Discovery mod is a full-scale expansion pack for Freelancer focused on continuing the story started in the vanilla campaign. The mod is used by some of the busiest multiplayer Freelancer servers and has multiplayer features including player owned (and built) bases, jumpdrives, cloaking devices and equipment manufacturing.

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Do to complicates with the next version, I highly advise anyone to read my review and get this message. Discovery 4.86 is a pathetic attempt to increase the role play values while providing little content as possible.

Considering how many years it took to develop it, the whole thing is a fluke. Jump Drives, Player Controlled Bases, Cloaking, even Hud color changes? None of those features really exist. Jump Drives, and Cloaking are ADMIN ONLY. It's all bound to the FLHook Plugin system developed by Cannon and the Discovery Development Team.

I hope they get whats coming to them, because they have some nerve to downgrade this mod and ruin it with their petty RP Scripts!

Good idea but very bad implementation because it allows players to create their own rules preventing anyone else from joining the pleasant game... so in effect spoiling the game all together regardless how good it looks and the conceptual idea. After been ransacked by 3 different players in a single day even as beginning level... the mod has been removed as result because it is utterly pointless unless someone is so sadistic that like to play to become a slave of others.


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