Hi all,,

Remember Dune?

Yes that 1984 cult movie,, and dont forget the books by Frank Herbert & co.

So ,, renegade has the simalar game play and harvesting techniques, so thats why im gonna port it through renegade engine, maybe when i get better port it into unreal2007.

So for now im resourcing my refrence materials and more hopefully from a few eager dune gurus...

I always liked dune,,,its wierd technology and morals ways.
A story is in the making!

so stay tuned for more !!

Any ideas please do tell.....!!

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hello, I have been toying around with UDK, looks great and powerfull, I will begin the mod and rip it into UDK as multi and single player but I will just using the basic dune 2000 props, so its clean and easy first up then we can see from there the direction it takes. be patient by all means thoughts from other will always improve mods. I will rebuild the harvester and make some structures..thanks

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hardkorpaul Creator

"Will the giant worms be there?"

ofcourse they will..lol. but they will be ai computer worms,,,with big mouths..lol
and they will eat you if your in there spice,,,,,,...

the worms will actually be the highlite of the game,,,,,,
the harvester will harverst(worms are atrracted to vibrations)
then the worms will eat the harveys,,and anyone they can get within the spice fields,,,,
they will also be able to attack fly vecs within range..
there will be warning,,so someone will have to grab a carryall( air Transport) and get the harvester before it becomes lunch for the worm.... other than that the ai will pik the harvey up wen its full....
The worms can be killed too,,,,,but you will have to work as a team to defeate them,,and depending on size of the worm will effect the battle outcome....
taking down a worm has its rewards for the house(team).
roughly thats what im thinking for the harvesting structure,,

ref,the purifyer, wind generators, and concrete are been thought out
out as in structure wise....

and one_wing
i cant find that BF2 mod,,by laubi?
is it a dune mod??i just wann chek it out.....but i realy prefer that the team made the models from scratch......but scrpts cant get enough of..especially for something like dune....


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Have you checked out Laubi's site. He has a dead BFD mod that is on hold. Maybe he can give you a load of assets to give u a headstart.

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The Harvester model looks nifty. I've only seen the Dune movie, and was really impressed by it. Will the giant worms be there? They were awesome!

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hardkorpaul Creator

thanks madkill,,,nice too see atleast someone happy about it...lol

there are actually 6 teams(houses)
3 i know off

and yes arakis is the only planet that has spice,,so i was thinking of breaking it up into sections and making them into the levels???
as for battling each other for the spics,,,we can throw some ai worms to make things a lil difficult for harvesting, or we could make up the emperors armys ai operated???
or what you wrote we can swap em around change gameing tatics...

from what i know fremen are the holders of arakis,
Atriedes are the royality side of things,,,harvesting for there planets
and the harkonan are just mean dudes...trying to harvest for there planet gieda prime...

so ,,,i have posted questions on the some of the dune web pges,the ones that are still up..hopefully we get some info soon....


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if u are talking about the one that has three teams then u could make the game so on one map your one team others are another and there's a hostile team against every1 thats Ai controled and u could then just like change it around so it's one of the people teams that becomes an ai team and an ai team that becomes a peole team

if u can make it out kool if u carn't give me the names of the three teams in dune then i can simplyfi it ;)

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alright a Dune mod kool carn't wait don't die on us ;)

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ok, the typo's and the excessive use of commas are highly confusing, and are you using Gmax or 3DS max?

anyway, the worms can be boned like a normal vehicle, and then via WWlinking animated, but unlessy ou get some sorta script, they will keep showing that animation even if they are standing(sitting/lieing?) still...

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hardkorpaul Creator

thanks angel



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angel beat me to it... Laeubi.de

dont bother asking anyone there for help, that mod died out so long ago, its GHOSTS have prolly settled down with a family...

also... and recalling directly fomr one of the many dune fan sites... House Ordos origenally NEVER EXCISTED... its up to you if you want to include them... but i personally recommend you dont.

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