Story: The year is 2832, Earth is going to its fall. Many citys has been destroyed. You are a man called Edvard Jones. Your parents was killed in a hoover accident, so your closest relative has bring up you, until now. You live in a city called Rodor. You are on the way home from your work, when you hear a explosion. You run out and see that the whole city is destroyed. When you stand there you see a room in a building that still is light... Fact: 1. This is not a Black Mesa copy, we have custom textures and models.

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Mar 13th, 2013 0 people agree 0 people don't

sucker ****** mod

stampp says
3 stampp

Jul 15th, 2012

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sappy_nirv_bg says
3 sappy_nirv_bg

Oct 2nd, 2009

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KaiMan32 says
3 KaiMan32

Aug 27th, 2009

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3 m550

Mar 12th, 2009

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Sep 2nd, 2007

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