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With permission, the old and awesome mod Itano Circus was extended and modified in several ways to make it take longer to complete the game, and make the universe far more interesting, while preserving the vanilla Freelancer universe. The changes are significant enough to warrant a release as a completely new mod.

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A familiar mod returns with a new twist. Check it out today!

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Remember Itano Circus
Have you played the famous and iconic Itano Circus mod? If so you know many of the basic gameplay changes it makes such as improving the AI, removing weapon classes so any ship can fit any gun, and just adding lots of combat oriented finishing touches to Freelancer.

A Whole new World
If you enjoyed the normal Itano Circus, you may like the dynamic version. It was developed with the blessings of the creator of the original mod, Why485. The dynamic variant uses a completely new implementation of a dynamic universe written in Java designed for use in open single player and when you host your own server.

Let's look at some features:

  • Dynamic jumpholes.
  • Nomad invasions.
  • Radiation Storms.
  • Ion Storms.
  • Changing economy.

In addition to those implemented by the new dynamic universe program, several changes have been made to the mod itself:

  • Weapon and ship prices increased to make acquiring good gear much harder.
  • Stations, gates, and even jumpholes can be disabled for hours by excessive weapons fire.
  • HD Textures from the HD Texture pack to complement the redone effects Itano Circus did.

Hosting your own server is the best way to run this mod, but most of the features work perfectly well in open single player (the economy works inconsistently). Be sure to read the readme, as it has detailed instructions on using this mod.

Send feedback to and be sure to credit Brian Hernandez for the original mod! Without his support this project would not have been possible.


Your jar file won't work for me - I don't use standard install locations.

Even if I did, I'm on a 64-bit OS so the location it attempts to access still wouldn't exist.
public class GUI extends javax.swing.JFrame {

fIO f = new fIO("C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/Freelancer",
"C:/Program Files/Freelancer Mod Manager/mods/Dynamic Itano Circus");

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I have since modified the path for myself (after getting eclipse only to find you used netbeans - I'm not a java developer) and it works now, but you cannot expect end-users to have to do this when a simple request for the paths is all that's needed.

Also - your source code references java_file_copy_library-0.9.6_all.jar but you haven't included it, or any applicable license either.

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subenji could you give me a few pointers on how to fix the java file? I got Netbeans and opened the source but I've no idea what to do. I only have a poor understanding of programming.

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Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier.

Those paths I posted above in the file are the ones to alter to match your installation. You should choose "Open Project" in NetBeans and point it to the source code folder you extracted, then in the Project view on the left edit to get to it.

Make sure you use forward slashes (/) as backslashes won't work.

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