EASB Hour is a total conversion Yuri's Revenge mod dedicated to bringing SOME elements from C&C Generals: Zero Hour into our own storyline. We are not intended to make this mod just a Generals remake on Yuri's Revenge. Since Generals 2 is dead forever(?) , you may consider our story as an unofficially continued story of Generals Zero Hour.

What does EASB mean?
It is the most hilarious unit in the mod, though not the most powerful. Surly will impress you when you play the campaign missions.
*Not included in the beta.

Like a lot of RTS games, there are three factions in this mod,each with unique tech tree and units:

USA: light, fast, psi web,F2 and Protoss technology. By the heart of Yuu'Essei!
China: Infestors ECM tanks,napalm, countless zerglings minigunners
Russia: Massive Arclite tank arsenal, artillery, wifi,vodka.

Why no GLA?
Because GLA forces are mostly eliminated in the first GLA war, and the second GLA war never happened due to OBVIOUS reasons. All GLA leaders was later found out and annihilated by angry PLA forces. Without a strong, powerful leader, Global Liberation Army soon doomed in chaos.
With the largest enemy dead, the Chinese and USA Generals either had a break, or rushed back to their bases, trying to improve their war arsenal.

Why Russia?
As in the campaign ending of the Zero Hour, Chinese has destroyed the last GLA fortress in Hamburg, Germany once and for all and are busy encircling and annihilating fragmented GLA remnants in Europe.
One major GLA splinter cell finds their way into Russia, which is in a chaotic state with all their millitary/political leaders assassinated in early time of GLA war. Surely, with a disorganized command structure the Russians have no ability to fight the GLA themselves. However, as a highly advanced army, they defended most military bases from the hands of GLA. The Russian forces just adopted a turtle policy and kept their bases well defended instead, their losses were kept quite low and their military assets remained mostly intact.With overwhelming international reputation, the Chinese forces make their way into Russian borders by force, even capturing a few Russian outposts, to pursuit GLA remnants and to "stabilize" the situation. Of course, with necessary firepower.Chinese forces, after eradicating the last GLA resistance in Russia with the excessive usage of nukes and napalm weapons, go on to Moscow and are now even planning to hold a vast parade on Red Square, to show off their strength and to attract Russia into China's Eurasian Alliance.Of course, the Russians are really unhappy with a foreign army marching on Red Square..............

The epic, hilarious campaign went through a long, long making process but still no results. Guess we have to kick the old mappers and recruit someone else that can work faster......

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The hour is upon us

News 2 comments

After a long, long developing time, we finished all the sides, added quite a few new units and mechanisms in the mod. In the package a set of rules and art will be published for those who want to create maps for this mod. We are still recruiting mappers to finish the campaign. They can see the mission story.

There will still be balance patches, which will be based on community feedback. Also will be patches that add map decorations/even new units.

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EASB Hour 1.001 full

EASB Hour 1.001 full

Full Version 3 comments

Here it is, EASB Hour 1.001. Fully playable for skirmish, but we need mappers to finish the campaign.

EASB Hour 1.000 release

EASB Hour 1.000 release

Full Version 5 comments

After the long long beta version, the skirmish aspect of the mod is finished and we decided to release it as 1.000 version.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 294)

I have one issue. I'm sure I have everything in the right place, and everything so it will run right, but when I try to start the mod, either full or windowed screen, it says "Fail in Create Process(), please check your file". Is there a fix for this? Also, I have the latest version of VC2010 and play on a Windows 7 computer.

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M.Kenosis Creator

seems the launcher has some issues. Will fix it with next patch.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hello! I did a fresh install of red alert 2 and yuris revenge through origin but wheb i press the launcher after unpacking your mod to the folder it asks me to insert the CD, what can I do? I only have the game on origin

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
M.Kenosis Creator

you must run the launcher

Reply Good karma+1 vote

please have more detailed setup instructions because i get the error
"failed to initialize please reinstall"
after following your instructions on a fresh install patched Yuri revenge

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
M.Kenosis Creator

Dunno, I extracted the pack to Origin version and replaced all files, it works just fine.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

had the same problem here (says you need to 16 bit in windowed mode) so i set my win 7 sp1 to 16 bit and changed .ini files and set .exe file compatibilities to win 98 and admin. then i got "Syringe cannot be run just like that. please run a Syringe control file!" error. did you mod this in win xp?

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M.Kenosis Creator

what exe you run exactly

Reply Good karma+1 vote

game.exe of course. can you give me a work around by editing syringe control file or whatever?

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ok finally game started. make sure you have visual c++ 2010 express edition and it's service pack. also RunAres.bat was missing from game folder. don't overwrite other dll files only copy .bat file from any ares.rar. here's what else i did (i have win 7 sp1 but this maybe did help):

unknown_men wrote on Oct 18 2014

Win8 fix for RA2YR and TS:

Snagged this from the Tiberian Sun section and updated for Yuris (haven't tried ra2 yet, but it seems to be working):
1. Copy the directory Red Alert 2 (Typically found in C:\Program Files (x86)) to somewhere outside of Program Files
2. Download the graphics patch from Stuffhost.de and extract it into the directory that you just moved
3. Rename Yuri's Revenge to gamemd.exe, then run the patch to patch the game (likewise for ra2, rename to game.exe)
4. Download Bitpatch.com zip file and extract the files to the directory that you've patched the game in
5. Edit aqrit.cfg in notepad and change these two settings to 1 as in below:

NoVideoMemory = 1

forcedirectdrawemulation = 1
6. Create a shortcut to the game and move it to your desktop
7. Go to properties and in 'Target' add at the end after " add -win
example Target: "C:\Users\Roberto\Desktop\Red Alert 2\gamemd.exe" -win
note the space between gamemd.exe" and -win
8. In the same Properties Tab:

Compatibility : Win Xp Service pack 2 (Seems to be most stable)

Reduced colour mode : 16bit

Run as Administrator
9. (Optional) Edit .ini file to change the resolution
10. Play the game

Notes: I've noticed that once you've open it, you can't alt-tab out, it just seems to break Windows.
The screen will be very small until a game begins, around it will be black that will flicker back to your desktop when you move over it, do not click into that black or it'll break Windows
To exit the game, exit through the menu, not through Ctrl-Alt-Del
It seems to be working, but I haven't had the chance to play online, also after you patch the game you can name it back to Red Alert 2 or Yuri's Revenge

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This is a very good mod. It pictures of beautiful material, fine, map appearance, task plot is very good, very high technology content. Can almost be said to be the biggest change MOD, change part almost entirely couldn't identify him or Red Alert 2.

Jan 2 2015 by qwrff

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