Welcome to a session to familiarize with the really old mansion Disponentbostaden in a small hamlet named Carlfors in Sweden. This is my first project, a fully isolated conversion custom story where some parts are based on real events that allegedly occured inside the mansion. It does require the Justine patch update, do not forget to install it, or the story will not be playable. I hope you will enjoy my story if you give it a try, and, do not forget to have a fully cleaned box of underwear, they might be needed if you're not a tough one.

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Finally finished it. It's damn good mod, something really different from the other FC mods. Good work man, lots of new things and couple unique scares. Really creepy atmosphere and overall terrifying experience to play seriously everyone should try it!

Great game and scary as hell.

Let me start by saying...what a great mod this was. It was obvious that a ton of effort went into the level design.

The atmosphere was one of the absolute scariest I've ever been in. Honestly, I have not been that on edge or afraid to look around a corner since the original Amnesia campaign or Silent Hill 2. Heck, every time I found a door that was locked, I was actually pretty happy that it didn't open. And that ghost girl...GOD THAT GHOST GIRL.

HOWEVER...the cogwheel part was the first time I've ever truly lost patience with a custom story. It just seemed out of place compared to the rest of the mod, and the room was WAY too large and foggy, making it hard to find stuff. Add to that the fact that the mod crashed 3 times for me causing me to restart each time, and I wasn't a happy camper for a little while.

All in all though, it wasn't enough to detract from the mod overall, which was fantastically done. Here's hoping for a sequel. I also did a Let's Play of it (the first part's basically me rambling a lot cause I'm so on edge). Youtube.com

well its looks like a ******* awesome mod..But getting blackbox :<


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i rate it 5/10 because the game story and map is good but the game crash when i open the door to outside the building after i have fixed the machine

yeah i liked this map :D disponentiabostaden :D

amazing... cant wait to play it myself.


This mod was amazing. The use of custom textures, music, objects helps create a terrifying atmosphere, and it had a few good jump-scares as well. The story was also very unique, interesting and the concept further helped make this mod thoroughly scary It did have two issues that prevented me from giving it a 10 though:

1. Bugs, including crashes

2. Very short, less than 20 minutes if you know what to do.

Still, if your looking for a quick, yet still very well made Amnesia mod, this is it.

This full conversion mod its really creepy, the mansion map is gourgeous. I didn't like the stone stairs in the middle of the house, but i think that there is a technical reason for that, so its ok.
The atmosphere of a modern haunted house its great.
The sounds are good, probably ripped from japanese horror movies, and the girl spirit fits with this idea.
The basements section its a bit frustrating, but its ok.

The bad thing its that the story have blank spots, and one cannot figure out what exactly happened in the house.

The ending fits with the name of the mod, i really feel extremely helpless and frustrated but in a terrible good way.

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