Discovery 4.87 is the third version of the mod that was developed from the start by the Discovery Development Team, a dedicated group of 3D and 2D artists, coders, designers, writers, and testers. Storyline is just a portion of the progress taking place in Discovery 4.86 and we are dedicated to improving the mod in every way possible.

(Updated Map)

This version of the mod has been designed primarily to deliver much needed progress to the storyline. Many systems have been changed, some removed and some merged. It was the development team's intent to build on the lore of as many factions in the game as it was possible.

But the storyline is not everything. The dev team has done all in its power to improve the gameplay flow in many systems, and the storyline was driven in such a way as to provide as many opportunities for roleplay as possible, while also not breaking established lore. To further deliver better gameplay, many balance changes have been made (specifically to fighters) in order to improve the flow of PvP fights, so that they can in the end become more interesting and intense than they are right now.

And of course it wouldn't be a Discovery release if we didn't have many new or improved ship models ready for you to discover and enjoy yourself in. Many talented modellers have submitted exceptional work which further enhances the quality of the mod, and will allow for a far more immersive experience.

The economy has been revamped once again, with not only many new commodities being added, but the economy specifically designed to support the needs of base builders. Realistic chains of material harvesting, refining, manufacturing and retailing now exist. There are more than enough trade (or smuggling) opportunities for any hauler out there.

To give a fuller sense of immersion into the dangerous Sirius sector, NPCs throughout the entirety of the mod have been updated to feature better weaponry, but also fewer numbers. No longer will NPCs appear to die in droves, instead small patrols of NPCs will be something to be aware of. Capital worlds will also be properly protected by specially outfitted defenders, to enforce safety in the core worlds.

More Information

If you prefer online play, you are welcome to join the official Discovery Freelancer RP 24/7 server and a number of other servers running Discovery. Server operators are welcome to run Discovery 4.86 without any restrictions.

Please visit Discovery forums at Discoverygc.com and Discovery Wiki for more details. Also, refer to mod's Readme.txt for installation instructions, troubleshooting hints, information on mod options, credits, and thanks.

Update to this page coming soon

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Discovery Freelancer v4.88.1

Discovery Freelancer v4.88.1 is here! But it’s not the only thing that’s changed. We have had a few changes here at Discovery Freelancer, and with what is hopefully going to be the first news post of many, I’m going to touch on a few points about our latest release, and with the team here at the Discovery Freelancer ModDB page.

The Team

I wanted to start this post by touching on the recent changes, or rather additions, to the team here on the ModDB page for Discovery Freelancer.

  • The team here is headed up by our good Admin (from the Discovery RP 24/7 server) King Boo! He’ll be around to help with things, from both you, the player, and us, the team. We may get the occasional snippet from him, so watch this space!
  • Those of you that have been watching lately will have noticed many pictures going up. Our graphics and entertainment branch is headed by none other than our very own Discovery 24/7 Community Member Snoopy! Feel like you’ve grabbed a great snap? Send it in to him. Maybe you’ll see it featured here someday soon!
    • Snoopy, known better here as Connor, will be backed up by one of our newest Forum Moderators, Cashew. James (Cashew) will also be adding photos, and working with Snoopy on any projects that we might be working on in the future. Be sure to talk to both of them if you’d like to arrange some larger shots, I’m sure they’d appreciate it!
  • The Public Relations section is headed up by me, AlphaWolf215 (better known as Joe). I’ll be working on the News Posts, and any announcements we might be making here. I’ll be working closely with everyone to ensure you know about things here at Discovery Freelancer as soon as possible. Please feel free to send me a message if you’d like to see a feature here. I always appreciate a little community insight!

Between the four of us, we will work to bring you news about the mod, snaps and videos from Discovery Freelancer in action, and the latest updates.

Recent Additions

There have been a couple of recent changes to the Discovery Mod in the past couple of months which I’d like to touch on with this first news post. That would be the introduction of the “Civilian Carrier” and the rebalance and reclassification of the Corvo Research cruiser.

I’d like to start by looking at the new Bustard “Civilian Carrier”. This, in previous versions of the Discovery Freelancer Mod, was known as the “Barge”, a gigantic transport that was useful to those with Player Owned Bases as a repair materials storage (in case of a siege). The vessel has been remodelled, rebalanced, and repurposed. The Bustard (as it is known now) is classed as a Liner, with eight (8) Cruiser class hardpoints (Basics only guys. No full Cerberus liners now!), a Transport/Freighter shield hardpoint, Light Battleship core (7 million power capacity), seven hundred thousand (700,000) base armour, alongside a compliment of eight hundred (800) Nanobots and Shield batteries each.

Now let’s try and make sense of this. Some of you will be wondering at this point, “Why has a LINER got a BATTLESHIP core?”. It’s a good question, but it all comes down to the experimental equipment available to it. Thats right, Jump Drives. The Bustard is designed with jumping in mind. Previously, Jump Drives, and their usage, was restricted to factions that either had battleships, or where allied with other factions and groups that had access to battleships themselves. The Bustard now fills this gap, allowing factions to use Jumping technology, regardless of what ships they can fly, and who their in character friends are. As an example, the Xenos. Checking their ID, you find they are allowed “Fighters, Freighters, Transports”. They, from checking their reputation sheet, are friendly to no-one outside of themselves, and aren’t close enough to the Zoners to reliably count on them for jumping assistance. Whether it’s for trade, or moving fighter wings to an advantageous location, the Xenos, as a faction, now have a genuine option available to them in the form of the Bustard. This could also be applied to other groups, such as Freelancers, and various other pirate groups.

These are just some initial thoughts on the usage and roles we might see the Bustard in. I would like to make a final note on it for our Role Playing servers out there. You may recognise the Bustard model as the previous Geb Order Carrier model. Please realise, this model is a placeholder until a final one can be designed and implemented (we’re looking at you, ship modelers). The path chosen here at the Discovery Freelancer 24/7 Role Playing server was to retcon the models place in Order lore, and treat this as an entirely new vessel, and completely unconnected to the Order ship line. I can only advise you to take a similar approach, but that is your decision.

Moving on, I’d like to touch on the Corvos reclassing. The Corvo, in previous versions, was a Cruiser owned and designed by the Zoners, with the justification of being a research cruiser (rather than a combat vessel). Many people argued that it should be open to all (being made for research). After much debate, many discussions (and a few arguments), it has been reclassified! The Corvo is now a gunboat (opening it to most factions). The ship has five (5) gunboat class turret slots, Cruiser core (1.4 million power capacity), Cruiser shield, two hundred thousand (200,000) base armour, and a compliment of six hundred (600) Nanobots and Shield Batteries.

The Corvo also has one “Equipment Slot”, and that is what this ship focuses on. Once again, this ship has been made to work with the “experimental equipment” available to it, this time with hyperspace scanning modules in mind. The Corvo had been redesigned to work as a scanning ship, likely with the Bustard in mind. Having spoke in detail about the Bustard to you already on my thoughts and what it’s potential uses could be, I’d like to hear YOUR thoughts. What do you think the Corvo might be used for? What kind of situations? Where will it be best applied? These are the things I would like you to think about.

So, having touched on the Bustard & Corvo, I want to hear from you! I want to know your thoughts on the ships and their uses, perhaps what you’d like to see and hear about in the next post. Perhaps you have a question you’d love to ask the staff and have answered. Tell me about this, and perhaps it’ll feature in our next newsletter!

Thank you for taking the time to read this ladies and gents. I hope to bring you more exciting news on the developments over here on the Discovery Freelancer Mod!


Public Relations

Discovery Freelancer

Discovery Freelancer - Status

Discovery Freelancer - Status

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Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion Release

Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion Release

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The development of Discovery 4.85 has taken 1,5 years to complete. Now we, the newly formed Discovery Development Team, present to you the result of our...

Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion pre-release trailer now available

Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion pre-release trailer now available

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Discovery Freelancer v4.84 Released

Discovery Freelancer v4.84 Released

8 years ago News 5 comments

After three months of multiplayer beta-testing, Discovery v4.84 modification for Freelancer has reached release status and is already available for download...

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Discovery Freelancer 4.88: Conquest

Discovery Freelancer 4.88: Conquest

9 months ago Full Version 27 comments

The year is 822 A.S., 21 years after Trent saved humanity and Sirius continues tearing itself apart with various wars. While the conflict between Liberty...

Discovery Freelancer 4.87: Conquest

Discovery Freelancer 4.87: Conquest

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Discovery mod is a full-scale expansion pack for Freelancer focused on continuing the story started in the vanilla campaign. The mod is used by some of...

Discovery Freelancer 4.86: Exiles

Discovery Freelancer 4.86: Exiles

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The year is 818 A.S. and war is everywhere. 17 years after Trent saved humanity and one year since Episode 13 took place, a Sirius-wide war is being waged...

Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion - Update 3

Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion - Update 3

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Update 3 is a cumulative update for Discovery Freelancer 4.85. This update includes contents of Update 1 and Update 2. The update contains a number of...

Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion - Update 2

Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion - Update 2

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Discovery Freelancer v4.85: Reunion

Discovery Freelancer v4.85: Reunion

6 years ago Full Version 145 comments

Year is 817 After Settlement (A.S.), 16 years after the single-player campaign of Freelancer, and one year after Discovery 4.84 took place. A Sirius-wide...

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RT2... Feb 10 2014 says:

Thoughts on a theory of enhancing gameplay for everyone first of all:

Strange thing with the freelancer game and its mods is they use a FLAC Freelancer anti-cheat system that was not designed too well.

Sure if you are a retard you would kick them or ban them.
Where is the fun in that?

Would it not be smarter to create new factions based on the cheat style and have them automatically aligned to that faction, who would have its only bases far away on the outside of the known universe?
Immediately making all known factions besides the one they do the cheat on as hostile to the extreme?
So not only do they have to run a gauntlet of everyone wanting to kill them, but they also have to travel far, far away to be able to get repairs and such.

Make them have to earn penance for their cheatings.

In example, someone makes a mining bot, (Sandiego border station tells me that there is AI in the game).
Align them to a faction called AI who has hostile reputation with all but the cheating factions. With a single station far off to the edges of the known universe, which pays a pittance for the resources.
So the /givecash seems moot.

Later on when the server is getting low on players or there are special killing events, Bounties could be placed on the "AI" bot players through the cafe that are doing their things and uniques could drop.
It could even be a server side statement that tells all users in the map that the character has a bounty on them.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RT2... Feb 10 2014 replied:

Another example would be the Speed players, who use speed hacks to get better maneuverability from the ships.
Create a "Speed" faction whos only base is far, far away.
Making all factions besides the cheating ones hostile with them.
Another gauntlet run of everything wanting to kill you with the potential for bounties being automatically assigned.

Yet another example of commodity cheats could be.
If commodity cheats are used, the character could be tagged, "Cloner" and like the previous have their rep set and a base far far away with a gauntlet to run and bounties to deal with. With the only base that would but their resources paying a pittance for them.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RT2... Feb 10 2014 replied:

AI / Speed / Cloner Characters at some later point would all be useful as they would all serve a storyline in the RP that is Freelancer discovery and accentuate the game play for the non-cheating characters.

In every virtual environment there would always be collaborators.
Always the way.
There would be simple means of tracking ship transfers and having a "Collaborator" faction that would automatically be tagged. with "Thief!".

All suitable ways to accommodate for the need for cheats that certain players feel they must do.

There are better ways.

These are just my initial thoughts as I am not aware of the levels of cheating used in a server online. :)
Every cheat would have a suitable response. Just examples listed above.

Would this be possible to achieve?
instead of just kick or ban?

Neurogenesis: Psychosocial Conditioning.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RT2... Feb 15 2014 replied:

So a Player creates many accounts to /Sendcash to their main char?

Would it be possible to impose a levy on them for storing the ships they created to /sendcash with.

So that when they create a base they need to have enough cash to be able to transfer the spam character too it.
Making them buy or levy them for Commodities of the ships they spam created to get cash in the early stages?

So a person who spam char creation at the start would have the characters set aside till they got rich enough for the base and would have the humiliation of characters going around with spam names until they paid for the /Renameme

Everything would be dearer then they would expect as they thought they were just making easy money at the start of the game.

Also meaning base storage capacity would be decreased as they have to store the Commodities of the ships. :P


+1 vote     reply to comment
RT2... Feb 8 2014 says:


Neurogenesis Matter?
Including the entire periodic Table with the symbols of representation of the elements and the weight in the icon used to represent it.

Neurogenesis Dark Matter?
Duplicating the periodic table and using a Dark in front of the names of the elements.
D.?? for the Icons with a Negative nuclear weight?

Neurogenesis Multilingual?
Changing the audio responses to being based on the native languages of the region.
Options about either doing it per faction or per Map/system.
I am pretty sure that the other country versions has access to other audio languages other then English.

Neurogenesis Decay?
With the decaying commodities is there a way to have it place another "left over" commodity in your inventory when Decay is being used?
In an expansive theory we could combine multiple commodities with decay in our inventories and produce other commodities.
Escrow, using our inventories as labs. :)

Neurogenesis, I'll Get back to you as I have to check something out. :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
panzer225 Feb 1 2014 says:

panzer225 here-My BIGGEST COMPLAINT on all these mods for FREELANCER is they give you all these new places to go to,but,NOBODY EXPANDS THE INFORMATION LOGS so you can find out some info on jump holes and stations in the new sectors.ALL YOU GET ARE THE ORIGINAL INFO LOGS FROM THE ORIGINAL GAME !!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
panzer225 Jan 30 2014 says:

panzer225 here-About 95 percent of this new expansion of Discovery has a lot going for it.But there are still problems with un-docking of large transports ( asteroid miner) from Freistadt Base.At least there was a ship I had to buy to get out of the problem.I lost about 4 million on that one.I'm having problems finding the Discovery Scanner,its not in Newcastle.Also having problems finding the jump hole in Dublin to get to Omega-49.I wish they made the jump holes more visible.The story line has really changed travel routes with all the blown jump gates.All the power plants just don't get you any advantages,the weapons have been changed to dreary weapons,and the new torpedoes are lackluster at best. This Mod has a lot of work to be done to it. This is Discovery 4.87.05 and it still needs a lot of work,after three major "upgrades",they still can't it to work right.

+1 vote     reply to comment
abmmhasan Jan 30 2014 says:

A Google+ community for Freelancer fans is available.

+1 vote     reply to comment
blast3 Dec 9 2013 says:

Is the singleplayer gameplay made OpenSP in the most recent version of this mod?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Dec 6 2013 says:

For some bizarre reason, every time i start single player, it just crashes. Multi player works though. halp pls

+1 vote     reply to comment
johnstar145 Nov 19 2013 says:

HELP!!! I can't connect to any servers at all!! I've installed the mod in a clean installation but when I've run the game it didn't do an auto update on the start of the game (via in the main menu) HELP!!!

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Nov 22 2013 replied:

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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Great Mod!!!

Nov 23 2010 by wazzaa12

Lowest Rated (6 agree) 1/10

Do to complicates with the next version, I highly advise anyone to read my review and get this message. Discovery 4.86 is a pathetic attempt to increase the role play values while providing little content as possible. Considering how many years it took to develop it, the whole thing is a fluke. Jump Drives, Player Controlled Bases, Cloaking, even Hud color changes? None of those features really exist. Jump Drives, and Cloaking are ADMIN ONLY. It's all bound to the FLHook Plugin system developed…

Jul 12 2011 by Robco2.0

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