Eastern European crisis is a mod telling a story about the future of Europe. In 30's of XXI century, NATO power weakens, European economy deteriotates and ethnic tensions inside such countries as France, Britain and Germany rises. In this situation, Poland and Ukraine become once again one of the biggest economies, because of these countries stability and large deposits of shale gas, which boost their economic abilities.

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New C&C Mod "Eastern Europe crisis " unveiled

New C&C Mod "Eastern Europe crisis " unveiled

Sep 15, 2013 0 comments

Eastern Europe Crisis is a total conversion for C&C3. The storyline of the mod tells the about the conflict of Poland and Ukraine in near future Europe...

Diary log 1: Face of the Devil

Diary log 1: Face of the Devil

Sep 19, 2013 2 comments

Eastern Europe Crisis delivers you a new portion of Polish\Ukrainian vehicles and a new portion from the storyline of the mod. Hope you like it!

President's counteroffensive

President's counteroffensive

Oct 1, 2013 2 comments

Here goes another update of Eastern Europe Crisis. Today presenting you units of the Republic of White Ruthenia. Cheers!

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