Dynamic Shaders - 2.0

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Author: Meltac (C) 2011-2015
With contributions from Sky4ce, Kingo64, BAC9-FLCL, Daemonjax, LoNer1, Lyoko774, DDraig, OGSE Team, Thunderfreak, Gnomus, and ket

Version 2.0 Main Features

- Reflective dynamic wet surfaces (totally new implemented)
- Indoor light reflections in selected places
- New Sun Shafts aka "God Rays" (totally new implemented) with additional sun effects
- Rainbows with dynamically changing size and intensity depending on sun appearance
- Adaptive Night Vision Scopes, now also switchable by keypress
- Dynamic Depth of Field and Zoom DoF
- Reflective suit visors (from the outside and the inside)
- Reflective lighting optimized (slightly improved lighting model)
- Thermal/Infrared Vision
- Soft Shadows - Improved shadow jitter implementation
- Refractive water drops on visor HUD during rain fall
- Lens Flares on specific light sources (not only sun)

Tested on SoC patch 1.0005 and 1.0006
- might work with other versions will no to little changes (untested). Please check the Release Notes .

Many thanks to everybody who helped developing, testing, and releasing this mod!

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DS 2.0 CTP in SWO 3.1  #2 DS 2.0 CTP in SWO 3.1 CNPP
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31 comments by Meltac on Jan 12th, 2015

Dynamic Shaders 2.0 CTP

Community Technology Preview

The long awaited version 2.0 of Dynamic Shaders is now available as CTP in the download section. When installing it make sure you've read the following notes.

2.0 CTP 2.0 CTP

Why CTP ?

This is a preview version, which means that the final release has not been finished. In software development we talk of a Community Technology Preview for pre-releases that don't "fit" in the regular "Alpha-Beta-Final" release chain, and serve as a showcase of what main features the upcoming version is about to contain. In terms of DS 2.0, there are still a lot of areas that need refinement, balancing, or even one or the other fix to be applied in order to be considered a "final" release.
In other words: Enjoy the new features - but be prepared to encounter some glitches or bugs ;-)

2.0 CTP 2.0 CTP

What new features does it bring?

The CTP contains almost all features that DS 2.0 has been advertised for, plus two or three things that haven't been announced publicly. A few minor features have been crossed out, and things that have not been mentioned as part of DS 2.0 will not be contained.

Feature List (as on the mod's summary page):
- Reflective dynamic wet surfaces (totally new implemented)
- Indoor light reflections in selected places
- New Sun Shafts aka "God Rays" (totally new implemented) with additional sun effects
- Dynamic rainbows
- Adaptive Night Vision Scopes, now also switchable by keypress
- Dynamic Depth of Field and Zoom DoF
- Reflective suit visors (from the outside and the inside)
- Reflective lighting optimized (slightly improved lighting model)
- Thermal/Infrared Vision
- Soft Shadows - Improved shadow jitter implementation
- NEW: Lens Flares on specific light sources (not only sun)
- NEW: Water Drops on Visor HUD during rain fall

Further improvements:
- Semi-transparent HUD cross-hair of selectable color
- Improved Parallax Mapping
- Added jitter and edge distortion to night vision scopes and NV binoc
- support for all 41 levels of the extended Kostya's STALKER Map Pack
- support for mods with zoom-less weapons (to still have zoom DOF in aim mode)
- support for modified FOV (Field Of View), like with FOV-Switcher tools
- scopes with additional scope zoom
- many small fixes and improvements.

What unfinished things are to expected?

As for a CTP some areas of the mod either haven't been finished, or would be ok but haven't been fine tuned and balanced well yet. The following list contains features with refinement requirement:

  • Wet surfaces create glitches under certain circumstances and are toned down for that reason.
  • Indoor reflections behave like wet other areas, therefore they are not refined yet as well.
  • Sun Shafts are most complete but might need adjustment to your liking.
  • Rainbows move with the skybox when you have a rotating sky.
  • Switching night vision on/off disables the "current task" feature as they take over the Tab key.
  • Depth of Field effect looses intensity when used together with sun shafts.
  • Thermal vision is a fake effect and therefore creates "false" or strange results sometimes.
  • Soft Shadows change the way the entire shadowing behaves so need to be balanced out well.
  • Lens Flares are only configured for Agroprom Underground, and only on certain light sources.
  • Water Drops appear / dry out with the wet surfaces without taking indoor areas into account.
  • Many things that need further fine tuning and sometimes even bug fixing.

Do I need to make any configuration effort to get this working?

This mod is all about configuration - it is not meant to be run "as is". Sure, the release *does* run out-of-the-box, when put onto a vanilla installation (i.e. no other mods installed), but realistically in most cases you'd wan't to adjust one or the other feature to your liking and other mods.

So, it's really worth the effort looking into the various pieces that might be configured:

1. Shaders
The shaders themselves have several settings files - those end with .txt extension in gamedata/r2 folder. There is a general ShaderSettings file (including wet surfaces settings), and decidated files for sun shafts, visors, rainbows, and lens flares.

2. Scripts
Some scripts have configurative elements as well: shader_control, weather_control, visor_control. Most settings can be left as they are, but you'd want to check the console settings in weather_control (only change first list value of respective console setting, leave the second one!).

3. Configs
There are some .ltx files in the config sections, most important those in the shaders subfolder. There you can also add locations for areas in the game that should have a ground always dry, wet, or reflective.

Can it be merged with / into other mods?

Short answer: Yes, it can. Realistic answer: In most cases some basic file merging might be required. This affects mainly a few script and config files, although in some rare cases shader merging might be needed as well.

I can't give a general merging instruction here because the effort to be taken depends very much on the mods that you want to run DS 2.0 along with. However some file comparison / diff tool will certainly do a good job in assisting the merge procedure.

Files that need merging in almost every case (when not run on plain vanilla) are bind_stalker.script and environment.ltx, often also level_weathers.script, ui_main_menu.script, and ui_custom_msgs.xml. There are also some files that you might or might not take over, such as the textures (but some features might not work then as expected), or anything that is duplicate with no differences in your other mods, obviously.

What about the system requirements?

DS 2.0 is a beast, shader-wise. You'll want to make sure you have a well optimized (and not extremely out-dated) rig. The mod is DirectX 9 only (full dynamic lighting / R2 renderer). Check the sample user.ltx provided in the download section to avoid renderer errors on a fresh game installation. Plus, DirectX 11 runtime needs to be installed on your system. But relax - you won't need a fully DX11 compliant graphics adapter to run the mod. Anything not older than a Geforce GTX 260 should do, although in order to get a decent frame rate you'll need something like a GTX 560 Ti or newer. CPU load is reasonably high as well, but a moderate multi-core machine should do. However be sure to have enough memory available and run a patch of the game allowing to address enough of it (in my tests the game used about 1.7 GB on full load).

Ah, almost forgot: An SSD disk or at least decent harddrive might really help speeding up launch times!

Why does it come with a bin folder?

As mentioned above, the mod runs on the DX11 runtime. To enable best hardware support I had to provide two binaries to copy into your bin folder. This way you won't need to replace any native DirectX binaries on your system.

If you got any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact me. I can't always reply instantly, but I will look into any request as soon as I get a chance to.

Important Note: Fix for start-up crash
In case you get an error message on start-up after installing the CTP with this log (or similar):

error is error X3539: ps_1_x is no longer supported; use /Gec in fxc to automatically upgrade to ps_2_0
error X3539: Alternately, fxc's /LD option allows use of the old compiler DLL

Can't compile shader postprocess

To fix this, simply copy this sample user.ltx into your stalker documents folder (something like C:\Users\Public\Documents\STALKER-SHOC).

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User.ltx for fresh SoC installation with DS 2.0CTP

User.ltx for fresh SoC installation with DS 2.0CTP

Jan 14, 2015 Script 0 comments

This sample user settings file will fix a crash of DS2.0CTP on a new installation of the game or with some setups.

Dynamic Shaders 2.0 CTP

Dynamic Shaders 2.0 CTP

Jan 11, 2015 Full Version 54 comments

Community Technology Preview (CTP) of the long awaited Dynamic Shaders 2.0 mod. See details for more information...

Dynamic Shaders 1.2 Beta - Patch 2 & ThermalVision

Dynamic Shaders 1.2 Beta - Patch 2 & ThermalVision

Jun 13, 2014 Patch 7 comments

Second patch (non-cumulative) for Dynamic Shaders 1.2 Beta containing a set of further improvements, including thermal/infrared vision scopes. Check out...

Dynamic Shaders 1.2 Beta - Patch 1

Dynamic Shaders 1.2 Beta - Patch 1

May 29, 2014 Patch 14 comments

First small patch for Dynamic Shaders 1.2 Beta containing a set of hotfixes and improvements. Check out the readme.txt before installation.

Dynamic Shaders 1.2 Beta

Dynamic Shaders 1.2 Beta

May 5, 2014 Full Version 31 comments

Beta release of the next generation of the Dynamic Shaders mod. Please read description before installing and also install Patch 1+2 (separate downloads...

Dynamic Shaders 1.1 Beta Patch 2 (non-cumulative)

Dynamic Shaders 1.1 Beta Patch 2 (non-cumulative)

Apr 18, 2012 Patch 2 comments

Second official patch for Dynamic Shaders 1.1 Beta, fixing an issue with iron sights. Not cumulative - please install Patch 1 first. See description for...

Post comment Comments  (300 - 310 of 507)
Kyle_K_ski Dec 16 2012, 8:37pm says:

Will 2.0 have better compatibility with STALKERSoup?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Meltac Creator
Meltac Dec 17 2012, 5:16am replied:

Most probably not, sorry - I simply won't have the time to optimize it for every single third party mod.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Blakluma Nov 27 2012, 9:31am says:

Meltac, you created what is probably the best Dynamic Depth of Field I have ever seen, and I must say it improves STALKER's visual quality by a mile.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Meltac Creator
Meltac Nov 28 2012, 3:35am replied:

Thank you very much. I do my best.

+1 vote   reply to comment
purvisdavid2 Nov 25 2012, 9:30pm says:

I'm just going to wait for 2.0 then and see how it works on my computer after. My game right now is perfect, just save for some graphical phenomena from the shaders.

I kinda wish I didn't have **** internet because I'd try to make videos demonstrating features and showcasing the little bits of random tweaks I made to my copy of Stalker and Oblivion Lost 2.0.

+1 vote     reply to comment
purvisdavid2 Nov 17 2012, 10:43pm says:

I got this game when it came out, and still play it because of the modifications.

This is a great addition to my assortment of mods, downloaded and self created.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Meltac Creator
Meltac Nov 18 2012, 3:34pm replied:

Thanks, glad you like it. Version 2.0 will be even better - although it takes me some more time to get it ready.

+1 vote   reply to comment
purvisdavid2 Nov 21 2012, 5:36am replied:

I got a pixel shader error when I tried to have the sun filter on, I wanted to apply shadow jittering to the sunshafts but I get this error. It's fixed by the same methods as above or is this new?

+1 vote     reply to comment
purvisdavid2 Nov 22 2012, 12:30am replied:

Just a note, I tried the fix and turned SSAO off, didn't work. I don't get it, I installed this and merged it fine, and I know I have the hardware capability.

Is use_sunfilter just an overall bad command?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Meltac Creator
Meltac Nov 22 2012, 3:28am replied:

Sorry I have no idea what you're talking about. What sun filter, what shadow jittering to the sunshafts, and what fix are you referencing? Sure you're on the right mod? I haven't released any of those features!

+1 vote   reply to comment
purvisdavid2 Nov 22 2012, 12:07pm replied:

Damn man look inside shader settings.

How do you not know what I'm talking about when you have a section in the summary called "If you are getting an error message saying you'd need support for pixel shaders v1.1 upon game startup:"

I've tried to have shadow jittering on while this debug command was on, because inside shader settings it says sunshafts will follow the same principles that dictate normal shadow jittering if the shader settings file has "use_sunfilter" on. I can't have shadow jitter and use this command. I wanted to see how it affected sunshafts in general and more or less I wanted to see if it would get rid of my annoying "shadow chase" bug, where an area that normally should be shaded or in shadow appears lit, but upon approaching it the shadows kick back in.

0 votes     reply to comment
Meltac Creator
Meltac Nov 23 2012, 3:48am replied:

Please, don't take that tone with me! We have plenty of questions and answers, hints and infos here. If you expect an educated answer have to ask more precisely.

If you have read that section you are referring to properly, you should be well aware that I need you to answer the questions noted there before starting to complain about things that do not come from my hand.

As for your issue, the classic sunshafts will never behave correctly, regardless what settings you set. It's matter of Sky4ce's implementation, I can't do anything about that. If it bugs you, turn them off.

Btw, those buggy sun shafts are one reason why Dynamic Shaders 2.0 will have an entirely new sun shafts implementation (which has its own pros and contras as well). That version is not yet released, though.

+2 votes   reply to comment
purvisdavid2 Nov 23 2012, 5:47pm replied:

"Please, don't take that tone with me!"

Hehe. Alright.

I went through that all, I only have your shaders, Shader settings is worked out fine, my graphics card can't be a problem, an HD Radoen 7750? I disabled SSAO and that didn't fix it either. That's why I'm asking. I want to turn the sun filter on, which is debug command use_sunfilter in shader settings. The line to turn shadow jitter on goes as follows:

"#define USE_SJITTER // Uses shadow jittering, a modern method of smoothing out shadow edges. Applies to flashlight, and to world if SUN_FILTER is enabled."

And when I turn use_sunfilter on I get a pixel shader 1.1 error.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Meltac Creator
Meltac Nov 24 2012, 3:35pm replied:

Thanks, now THAT sort of information is what I need ;-)

There are several combinations of settings that simply won't work, due to different reasons. I've never tested that exact setup, but you seem to have found such an "evil" settings combination. What I know is that especially the debug commands are very likely to either cause in-game issues or to completely fail. Same is true for Float32, and for the current shadow jittering implementation. That's why I never enable USE_SJITTER in my personal setup.

However in DS 2.0 some things will change a bit. There will be a new shadow jitter algorithm which should combine better with other settings. Same is true for the new sun shafts implementation.

So for now I'm afraid there's simply not a "solution" for the issue you're having. Try using another settings combination is the only recommendation to give here.

+1 vote   reply to comment
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