The Beginning

The Creator was just a child, wriggling in the birthing sac that was the universe. He grew in many ways, and began to expand this empty universe, calling out in loneliness to the Void around him.
This longing for something more than just silence began to grow, and he cast about him for something to change this. In his mind, he thought about something that all children things.
Stretching his mind, he reached into a part of him that he was unfamiliar with, and he created LIFE! From his mind, and then his body, the Celestial Dragons came, a painful experience but a miracle none-the-less. They had one unforeseen effect however. As all things that live do, they could procreate.
Each Father and Mother Dragon mated, and she would then lay eggs, whereupon she would become a fire herself, to bring these eggs what they needed to survive. Each egg was a planet, each Mother became a Sun, and the tiniest piece of this universe was made.
The Child was aware of something wrong, however, and the sac of the universe was breached by something alien and hateful. The powers beyond, the Abyssal Powers sent through creatures that hunted these dragons down, killing all they caught, destroying galaxies, threatening the whole survival of the Child's toys.
This affliction spread, but the Child fought back, crushing and killing the Abyssal beasts, but he knew he had to prevent the incursions of anti-reality. He looked upon his creations with sadness and began to bind his form into the walls of the universe, filling the holes and breaches with parts of himself. He lay dying once they were made whole again, and spent the last of himself laying laws - checks and balances to this universe of his, so that there was an order to things. He could never hold the Abyss out, but he could create laws that were binding, laws that gave rigid structure to everything he had made and gave his last sparks of life to create something random, that would either ruin or make whole his world. On each dragon's egg, he layered life, new beings, new growth, both to protect and harm these eggs, as there must be random elements to all creation, to all life there is no simple answer. With the last vestiges of his failing lifeblood, he made such a grand thing, such an amazing thing. Billions of live were breathed into existence with his last, rattling breath.

Team and credits

The Holy pilgrim
Kaiser Leonidas
Bandit KS (Custom Settlement work and Artillery models)

Danny X
Turambar & Death



TWC Madman
King Kong
Dedward (Already Ded)

Undying Nephalim

Master Necromacer
Even if they've only done a little bit, then they've helped along the way
People who have allowed us to access their stuff,
even if we've used different bits and changed them, or fiddled with
their hard work, which (trust me) is a very gracious and actually very
personally difficult thing to do:

King Kong
Already Ded
Disgruntled Goat
Undying Nephalim

DragonDawn World Map

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I guess I'd better populate the forums a little more, to show what
you're waiting for, and that we are doing to get the mod out, and what
we're doing to make it special.

We've been doing a fair bit
However, we've run into problems with the buildings and traits/ancills
systems in the last months...that's been a sticking point, as it's so
restrictive to mould something unusual around an existing method. The
mod isn't normal; it's high fantasy, a bit of horror and a little
science-fantasy too. We've cracked some animation things, we've cracked
battlefield magic hugely, have an idea on strat map magic (if the work
justifies the end at the moment, or whether it's a 'later' thing; this
would be of smaller use in the minimod, so it may be left out of that),
and we've created unique stuff, but the edb and traits have been a pig.

SO, we've cracked those, to a larger degree. Basically, Aradan has
helped give a perspective that we didn;t have, and Makanyane has taken
it and done mod-based stuff. We scrapped the existing systems,
basically. We're buildings the traits atm and they look really
promising...more's been done in the last day or two, and there's a
freedom in it....quite liberating! SO, you will get people, not drunk
sexual deviants and forced random caricatures of people for generals
etc. If we carry this through, it will be very very cool indeed. This
allows us to make people based on factions and races, with a binding
system that will justify them as being Ildiri, Khezdruli, Empire and
Federation, so they are accurate, logical and just different from each
other. No elf drunks, no naugiri philosophers...Dread and CHivalry will
be used and used well, to a different, subtle effect. :cheers:

Buildings will be sorted too. The Rhysthari will not have fields of
crops, as they live under the water. There's plenty of room....if we get
these right now, the bigger mod will fall into place. No sports halls
for Ildiri...Solace for Bandit Kings will be Solace in it's glory.
You'll plunder and use the old Khezdruli Holts, with the Infected
trapped within, with the possible treasures as reward; danger and risk
for possibly major help with the war, possibly slightly crippling short
term.. The SPiral Edifice, with it's plant crops will be there for the
Bandit'll live and breathe the lore and life of the mod, and
it'll make us move fast and we'll love the freedom rather than struggle
to fit into existing limits.

We won't make it heavily scripted. There are scripts, but the possible
nightmares major scripts bring won't be there except when really
important story-wise and important to the different sides it has to
have. Mank's to congratulate for that side.

So, we'll try to keep you in the loop now more! Patience has been large
from people too, and will be rewarded heavily, we hope.


Third Battle Release

Third Battle Release

News 5 comments

The Modfolder for this is'll see some stuff of what the mod will be like, some half finished, or bits tested and left to be developed...

The Selediri Full Faction Preview

The Selediri Full Faction Preview

News 7 comments

Here it is! Sorry for the delay. This is the full preview of faction in DragonDawn world called The Selediri (Kingdom of Silidis). Click on the banner...

A Story...

A Story...

News 4 comments

A little story from the DragonDawn world... Written by Squeaks (Pawford on Moddb)

Mini-Mod Campaign Map Preview

Mini-Mod Campaign Map Preview

News 8 comments

The DragonDawn team, formerly Dragonborn, are proud to present our first full faction preview, which contains pictures of all the faction's units, lore...

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will this ever be finished?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
NekoGenijalan Creator

Yes of course.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Good because this **** will be legendary.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
NekoGenijalan Creator

I agree. It has the best out of all fantasy mods :D. Plus, I am looking forward to the nightmare scripts. :d

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Great to see you guys still working on it. :)
Really looking forward to the first real version (or mini version rather) love all the grand lore and cool concepts.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

please keep working on this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
NekoGenijalan Creator

We are still working :). A bit slow though. But it will be finished... Eventually. It will not die. Never.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
NekoGenijalan Creator

Aaaaaand, should be up during the day. Third battle release. After this one, the team is going to concentrate on finishing the mini-mod campaign before the big mod release.

Thanks for tracking

Reply Good karma+2 votes
NekoGenijalan Creator

We have something new. As soon as I get some time I'll post it here. Maybe in a day or two ;)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hen awesome story, hen awesome backgroun, awesome faction, everything is awesome on this mods !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
NekoGenijalan Creator

Thank you very much! :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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