This mod based on Frank Herbert's epic Dune saga, features a struggle to control one planet - Dune, Arrakis, a barren desert wasteland which is valuable for one thing only - the spice melange. The spice has the universe addicted to it; it extends life, it allows for the Navigators of the the Spacing Guild to fold space, travel from one point in space to another without moving, it is the basis for the economy and trade of the known universe. The spice is created by Sand Worms, giant creatures that live their whole life in the sand. The mysterious Fremen worship the worms as Shai-Hulud, the Great Makers. Dune Wars is a total conversion of Civilization 4 : Beyond the Sword. Features include: + 9 playable factions + Spice and Harvesters + Massive sandworms roam the desert + Pay the guild to transport troops from your homeworld + Water, Offworld Trade, Unique Civ Abilities, Terraforming and more... Are you ready to become the sole ruler of Dune, and in turn, control the universe?

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Nov 11th, 2009
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Version 1.6.4 of Dune Wars is released. You can install this over 1.6.1 or 1.6.3. The key changes are a new method for assigning starting plots on the arrakis mapscript, a number of new Unique Units and Unique Buildings, and great new artwork for the religion buildings by Slvynn.

1.6.4 Features

New features
* New method for assigning starting plots on Arrakis mapscript. Should improve separation between civs and placement of AI initial cities. Has no effect on Arhipelago mapscript; has no effect on city placement apart from capital city.
* AI now understands that initial Fremen units such as settler and warrior can move on all terrain. Fremen AI civs should now expand better in the early game.
* Redefined Terraforming victory condition. No longer requires 7 Reservoirs of Liet. Instead, you win when 3% of the total planet area is terraformed within your cultural borders. When the first player reaches 1%, a popup appears to warn about the potential victory. The AI seems less interested in pursuing this victory, despite high AIWeights on the catchbasin and reservoir buildings.
* Mentat unit. Each mentat unit has a specialty, and acts as a city governor to give large bonuses to a city. The mentat functions even better if the city has access to Sapho Juice. See the mentat civilopedia entry for more details.

New Unique Units and Unique Buildings
* There are a lot of changes in this area. You can get a summary of the current UU,UB, Unique Abilities, and Unique resources by looking at the hover help for each civilization in the pedia. (This is not new, but it is helpful.)
* Atreides UU, Atreides Heir, has been removed. The inspiration idea is now moved to a Bene Gesserit UU, Kwisatz Haderach, with a world limit of 1. In an upcoming release, we will add a line of "potential" Kwisatz Haderachs with increasing combat power.
* Bene Gesserit UU, Sayyadina, gets Weirding Way training method of Reverend Mother. Reverend Mother becomes a basic spy unit, but we will add unit-specific spy missions in an upcoming release.
* Corrino UB, Selamlik, Tribunal which grants -50% war weariness
* Corrino UU, Laza tiger, replaces Master Guardsman. Hidden nationality, bonus against melee and guardsman units, penalty against city attack. Intended to roam other players' territory and pick off isolated units.
* Ecaz UB, Sculptors Garden, replaces Mushtamel which grants +1 trade route
* Ecaz UB, Smugglers' Haven. Functions as Landing Stage, so Ecaz can lock in 4 offworld contracts.
* Harkonnen UU, Inkvine Regiment, replaces Heavy Trooper with higher strength, no city defense bonus, and +25% vs melee
* Ordos UU, Trike, replaces Quad with +1 movement and +20% withdraw
* Ordos UU, Chemical Trooper, replaces Grenade Trooper with strength 4 (less) but +100% vs guardsman and melee, plus more collateral damage
* Ordos UU, Saboteur, replaces Spy. In this release, there is no difference; but we will add unit-specific spy missions in an upcoming release.
* Tleilaxu UU, Face Dancer, replaces Spy. In this release, there is no difference; but we will add unit-specific spy missions in an upcoming release.
* Spice Worker: requires Spice Industry civic, +50% work rate, can only build harvesters.

Graphics changes
* Great new building art for all religions buildings and some other buildings, put all the proper religion art into the building icons (by slvynn)
* Added terrain-specific suffixes to city names (by deliverator)
* New unit art for Mahdi Zealot and Qizarate Priest (by deliverator)
* New civilization select and order sounds (by deliverator)
* New baradye bonus graphic, new anchor grass terrain, fixed missing grid lines in other terrains (by deliverator)
* Fixed landing stage popup help for Caladanian Wine; it gives happiness, not health (DV28).
* Removed siege tower graphics on certain city attacks (GE06)
* Moved Paul leaderhead from Atreides civilization to Fremen, to spread out the leaders a little more.
* Rename some technologies: Spacing Guild => Frigate Transportation, CHOAM => Guild Banking, Kindjal Blades => Assault Doctrine, Theocracy => Divine Mandate
* Merged code from EmperorFool which allows an image to be placed in event popups. So far the only popup which uses it is the Mentat specialty selector.
* Added text to each religion civilopedia entry to cross-reference which buildings and units are available; added hint and Dune Wars Concepts reference to guide players to find it.

Bug fixes
* Shift key would cause assert from updateHelpStrings, now it does not. Removed small section of setPlotHelp() from JCulturalControl mod.
* If you had two landing stages finish on the same turn, you would only get one popup to choose an offworld trade contract. Now you get one for each landing stage (SL09)
* (Re) fixed problem where heavy carryall movement flags were set incorrectly (GE07)
* Changed cost of Landing Stage from 1 to 150. When debugging I often make an item super-cheap so I can build it fast; looks like I forgot to change it back.
* Deleted "Desert Dock" building. It was a repainting of the "drydock" building for naval unit construction. But, it applies to thopters, suspensor, and carryalls, which is a weird collection. It makes more sense to delete the building. (GE04)
* The Tleilaxu Zeusufism religion is founded automatically, but the tech chooser screen showed it as founded by Genetic Manipulation. Removed this from tech chooser by adding an invisible (offscreen) tech for this (SL01).
* When a Harkonnen unit creates a slave due to a combat win, the slave now appears on the winner's plot, not the loser's plot. This may fix a reported issue where an AI Harkonnen unit attacks the player, wins, and the player's stack mysteriously teleports outside the Harkonnen borders (DV29)
* Adjusted weights that the AI gives to trade resources. Should reduce likelihood of bad trades, like spice for 2 gold per turn.
* For plots which are mesa, force the underlying terrain to rock. This prevents the bug where some mesa plots are +50% defence and some are +25% (GE05).

Windows Vista and Windows 7 Usage
Many vista and windows 7 users have reported problems with a crash during the early game loading stage while "init xml" is displayed. You can work around this problem by right clicking the game shortcut and selecting "Run as Administrator". This patch contains a solution for the problem, but for now you must take two manual steps after you install the patch.
1. Locate the mod install directory, such as Program Files\Civilization 4\Beyond The Sword\Mods\Dune Wars. Underneath that, go into the directory assets\module, and find directory interface. Delete the entire interface directory, including all subdirectories.
2. Locate your user game directory, such as My Documents\My Games\Beyond The Sword. Underneath that, create a new directory Dune Wars. All of the game initialization files will now be written here.

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Dune Wars 1.6.4 Patch
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