Dissolution is a science fiction, single-player mod for Half-Life 2 that mixes adventure and action game-play. Set in the year 2089, in a universe dominated by a mega corporate entity, Xterrier, the player awakes in a hidden lab to the voice of the mysterious Wilson. Guided by Wilson, the player must make their way through the ravaged Xterrier 581c colony, making use of any and all resources they can get their hands on in order to survive, all the while attempting to piece together the events leading to the colony's collapse and their own identity.

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Nice.C says

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When a game makes you say "Don't look back, don't look back" and "sh** a crow" you can bet it being good and it was. Good story plot and interesting way of deveploing it alowing the player just to go around shotting or to also find clues to update and add depth to the story. The story was enjoy able but other characters could have fetured more and some scences could be improved (the character develpoing the jelly fish and mabye intteracte with the jelly fish. I kept expeing the walls to break or something)
I would really recomaned it to anyone and is a mod which has some where to go.


isaktamin says

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Dissolution drops you into a catastrophically-failed Exterrier colony on Gliese 581c. You're dead - kind of. You're greeted over the radio by a nervous scientist named Wilson. He guides you through the colony, helping you by opening doors and giving you instructions. You follow his orders, given no other option.

The story of Dissolution is fantastic. The introductory sequence is a bit lengthy, discouraging those ready to jump in the action, but it fleshes out the history of Exterrier and WHY you're where you are - something surprisingly lacking in most mods.

Once you get on your feet and start exploring the colony, one of the first thing you'll realize is the stunning voice acting. However, this contrasts with the low quality of the weapons, maps, and sounds.

Weapons are very low-quality and unnatural in both appearance and gunplay. The pistol, for example, takes nearly an entire clip to kill a single enemy, while the shotgun can wipe through three with a single shot.

Mapping is simple yet charming. Repetitive locked doors and hunt-the-key style gameplay doesn't add to the tunnels. On the bright side, the maps are non-linear, allowing you to move around and find secret audio logs scattered around the levels. These audio logs give some insight into the player character's mystery, and how the Exterrier 581c colony collapsed, adding a nice touch of immersion and history to the already-excellent story.

Despite the mediocre gameplay, low-quality models, and basic mapping, the mod still manages to shine simply through voice acting and story. Dissolution truly shows that, in essence, graphics don't matter if the game has a good story.

I really like this mod, had good time with it. The game has an interesting storyline, told in a System Shock way fashion (gamers saying that's like in Bioshock have got short memory, SS 2 was realesed 8 years before Bioshock and it's called Bioshock's spiritual predecessor I strongly recommend playing it if you haven't:)) good athmosphere with a few unsettling moments and great music which emphasise the mood. The graphics and mapping were also nice and i appreciate the amount of work, that have been put into them, especially for a one man project. Unfortunatelly the game has also a few flaws. I don't like the combat and I think it could have been done better. The amount of enemesis rushing at time is to big, I'd prefer enemies appearing more often but in smaller groups. Now there are moments that there isn't anything going on for few minutes and then, a swarm enemies attacks you. The enemies are also too hard to kill, I changed the difficulty from the default one to medium, because i thought that it would be too easy, but that was a mistike. The game can get really hard because of tough enemies and swarm attacks and unfortunatelly I had to use godmode for few fights (what a shame:P) And also the crows are small and hard to notice, when the first one showed up i was wondering for few minutes what's going on and what should I do before I finally saw him. But despite that - great mod, had good time with it and I'm really impressed that it is a one man project:) Congrats:)

You will find yourself in a Bioshock-esque story. Nice narration with audio logs, some good sequences, but a lack of diversity in enemies.

If you need a picture to define word "Boredom" you could took screenshot from this mod.

Boring intro. I had strong wish to leave game even at this point.
Sterile environments with lack of objects. You can go mental by simply living in that place.
Total lack of ambient sounds. Always silent corridors - no electric buzzing, no pipe bubbling, nothing. Oh yeah, corridors. With 90 degree turns. All way long. Simply walking around here is boring too!
Gameplay cycle from hell: speech-locked door-firefight with pack of guys-keycard-speech-firefight with pack of guys-unlocked door. Boring train ride is optional.
In-your-face shootouts. As interesting, as digging in your own nose for treasure.

If you want something about rioting colony go replay Red Faction 1. Or System Shock 2. Just don't waste your time to play this.
4 out of 10 only for voice acting.

great concept

I relay like the voice acting especially on that mustache guy that started the mind corruption and the level design is good. sure there's not much stuff in the corridors but that's fine since its going for that futuristic look (like portal). The only complains I've got was that nothing tells you that the bottles give you HP and that got me killed several times. i found out by touching one by accident. That and the weapon animations. however i still prefer poorly animated guns over the default hl2 guns in a mod.

I really tried to like this, but it falls short of being good. Almost everything needs to be worked on.

really good not bad fighting but when there is there are alot of people the take out

Bioshock : Source!! Lacks a good climax, IMHO, but still interesting.

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