Since the advent of vast network, amateur modification-adaptation Call Of Misery began to appear a huge number of edits and additions from users are not related to the development Of Call Of Misery, a means then normal players who have the desire to bring something this amazing in its idea project. Various models of ammunition, a dynamic relationship of groups full a-life throughout, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and even a hiking tent in the compartment with the lamp, which complements the already insane immersion in the atmosphere of Misery. Unmissable and custom edits in the direction of game balance and trade. This is just a small listing of those addons and edits that are present in the Echo Of Misery. Our team is intensively working in order to optimize the interaction of a greater number of additions without loss of performance, logic, and the stability of the game and conducts independent work on adding brand new content.

Features Echo of Misery
• Significantly improved the graphical part;
• Augmented component of the gameplay;
• Improved sound of the game;

Echo of Misery is based on the Call of Misery + Assembly from 0.7 Xameleon201

Team Echo of Misery
1. Maxim Sniper (Maxwell Valentine)
2. Nikolai Korobkov
3. Anton Shemyakin
4. Matthew Naumenko (Green Beetle)
5. Ivan Karpov

Future plans: adaptation Call of Chernobyl 1.5 and Misery 2.2. And also, the addition of various modifications to extend the gameplay component.

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•The release of Call Of Misery became the starting point in creating new additions and adaptations to the widely popular Call of Chernobyl platform. The popularity of the platform is rapidly gaining momentum, and the number of graphics, weapon and gameplay add-ons is just off scale. Echo of Misery became the assembly of add-ons, allowing to combine all the most popular and large-scale additions in one project. The modification offers players dynamically developing relationships between the Zone groupings, new elements of stalker ammunition, a complete simulation of life throughout the Zone and even such seemingly small things as a tent with a built-in flashlight.

echo of misery 1echo of misery 2

In addition to the adaptation and filling of the game with the help of third-party authors, the Echo of Misery team adds their own experience, not forgetting to monitor the performance and optimization of the adapted add-ons. The project is based on the Freephone platform Call Of Misery, added the STCoP weapon pack, the addon with the new Outfit outfit and all the gameplay resources of the v 0.7 build from the Xameleon201.

echo of misery 3echo of misery 4

Main changes:

  • All mutants have completely working sounds, corrected missing tags. Particularly noticeable in rats, cats and carcasses.
  • Disconnected Living Zone, which went with the assembly of the Chameleon. This slightly reduced the load on the engine and users' computers, as well as spawn mutants and naps is now a bit more adequate. Actually, now it is similar to the Spa of Call of Misery.
  • Updated HD-Pack models, taken from the assembly stason174. The pack already includes new icons, optimized textures and optimized shaders.
  • Improved stability, reduced weight and resource consumption by playing.
  • Assembly 0.7 is integrated from X_A_M_E_L_E_O_N.
  • STCoP + open mesh sighting grids from Morka + optimized compressed textures (1920x1080 no change in image quality).
  • Added equipment from Outfit Addon. Ambient sounds, anomalies and voice acting from the game Metro 2033 and stylized HUD.
  • 33 new artifacts and their registration in the trade.
  • Reduction of the values โ€‹โ€‹of artifacts into real calculi.
  • Roadside Picnic + gas lamp.
  • Music player - chat with skins for different groupings (skins optional).
  • New models of mutants and additional new pieces of mutants when cutting.
  • The texture of Poltergeist has been changed.
  • Added different models of mutants.
  • WSOAMBK - "GRtoKillEF + Despawn_BarMutants" (reduced the number of mutants at the bar), Battery3A + 2Knife_CoM + BackPack.
  • NEW_AF_Modules + SmokingKills_CoM1.0d (Only increased harm from smoking).
  • News_Random_v5 and AtMoSpHeRe RaDiO.
  • Absolute Nature 4 (changed: Jupiter, Zaton, the outskirts of Pripyat).
  • Absolute Nature Pack 3 Lite (SGM): Cordon, Marshes, Dark Valley, SRI Agroprom, Military warehouses and Red Forest look lively and fuller.
  • Returned the ability to manage nights (From Atmosfear 3).

And More :

  • Graphical assembly of XRS 1.2 and Structures Redux.
  • Pure waters (parallax edition) โ„–4 and Improved blood decals.
  • PHARM 0.5 and CoC_Ambient_Overhaul.
    Campfire around the campfire extended army reissue from skelja for 1.4.19.
  • Returned the "colorful" PNV. Now the bad will be green, the average - purple, good - white.
  • New bluish HUD, new sounds of rain and steps on different surfaces (from assembly 0.7 from X_A_M_E_L_E_O_N).
  • A set for sharpening again sharpens only knives.
  • He removed the PAD at the start of the game and added it to the traders.
  • Sewn Absolute Nature 4.01, Visuals from the fashion HD Models by Ninja
  • Mod for night adjustment from Atmosfear 3 and Pure Water
  • New mutant models and mutant parts
  • Added sounds to the flesh and more voiceovers in part from the metro
  • STCoP and Outfit are updated to the latest version.
  • Graphical assembly XRS 1.2 and Structures Redux 1.09
  • New Loadscreen, main menu theme and startup image .exe
  • AtMoSpHeRe RaDiO - Added File "Battery3A + 2Knife_CoM + BackPack", Battery3A - Charger capacity is reduced to 3 Ah / h, 2Knife_CoM - Increased safety factor for knives, cutting from 50 to 100 carcasses.
  • BackPack - Added loot that remains with the player when using the system for quick reset of the backpack: Medicine, Food, Helmets, Grenades.
  • Added File "NEW_AF_Modules + SmokingKills_CoM1.0d" - NEW_AF_Modules - Added new security modules.
  • SmokingKills - Each puff of cigarette smoke harms, in proportion to the benefits of radiation protection.

echo of misery 5echo of misery 6

Optimization and start-up tips:

  • The game should now be run ONLY with the batch files corresponding to the number of cores in your PC. How to do it rightly, says the FAQ files that come with the assembly. It also gives an increase in performance and stability.
  • Multi-core work for the game is enabled by default.
  • The optimized CoC + Misery textures are installed. Increase in productivity, reduce the overall weight of the assembly, as well as an attempt to get rid of crashes due to lack of memory. Unfortunately, because of this slightly affected the appearance, but almost not noticeable for the eyes.
  • If the game does not start, writes: "The STALKER Call of Pripyat" or something in this spirit is not found, then add the "-skip_reg" without quotes in the Object field after the space.

And many thanks to ColonelRH for translating into English.

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Factions PDA Skins

Factions PDA Skins

Textures 3 comments

FonSwong PDA Skins for all factions , Read the Description for Installation instruction ...

New Mutants Mod 0.3 (EoM)

New Mutants Mod 0.3 (EoM)

Models Pack 4 comments

New Mutants Mod v0.3. Adapt several mutants for Echo of Misery. "NEW GAME" NEEDED!!!! The original files (configs, models, etc.) taken as a basis belong...

Living Zone by Skelja (EoM)

Living Zone by Skelja (EoM)


A-life simulation is enabled in every location, even if you aren't there. Unlike standard, simple A-Life, stalkers here do not just walk around the zone...

Lootmoney (EoM)

Lootmoney (EoM)

Prefabs 1 comment

This addon enables you to pickup cash whenever looting a corpse.

Factions Master (EoM)

Factions Master (EoM)

Prefabs 2 comments

Join any faction temporarily by just wearing their Outfits And return to your original Faction by Taking off that suit !! Read the Description for more...

Echo of Misery 0.4.2 ENG

Echo of Misery 0.4.2 ENG

Full Version 8 comments

Echo of Misery 0.4.2. Full standalone English version. Translating to English - ColonelRH. Features of the English version: 1. Add English translation...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 57)

Starting a new game with Military stalker at swamps spawn point went without the "stack trace" problem. I just don`t use that travel point and the rest goes well. The reshade DX11 also works very well, thank you very much.

Some of the problems in Misery 2.0 however are still here. Dogs are capable to jump up to the second floor and to hit the stalker trough the same floor. A boar went right trough the truck at the Rostok entrance and hit the stalker standing over it. Just minor things.

Naked or with Heavy SEVA suit, it matters not in a psy field of Controller or Burer.

The changes about the mutant hunt are much appreciated, thank you. The hunt continue.

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Does Echo of misery have the unique little stashes from the 3 CoP maps that Misery 2 has ? I know that Call of misery has them in their levels are there some in this mod either from Misery 2.1 or even 2.2, the devs of misery put them in, just wondering if they exist in Echo of Misery, makes exploring those areas enjoyable, cause with out them they are pretty desolate.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The same log started to appear at a random, while loading a save or simply walking around, corrupting all saves made after the moment I tried to move to the swamps.

Also, accepting a quest from Nimble immediately fails at the same moment, even without leaving the conversation, when the stalker accept it. I`ll be grateful for any advice here.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I can`t travel to the swamp from Cordon`s military point. Here is the log:


[error]Expression : pm->m_animations.size()
[error]Function : player_hud_motion_container::load
[error]File : player_hud.cpp
[error]Line : 92
[error]Description : motion not found [type63_aim]

stack trace:

0023:005670A1 xrCore.dll, xrDebug::fail()
0023:05849A88 xrGame.dll, CDialogHolder::UseIndicators()
0023:74AEBD67 MSVCR120.dll, Concurrency::details::_SpinWait<1>::_NumberOfSpins()
0023:74AEBD7E MSVCR120.dll, atoflt_l()
0023:74AEBD8C MSVCR120.dll, atoflt_l()
0023:74ADBCAD MSVCR120.dll, finite()
0023:74ADAD30 MSVCR120.dll, _ValidateRead()
0023:005503A9 xrCore.dll, IReaderBase<CStreamReader>::find_chunk()
0023:00569280 xrCore.dll, CInifile::line_exist()
0023:0056926B xrCore.dll, CInifile::line_exist()
0023:74A56247 lua51.dll, lua_error()

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Is it possible to somehow deal with the crazy stuttering that happens once in a while? Sometimes the game freezes for 20-30 seconds. I've seen this also on youtube videos, so it doesn't seem to be a local problem...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Maxwell_Valentine Creator

These hangs occur when a new npc is entered in the simulation on the map. The best option is not to jump more than 0.5 the number of monsters and npc for the spawn in the settings, as well as not to overestimate the entire graphics in the maximum (especially the grass). If there is an opportunity - it's better to put the game on ssd

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately it's already on SSD :-(.
Does Living Zone have any effect on this? I understand, that it increases load on the iron, but does it reduce these stutters or it will happen anyway if a new npc is spawned? By default what kind of simulation is enabled in EoM? Only on the actual map or linked maps?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

was the stalker t pose error fixed?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Maxwell_Valentine Creator

When I did repack I included there fixed npc which was, if there are still solidifying models - I need their screenshots.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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