DOCTOR WHO INVASION OF EARTH in this mod we, the Doctor mod team, will give you 3 races for you to play as; Humans, the Daleks and the Alliance. We will later be adding another race as an add-on, the Cybermen

This is where were are at the moment on our ship list.

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human ships

Capital Ships
1. Valiant **
2. Star ship UK **
3. Titanic
4. Hyperion
5. Combat 3000

... 1. Captain Jack Ship
2. Modified spitfire
3. Police Spaceship 2390 - scout
4. Utopia project – coloniser

1. Tardis **
2. Battle Cruiser X29
3. SS Pentallian **
4. K37 Gem 5
5. Nanite Made Ship
6. Chula Ambulance

Dalek Ships

Capital Ships
1. Dalek Battle Ship
2. Imperial Dalek Shuttlecraft
3. Imperial Dalek Mothership
4. Dalek Saucer
5. Dalek Flag Ship **

1. Dalek saucer
2. Original Dalek Saucer
3. The Supreme Dalek Council Ship
4. Dalek Time Machine
5. Void Ship –coloniser

1. Dalek Saucer
2. The genesis ark- carrier
3. Dalek Saucer
4. Renegade Dalek Space Ship

The Alliance ships

Capital Ships
1. Atraxi (Prisoner zero's guard ship)
2. Sycorax ship
3. Web Star

1. Sontaran Battle craft
2. Slitheen
3. Family of Bloods Space ship
4. The Last Sontaran

1. Judoon Rocket **
2. Sontarn Battle craft Pod

this is where we are at the moment, some have been done, most havent. (** done)



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