DragonBall Source is a DBZ mod for Half-Life 2's Source Engine. This mod is now a Multiplayer Mod, and not SinglePlayer like previously intended. Each character will be assigned their own specific set of attacks, with power levels balances to create fair and balanced gameplay. The main multiplayer game is a team based game with two different sub-modes, namely "Capture the Dragonballs" and "King of the Hill". The "Saiyan Saga" (first release) has been released and is currently available via the Downloads page. The next major release will be the "Namek Saga" containing even more characters and maps. There will also be more features, which will mainly focus on transformations. The new character list hasn't been decided upon yet, but there should be between 15 and 20 extra characters to choose from.

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DragonBall Source Media Release

News 9 comments

Our first proper update is a big one, we've got images galor for you to check out. The gallery has been filled with them, mainly featuring images...

Dragonball Source Renders - Capsuls & Case

News 2 comments

We have a new model update for you today, and today we see renders of Punchi's Capsul and Capsul Case models, head over to the Capsul's thread...

West City - Early WIP Screenshots

News 12 comments

In todays update we are showing off a couple of the early work in progress screenshots of "West City", mapped by Gundy. besies the two images...

Music & Sound Updates

News 0 comments

Dragonball Source has been updated with a couple of updates. One update is from the sound department, with sounds created by Zero, and the other is a...

First InGame WIP Footage of DBSource

News 1 comment

We've been short on news lately, but things are still happening behind the scenes here at DBSource, to start with, we have just taken on a new model...

New Beam Attacks Revealed

News 2 comments

Following on from last weeks ingame clip of some work in progress maps/models/attacks/etc (see previous news post), Gundy has released all his WIP screenshots...

Very Minor Update

News 0 comments

Heh, well this is hardly news at all, and probably not even that, but fairly recently, Valve added a function for mods to add a 16x16 tga icon for the...

PowerUp Model Animation

News 1 comment

KK, yeah i forgot to update the moddb news when i added this news on our website a few days ago :/ ah well, whats done is done. Here's the news...

Energy Blast Video Teaser

News 1 comment

Well I may be a day later than I planned, but it's now time for another weekly update, and again we have another video for you, this time though...

Introducing: The Character Sheet

News 1 comment

First things first. As you may have already read on our forums, earlier today Dj Particle and Aktulua have posted a new fight music track for the mod...

T-Rex Animations & Renders

News 1 comment

The below is what was posted just now at our website. So well yeah, I'm a little late with the update from last week, since we've already crossed...

Vegeta Animations

News 1 comment

KK, no prizes for realising that i forgot to do an update again, but i'm doing one now which is a little more than i planned to actually put out...

The Update Before Christmas

News 1 comment

It's only a couple of days before christmas, literally :S, so it's about time we added a new update before everyone starts partying and slacking...

New Website & Forum

News 1 comment

Well the new forums have been up for a while, but this site wasn't, so it was hard announcing the new forums without the new site active. The site...

Teaser Video #2: Aura's

News 1 comment

if your a true DBZ fan, hopefully the title of this news posting has gotten your blood racing and ready for viewing the video. Then what you doing hanging...

Character Sheet (Part2)

News 1 comment

As posted from our website & forums.... First of all we showed you a still of the character sheet, back in December, but now we are showng you an ingame...

Cell Shading

News 1 comment

So it's that time of week again, another weekly update from Dragonball Source, and late again (did you expect anything less lol). This week though...

Walk Animation

News 0 comments

Weekly Update, about half a week late again? Would you have it any other way? Erm, don't answer that. Well it's here anyway, and this week we...

April fools release

News 1 comment

This post has been editted to remove everything it said because it was an april fools joke and now april fools day is over. Basically it was a fake mod...

Dance Raditz Dance

News 0 comments

Well April Fools day just past and we tricked everyone good with a fake mod release ;) Hundreds of people downloaded the fake mod within 24hrs before...

Boom - Ingame Screenshot

News 0 comments

Here's just a minor update for all you fans of DBSource before we mark our first birthday next week on the 15th April. The below screenshot (click...

Happy 1st Birthday DBSource

News 3 comments

DBS is 1 year old today, and we are all proud of our lil baby ;) So proud infact that we made a new website and jam packed it all with new content for...

Aura Development + Goku InGame

News 2 comments

Firstly, we must apologise for the lack of updates we have shown recently, it's not that there has been nothing to show, nah, it's that I've...

Aura v0.2 Video

News 1 comment

Another week, another update, and this ones a good one. A nice little ingame clip for you to feast your eyes upon. It's Tien again and he's...

Chibi Gohan

News 1 comment

It's been a while since we had a proper update, what with the world cup happening, and exams and etc etc. Things are now gradually starting to pick...

Chibi Gohan (Part 2)

News 0 comments

Well just a small minor update this weekend, it's Chibi Gohan.... again. We had some feedback about the Gohan model and so Reck has been doing his...

DBS Face Poser Effects (Part 1 of 5)

News 0 comments

It's been less than a week and we're bringing you another weekly update? That does not make much sense since our weekly updates tend to be every...

DBS Face Poser Effects (Part 2 of 5)

News 0 comments

To continue our five part update, showing our face poser effects applied to characters, we here at DBSource are pleased to bring you... Part 2. Part 2...

DBS Face Poser Effects (Part 3 of 5)

News 0 comments

Another week, another update, and another part to our 5 part series of Face Poser effects. This week we have part 3, in which Raditz will show you how...

DBS Face Poser Effects (Part 4 of 5)

News 1 comment

This weeks part is much shorter than the rest, it's only a few seconds long in fact, but that doesn't make it any less of a treat for DBZ fans...

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