The game that was meant to be. As the 2001 trailer showed us. Released. Check download sections, ladies!

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This was amazing! The first level starts off a bit slow, and besides the new art and a few references played like an ordinary Duke 3D level (although the view from the top of the lady killer is stunning) and there's good atmosphere.

After you get the bike, there's a bit of a turning point and gameplay starts becoming more ambitious and interesting, plus all the references, both in-your-face and the smaller ones, and the obvious/exact replicas as well as ideas/locations etc which are only loosely based on the old trailers.

Is it DNF? No, but (besides the start maybe) there is not a single boring moment in the entire thing, and you'll have a huge grin every time you come across something from the trailers (especially when it's gameplay related and not just a visual thing). It definitely has a DNF feel, but some parts have it more than others.

Soon after you start, it grabs you like a vice and it won't let go until you finish. 100% Recommended! Go download now.


McKraken says

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One of the most amazing mods ever created for Duke3D. An awesome experience which must be played to make it justice.


Kukov says

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A very nice mod for Duke Nukem 3D, easy to install, very nice graphics (especially some "light" effects, and the sprites of the new enemies that blend in nicely).

Most of the things you saw in the 2001 trailer and screenshots of that time of Duke Nukem Forever are here (even the donkey), although, I guess due to limitation of the Build engine, some of the interactivity of the environment is missing. The developers have tried to implement various things like vending machines, keypads but where not 100% successful ect... The weapons are true to Duke Nukem Forever 2001 trailer which is good, there some new enemies and a boss. The puzzles are well thought particularly in the mine level. Duke Nukem says some new things, from other games including the actual Duke Nukem Forever (2011). Finally there are some voiced dialogs, where the voice is taken directly from the 2001 trailer.

Unfortunately the ending was sudden with the game ending at Hoover Dam. There are some thing from the 1998 version of the game, such as the truck which you have to lift to get to an exit, the falling rock in the mines (where it did not work properly but still), but generally there are things that I'd like to see such as Bombshell, the helipad, Dr Proton etc...

Even so, I would still recommend it because it is a extremely well made mod, that brings back memories and provides us with a vision of how the game could have been.

P.S. The actual game (2011) was pretty good and I'd also recommend it, but it had many bugs (especially the DLC), the humor and dialogs where not very good (there were some very good moments but generally)... (I'll stop here because I am not reviewing the other game.) Most fun I had for free in a some time.


I had more fun in the first 10 minutes of this mod then in all of duke nukem forever 2011

A true classic mode, Gambini and Mikko strike again and give Duke some much needed life.

+Pretty middle length, essentially its one episode long. At around 5-6 hours.
+Funny, subtle humor with some references
+Fun. Its worth every minute.
+fairly difficult
+New arts and assets that remind of the old DNF
+Probably slightly better than the real DNF
+New monsters
+They did used Muesla's dike physics... and dukes rocket ship for the chopper.

-You don't get to rescue the president
-The voice sound files from the trailer used in the mod sound very muted and low quality that you can barely hear it
-You can't interact with poker or vending machines, drink coffee,
set car alarms off when kicking cars ect dnf is supposed to have a higher level of interactivity

You did great job, mates.

Has to be played, enough said.


It's been a long time since I've waited for the original Duke Nukem Forever and it never came... Until Gambini and Mikko recreated it for Duke3d!!

This mod will give you a smile from ear to ear right from the start until the very last level.

It's action packed, has lots of references, it's extremely fun!

For a bonus watch the 2001 trailer before playing to get all the references!

Also remember that there's a DLC now for this mod, containing a map from Micky C and 2 maps from me ;)

Have fun and download this now!!

really based off what seen in the trailers. more fun than DNF we know. its great.

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