc Pit. Each Overseher grants 20 command points, 10 of which persist even after his death. Overseers can also be attached to Orc hordes to boost their combat strength.

9. I can't increase my spell points when playing as Imladris.

Imladris doesn't gather spell points in battle like other factions. Instead, you must recruit scholars ("Gelehrte") to gather points. The ability "Weisheit aneignen" on the left of the screen increases your spell points by the number of scholars you control.

10. I can't build barracks when playing as Lorien.

Lorien only builds a few structures with the regular builders. The core buildings have to be erected on build plots which you can summon from the fortress by planting the seeds of the Golden Forest ("Saat des goldenen Waldes").

11. I can't play as Arnor.

Arnor is not a full faction of its own. Instead, it replaces Gondor on maps that have a thematic connection the war between Angmar and Arnor. If you select Gondor an any of these maps, you will control Arnor instead:

- Angmar
- Arnor
- Cardolan
- Carn Dûm
- Fornost
- Festung von Amon Sûl
- Forodwaith
- Forochel

V. Edain Switcher

The Edain Switcher is an essential part of the Edain Mod and allows access to several important functions. As the Switcher and all accompanying features are currently in German, its functions will be outlined below.

- "Edain Mod deaktivieren" disables the Edain Mod temporarily so you can play the original game without having to uninstall the Mod entirely. If the switcher shows Aragorn's blade Anduril, Edain is currently ENABLED. If it shows the Witch-King's sword, Edain is DISABLED.

- "Edain Mod aktivieren" reactivates the Mod.

- "Tools und Optionen" contains options for setting the resolution of the game (even allowing resolutions that aren't available from the game's own options menu) and a checkbox for running the game in windowed mode if desired. "Deinstallieren" uninstalls Edain from your computer.

- "News und Updates" contains the latest news about the mod and allows you to check whether updates to the mod or the switcher are available by clicking "Nach Updates suchen...". "Switcher Update herunterladen" downloads the latest switcher update, while "Mod Update herunterladen" downloads the latest mod update.

- "Submods" allows you to download user-made submods for Edain. This point is covered in greater detail below.

- "Edain Multiplayer" allows you to get started with Edain Multiplayer via the Tunngle networking program. This will be covered in greater detail below.

- "Readme" allows you to bring up this document whenever you require it.

There are no longer any campaign-related features available in the Switcher, as the campaign now works like the regular campaign. You can start it from the main menu and fight your way through a sequence of mission, saving and loading your progress inbetween sessions.

VI. Submods

Submods are user-created addons to the Edain Mod with permission of the team, expanding the mod, giving it an unique touch or even building an entirely new gameplay upon the base Mod. The Switcher allows you to download all available submods. Submod .big-files must be put into your "Rise of the Witch-King" directory, allowing you to enable and disable them via the Switcher at will.

Note that submods are not compatible with each other and only one can be active at a time. At the date of the 3.7.5 release, no submods will be compatible with it yet because they have to be updated first.

IMPORTANT: Submods are NOT supported by the Edain Team and are installed at your own risk. The Edain Team does not provide support for problems with submods. In case of trouble, you may contact the respective submod's creator, however. Usually, each submod has their own thread in this forum:

This forum also contains a (German) set of guidelines and rules each submod HAS to follow in order to be approved by the Edain Team. Users are not allowed to create Edain submods without approval from the Edain Team.

VII. Multiplayer

Since the official multiplayer servers are no longer supported, we have set up our own network for Edain using the program Tunngle, allowing you to connect with other players. In case you'd like to play a few rounds of multiplayer with other Edain fans, we recommened you check out the Edain Tunngle Network to find likeminded players around the clock.

The "Edain Multiplayer" tab in the Switcher allows you to download Tunngle ("Tunngle herunterladen") and launch it once you have installed it ("Tunngle starten"). If you launch Tunngle via the Switcher, you will be automatically be connected to the Edain Network.

In case you have any questions about Tunngle, you're welcome to ask them in this thread:

Edain Mod - Follow your Destiny

The Edain-Team

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I wanted to know if there is a walkthrough, because I'm stuck on the third mission when it tells me to destroy the enemy base to the south but there is no enemy base!

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