It has 11 levels, new weapons and monsters and is a 'alternate version' of the nintendo game DN Zero Hour...

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May 28th, 2012
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It has 11 levels, new weapons and monsters and is a 'alternate version' of the nintendo game DN Zero Hour...


ZeroHour Software


"Duke, it's ZeroHour"
version 1.4.

Successfully installing this demo:

If all of your files were created by 3D Realms, and have not been modified, use the
following method to install "Duke.It's ZeroHour".

1) Go to your cd rom drive (usually d:)
2) Double click on zinstall.exe to start install.
3) Follow on screen instructions and read everything as it appears, it will make your life
a lot simpler if you read the instructions!!
4) Have a ball!!

If you have new user art files, or .con files that were created by somebody besides 3D
Realms (i.e. you are using editart, or you've downloaded user maps off of the net
that have new user art) use the following method to install "Duke.It's ZeroHour".

1) Install Duke Nukem 3D to a different directory (i.e. c:\zerohour)
2) Go to your cd-rom drive (usually d:)
3) Double click zinstall.exe
4) When prompted for the directory you'd like to install to, replace c:\duke3d
with the name of the new directory you installed Duke Nukem 3d to.
5) Follow the onscreen instructions, read everything!!
6) Have a ball!!


In previous version of ZeroHour packages you had to type "zerohour" everytime you
started a game. We have decided to use a total conversion method. Now you just use the
"zerohour" command to make the conversion happen. After that, start your games
normally, by type "duke3d" to launch a single player game, or "setup" to launch a multi-
player game.


All players must have "Duke.It's Zerohour" installed on their computers to share in a
multi-player engagement using this package.

When asked what episode you'd like to play, people with the original Duke (1.3)
should choose LA Meltdown. People with the Plutonium Pack or Atomic Edition
should choose "And So it Begins.".


At the c:\zerohour prompt, type "unzero".


The midi was recorded fairly loud. If you find the music to load, hit escape, go to
options, select sounds, and there you will find a control panel that allows you to turn the
midi down or up to your liking.

We've tested these levels as thoroughly as possible with the staff that we have. All
glitches, comments, or criticisms can be sent to:

The Missions:

From Dukes new Mission Control Center you'll learn the specifics of each mission.

New Weapons

Spike Cannon:

Spike is the nick name that we use for the new gattling gun. Use "4" on your keyboard
to select "Spike" as your weapon.

SM (Shoulder Mounted) Rail Gun:

Projectile is launched via magnetic pulse. It's a heavy hitter, but muzzle velocity is low.
Use "5" on the keyboard to select the SM Rail Gun as your weapon.

Hand Bomb:

This is the new version of the pipe bomb. Hit "6" on the keyboard to bring up the hand

XL Flame Cannon:

This plasma fed flame cannon can take most foes down quick. It has a fairly high
muzzle velocity. Use "0" on your keyboard to select the XL Flame Cannon as your


Based on Tazer technology, this weapon fires high energy balls of electricity.
If it hits a wall, the energy balls safelly disperses and is grounded out.
However, if the Mega-Tazer nails an enemy, electric fields bounce all over
the place nailing other enemies in their path. Be careful though, if you get
hit by one of the reflected balls of electricity, it can seriously fry your ass.

Monsters and strategies:


The servant is the lower class of the warriors in the world that we are creating. He is fast,
and mean at close range, but can't take to much damage. He has the ability to sometimes
tuck and roll out of the way of weapons with a slow muzzle velocity.


This is the upper class of the warrior race. Much quicker than the servant, and can take
quite a bit more damage.

Giant Spider:

The new alien race that Duke has encountered relies on these creatures to act as
guardians. Quick and agile. It can only attack at close range, but it packs a heavy punch.
Spiders have the ability to walk on ceilings, as well as climb to the player. We wanted to
design a monster that was relentless in it's pursuit. We've succeeded. Running
backwards while firing is a great way to knock these bad boys down. The Giant Spider
also has a nasty habit of pinning you up against the nearest wall and shredding you to
bits. Jump away from the spider when you're pinned.


These flying guardians are fairly weak, but fire multiple lasers. Don't try to take the
screamer out toe to toe. Strafe and fire. Keep moving, and you'll have the knack of
taking the screamer out in no time.

Heat Sensing Mine:

These mines lock onto the players body heat and explode on impact. They are very
weak, but are fast. A shot gun blast or a couple bullets will blow the mine away.

The Sentinel:

Very slow, but tough and deadly. A couple of blasts from the SM Rail Gun will take
these down quick. Keep moving, use your surroundings to your advantage. Find a place
to take cover and wait until you have a good shot. Using your steroids is a great way to
get some distance from the Sentinel. Once you've got some ground between it and you,
use the SM Rail Gun.

RPG Borg:

The aliens have created an entire race of new robots to serve them in their
quest to conquer the universe. The first type if the RPG Borg. The nasties
aren't to fast, but they fire RPG's at you like they were going out of style.

Stalker Borg:

This borg is equipped with a shield on one arm and a set of razor sharp claws on
the other. Not only is it quick and agile but it also has the ability to cloak
itself, making it hard to see. Your night vision goggles will bring these
enemies into clear view.

Assault Borg:

By far the toughest of the borgs. This guy is equipped with a jetpack. While
flying it will pelt you with grenades. While on the ground a wrist mounted
laser is the weapon of choice. One other feature of this borg is a impenatrable
sheild that is temporarily raised when the borg has been damaged.

STEALTH Buzzsaw drone:

Not very tough, but it can inflict a lot of damage, and it's hard to hit. Equipped
with STEALTH technology Dukes weapons won't lock onto it. The best way to take
these guys down is to hit "i" on your keyboard. This will bring up a set of cross
hairs. Use your keyboard to lock onto it and blow it away.

Mini-Mech Boss:

These are early versions of the main boss. The main boss is a prototype, one of a
kind. The mini-bosses are equipped with missiles and lasers. They also have the
ability to drop heat seeking land mines. When you destroy the robot, it's pilot
leaps from the cockpit and will attempt to finish you.

Mech Boss:

Although it looks the same as the Mini-Mech Boss, this baby is a lot tougher.
It can take a lot more damage as well as spawn a lot more heat seeking land
mines. Have fun with this one.

For those of you who care.

The Granite Fortress Bill Tatton
The Rec Center Bill Tatton
Ancient Realms...Part 1 Shane Campa
Ancient Realms...Part 2 Bill Tatton
The Laboratory Pierre-Olivier Clement
Night Streets Bill Tatton
Into the City Bill Tatton
Oasis City...Part 1 Shane Campa
Oasis City...Part 2 Shane Campa
Oasis City...Part 3 Shane Campa
Balls of Steel Shane CAmpa

Jeana.mid Bill Tatton
midnight.mid Shane Campa
darkness.mid Bill Tatton
cyber1.mid Pierre-Olivier Clement
joe2.mid Joe Lema
joe3.mid Joe Lema
head.mid Joe Lema
nin.mid Joe Lema
new.mid Joe Lema
eyes.mid Joe Lema
dreams.mid Joe Lema

ZeroHour Software is:

Bill Tatton: Founder, PR, Level Design, a little of everything else.

Pierre-Olivier Clement: Monster master, programmer and
a little bit of everything else.

Shane Campa: Level Design and a little bit of everything else.

Joe Lema: Sounds, web site, and a little bit of everything else.

Special Thanks:

Of course and as always, special thanks to 3D Realms who had the insight, inspiration,
and strength it takes to create a game like Duke Nukem 3D.

Brad Wernicke at for his ongoing support.

Charlie Raymond for testing five of these levels. Hope track is going well Charlie, and
yes as soon as we make some, you'll get some.

Hyrum Tatton, for inspiring a kid going cross-eyed on Atari, to shoot a little bit higher.

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Duke in Zero Hour
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