Dissolution is a science fiction, single-player mod for Half-Life 2 that mixes adventure and action game-play. Set in the year 2089, in a universe dominated by a mega corporate entity, Xterrier, the player awakes in a hidden lab to the voice of the mysterious Wilson. Guided by Wilson, the player must make their way through the ravaged Xterrier 581c colony, making use of any and all resources they can get their hands on in order to survive, all the while attempting to piece together the events leading to the colony's collapse and their own identity.

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I can see good ideas put here, and very good storytelling. Only the graphics and voice acting are holding it back from a 10.

Very fun mob the story was fun but the rest of the game was very hard.

good mod

This was a pretty enjoyable full converstion and it was 9/10 to 10/10, but the ending was kind of abrupt and unsatisfying.

Great mod! I personally thought it was good, but has a LOT of unreleased potential. I would love to see whoever made this remake it, but take it to the next level. I would love it if this was remade for retail.

Plot: Yeah, this is where it excels. The plot wasn't particularly original if you're educated, but it is still pretty good. The best thing for me is that I WANTED to find the audio logs, unlike most games that have them. Also, I strongly credit how/when/why the information is given to the player.

Gameplay: It's alright. Doesn't excel here, but it doesn't fail either. It has a decent amount of keycard finding but it doesn't detract because that just forces you to explore the brilliant world. Only complaint is that the enemies are VERY overpowerd. It should not take 10 bullets to kill 1 person with no armor.

Level design: The design was very believable, unlike so many others. I loved that the company name Xterrier is everywhere. The layout, however, was not believable in any way. 'Nuff said.


I finished and its a very good and successful mod!

This Mod is very well put together. It has an intriguing story and some decent action. There are some things that could have been done better, but overall it didnt detract too much from the experience. I was going to bump the rating to an 8 for the fact that one person did this Mod, but then again it still should be subject to the same standards I would hold for any other Mod.

With that said, making a Mod all alone is a monumental task and I cant express the amount of respect and admiration I have for 8472.


it's worth to play

this game was beast reminded me alot of bioshock p.s. i ******* love bioshock

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