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Dec 11 2010 Anchor

ideas for ammunition for AT and TANK guns

Hey i just got an idea of things to add to DCG mod like ->

HEAT rounds = less accrucy. same penetration att all distance. if a vehicle would penetrated it should explode

APDS rounds = high penetration att close range but less efective at long range but good accrucy. this type of ammo would only dissable a tank and give them "hull crushed " and hull "pirced through

APCR rounds i dont have a clue how thease rounds work but i assume that they are just better AP rounds at normal ranges

SMOKE rounds yeah they explains itself

then all shells should have the same colour black with the type name of the shells in white

like the 75mm KWK 37/40 guns is relly going to benefit from HEAT ammo becouse it can penetrate 100 mm at any range but with poor accrucy and not being as efective at sloped armor. but only the KWK 37 L/24 mounted tanks should have HEAT ammo as standard but the KwK/PaK 40 L/43/48 could use HEAT ammo but not being supplied with them mutch like the KwK 37 wouldent normaly have APCR rounds

please respond to this and tell me what you think about this

sorry for bad english

Dec 12 2010 Anchor

In WW2, APDS rounds tended to have a higher penetration capability than ordinary AP rounds, but in the case of British APDS rounds, they also tended to have a much worse accuracy at longer ranges than the ordinary AP round.

In German cases, AP rounds were mostly used since their guns were quite capable of knocking out any enemy tank with ease. A few tungsten rounds were carried by each tank (tungsten being extremely rare in Germany during WW2) to use against the heaviest USSR tanks (IS1, IS2, etc). "Few" meaning 2-3 rounds per each tank, if any at all.

HEAT doesnt mean that a vehicle will explode if penetrated. The advantage of HEAT is that it can be used against both armored and non-armored targets (tanks & infantry for example). This mean that if a vehicle gets penetrated by a HEAT round, it will suffer the same effect as from a AP shell (which also carried a minor HE charge to kill or maim crew inside a tank) ie "Hull Pierced"/"Hull Crushed". Against infantry, the round will act as a ordinary HE shell.

Smoke rounds. I would like to have these myself, and I´ve been looking at them, but hasnt managed to get a decent result yet.

APCR shells is being added into Men of War: Assault Squad, although very simplified when compared to the real thing...

Don´t worry about your English... funny that so many people do say "Sorry for bad English" when their English is perfectly understandable. But of course... i det här fallet kunde du använt dig av Svenska om du hade velat... (sorry if I have mistaken the (SWE) part of your user name... it could of course mean something else than Sweden... :D ).


Dec 12 2010 Anchor

jag vet att du är svensk bara att jag ville att alla andra skulle förstå.
jag hadde säkert gjort ett eget mod om jag hadde knunat eller så hadde jag frågat om jag hadde kunnat hjälpa er med erat mod

Hej igen Zeke jag kom på hur ni kan få skottena till tanksen att se lite coolare ut till exemple alla skott är svarta med en rand runt med olika färger beroende på ammo typ AP skulle ha blå rand HE röd rand etc.

oxå jag fick inget svar på vad du tyckte om min ide om ammunitionen.
frästen kan man lägga till egna fordon och enheter i DCG ?
och under ww2 så använde tyskarna några kv-1or men som jag förstår det så hadde dom dåligt med ammo till dom så dom tog ut den orginala 76.2mm kanonen och ersatte den med sin egen 75mm kwk40 vet inte om det var L/43 eller L/48 men det hadde varigt kul att ha den med i modet som en enhet som tyskarna kan skaffa sig ha det bra Zeke och god jul och gott nytt år på dig

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