Puzzle based modification for Source engine. Two world dimensions + two timelines, simple but unusual game mechanics.

Requirements: Windows, Steam, Source SDK Base 2007 (comes with any Valve game, including free-to-play TF2)

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This is all... for the moment. I tried to get you a polished and clean final release. Thank you all for the feedback and help received, too few for my needs but useful in any case.

Regarding bug department, a couple of serious bugs have been fixed: energy balls not able to hit bot instances and a player speed decrease after reload. Pretty nasty ones yeah, should be all fine now.

There are some new features too. First one is stats tracking. Getting along with puzzle game development is pretty hard if you have no precise data to improve the player experience. Therefore, I implemented a simple system which collects variables like time spent in each puzzle, reload amount, instance switches, deaths, etc. Then it gets emailed back to me, I plan to create some statistical data based on it. If results are meaningful, I'll share them with all of you.

There also was needed something I call ‘gel door'. It is a new multipurpose object that separates physically rooms, or different areas of each room. Only specific classes can go through each gel door, so player knows which bot class is meant to get you out of a room. This device also prevents any object to be carried away. Visual contact isn't possible through the gel door either.

Most levels have been reworked, partially or totally in some cases. I'm aiming for a better learning curve and higher coherency among puzzles. A new kind of puzzle is also introduced: the dual maze. As some sort of sadistic last challenge, player must get out of a very special labyrinth. Part of the complexity is it shifts around you because your own moves transform it dynamically. It's so complex and confusing that I created this video, I get lost around the middle for a bit ^^ This isn't the only solution, by the way.

There could be a final post describing my experience with the tech demo if I see it fits somehow. For the moment that's all I can offer, hope you enjoy it and please don't stop mentioning the old videos looked much better than this. I couldn't live without it :p

New version available, progress detail and some questions for you.

New version available, progress detail and some questions for you.

4 years ago News 10 comments

Tech demo 0.2 features an improved control scheme and some new/revised puzzles.

Tech demo released!

Tech demo released!

4 years ago News 12 comments

Puzzle based modification for Source engine. Two world dimensions + two timelines, simple but unusual game mechanics.

Tech demo to be released *soon*.

Tech demo to be released *soon*.

4 years ago News 4 comments

After a while... fresh news for you.

Singing in the rain.

Singing in the rain.

5 years ago News 44 comments

Learn about interdimensional travel with Gman. A new interactive game may grant you early access!

Tech demo 0.3 (final)

Tech demo 0.3 (final)

4 years ago Demo 1 comment

Requirements: a computer capable of running Source engine games, Source SDK Base 2007. If installer doesn't work as supposed, uncompress it manually to...

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Lockdown323 Sep 1 2011 says:

Hey, I just want to reiterate what I've said on the news article.
I still think you have a great concept going, just keep refining the way people interact with it, and keep making it more user friendly!

Amidst the wave of negativity over this TECH demo, I still support you.

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R_Yell Creator
R_Yell Sep 1 2011 replied:

This is a great concept, I agree :) It's just great concepts require many many things to become great games. Do you think people plays Portal only because it's a great gameplay concept? It would be a concept hard to sell without the powerful story. At some point, seems Valve wanted to try a different gameplay for Portal 2, and it was fun, but it lacked the entertaining story elements from first one. Result: it was canned.

In our case, user friendliness can be improved for sure. Let's say current approach is too much arcade. I'll post details about this soon I think.

Less frustrating puzzles is certainly other area I'm working on. Both things alone should make the experience more enjoyable, but there's still many ¿?¿?¿

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Jokerme Sep 11 2011 replied:

The thing is , you don't have to do these stuff like Valve do. They're a big company with lots of things to consider. You can release whatever you want. Even if it's bad no one will say "You suck, I won't buy your games anymore" or "You're not talented". The worst that can happen is being ignored here.

Always there will be some problems. Going for the simplest solution is not always the best thing. Usually is though, so I can't say much. But I can say this, let people see what you can do. That's the best goal there can be.

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R_Yell Creator
R_Yell Sep 12 2011 replied:

Thanks for the advice. Well, the goal is always making a game that people want to play, no matter who you are. There are other considerations of course, I'd recommend puzzle creation to anyone wanting to become a game designer. Even if the puzzles suck, all kind of games are puzzles in the end so the experience will be valuable no matter what.

I try to understand what makes the FPS puzzle experience complete, perhaps I can't create some of these elements but I may figure out ways to replace them, somehow :)

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Herasy Aug 30 2011 says:

I played through up to about the end of level 4 where I couldn't really be bothered to finish it.

I rather liked your old style but I suppose you were using the whole switching between robots thing to explain the concept behind the game. Not sure I like them though, its gameplay that gets old really quickly.

A few issues with the tech demo though:

-Sometimes when using the grabber bot to throw teleport orbs at other bots just wouldn't work. The orb would pass right through the bot 80% of the time.

-Having the bots constantly facing you became rather annoying as it was hard to judge the exact point they were standing and that you had to face them back the right way to do whatever you were going to do when you wanted to control them.

-The trampolines would sometimes spaz out and start moving around on their own.

-Having the slowdown and the dimensional view AND switching between bots on left click was incredibly annoying. Perhaps an option to bind these abilities to other keys?

-When switching between bots slowdown would turn itself off automatically once you take control of the other bot. This was annoying when you needed to keep it on for some precise switching in crucial moments.

Good luck with working on this mod. It has the promise to be something really great!

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R_Yell Creator
R_Yell Aug 31 2011 replied:

Hey, someone commenting over the actual released version, thanks. Yeah I agree on most points, except previous versions were any better or this mod may turn into something... great.

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arancione Aug 31 2011 replied:

It's a tech demo but I've not encountered bugs so far, so nothing to report here.

I've comments on the actual design, but I suspect you're not interested.


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Colossal Aug 27 2011 says:

I'mma be blunt here.

The new style sucks. The old was so surreal and fit the game very well. This new style reminds me too much of Portal (1). Also the gameplay is very different. Were are the little windows you can move around? How come you can't make a bubble and take a bunch of objects with you? I liked the old Dual Reality much better than what it is now.

And you can vote this comment down all you want, but I can speak what I feel.

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R_Yell Creator
R_Yell Aug 27 2011 replied:

This reply goes for you and all those who apparently think like you. This is kinda unfair, none of you played any of the old versions. Watching isn't the same than playing here, maybe in case of some 'trendy' mods playing = watching because it's like going through a carousel in interactivity terms. This isn't the case.

Those videos were made with the primary intention of showcasing a concept, to entertain a bit too,so they aren't quite useful in the sense of getting out of them enough gameplay elements to build a real game experience. Even less being this a puzzle game, which is very though to design if you haven't the necessary gameplay tools to push it forward.

In other works, what looks fun, may not be that fun when you play it. There's people who played pretty much every old build and the released version. There was no dispute which version was better in terms of fun.

Other than that, what you have played is, more or less, a tutorial. It could be more flashy I guess. I'm not even getting into the visual style. Haven't decided what it could like in the end, but it won't be solid white on all textures, that's for sure. It may look cool but it doesn't help players in any way. Whatever visuals are used here, they serve an important purpose here: gameplay and ease of development. The current room based setup has been incredibly useful, you probably aren't aware how complicated can get things in a dual dimension game.

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arancione Aug 27 2011 replied:

It's right that there's a majority of players here, but there's a few developers too, who can easily extrapoletate crucial infos from videos, etc.
I personally imagined a good amount of fun possibilities from what I saw and it's disappointing that now are missing. Obviously, I'm not pretending anything, I'm just comparing what I would have done with what you delivered. (hint: the right answer to this is "do it yourself if you think you can do better")

About the style, sincerely I can't see why you had to ditch the old one, design-wise.

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Mr.Walrus Aug 26 2011 says:

Will the style of the final mod be similar to that of the earlier version shown rather than the tech demo? Because I agree with gazornonplat, the classic was the best imo. I really loved the original and I think the tech demo was rather stale in comparison in terms of style.

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