Dissolution is a science fiction, single-player mod for Half-Life 2 that mixes adventure and action game-play. Set in the year 2089, in a universe dominated by a mega corporate entity, Xterrier, the player awakes in a hidden lab to the voice of the mysterious Wilson. Guided by Wilson, the player must make their way through the ravaged Xterrier 581c colony, making use of any and all resources they can get their hands on in order to survive, all the while attempting to piece together the events leading to the colony's collapse and their own identity.

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I don't like to give or usually give out ones. I'm really sorry to the mod's creator, but this just isn't any good at all.

The mapping is full of unoptimized areas. I went outside the map out of sheer boredom in what I believe was the third level and found giant chunks of geometry and whole ROOMS with connecting hallways to the playing area that were unused. Why do that?

Models are either not-well designed [that bottle of...whatever it was that looked like toxic waste] or taken from the HD pack from Half-Life 1 [ALA that Beretta pistol], reskinned, and repositioned in the view model. Also, huge inconsistencies with the weapons. The enemies use the USP Match from HL2 while I use a Beretta? Why not just then make everything even?

Story had a HUGE exposition moment in the beginning [with the spinning planet where I could tell the camera was moving and pretty much nothing else aside from the rocket (trying to do that old Halo 1 trick)]. Once I saw that, I knew I was immediately in trouble, because I got BORED by it. I am always one for story over pretty much everything else, and I got bored by it? There's a huge problem right there.

Audio is complete nonsense. The voice acting is WAY over-the-top and unbelievable, almost borderline psychotic. There is almost no ambiance audio in any level. I had a hard time finding any music, if there even was any.

And to round this out, a lot of textures I found out were taken from Jailbreak!

Heavy disappointment and woe await those who play this mod. If you can even finish it [I got stuck after the first shoot-out/AI bludgeoning].



Really terrible mapping, horrid textures, horrid guns, and horrid voice acting. 1/10


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