Discovery 4.88 “Shattered Fronts” is the current version of the mod that has been put together by a group of dedicated developers, from 3D model designers and custom plugin coders, to lore and info card writers. The current version is an ongoing project that is coming together with more speed due to our new update system. Discovery is a constantly developed mod with changing story and lore, which has formed its design and community since 2005.

4.88 continues on with the Gallic expansion into Sirius; the invasion of Magellan has begun at an attempt to cut off the supply lines to Bretonia from Liberty. Gallia hopes this gamble will pay off even though it stretches their forces and opens up another front. Along with this, the mod looks towards the Omicrons and the war of influence over the Wild West of Sirius. With the presence of Nomads this formula could get messy. Kusari has begun its descent into civil-war with all three sides stocking up on weapons and men. When will the balloon pop?

However there are more changes to this version of the mod than just juicy battle zones. System layout has been worked on as well. Some systems around Sirius have been removed to try and increase encounters between players. Gallia has been shrunk along and guard systems such as Salisbury have been removed. The stations in these systems, if important, have been moved to other locations. The Devs have also altered routes between systems, mainly in the Omicrons which now has a more direct path through from Gamma to Alpha.

Discovery boasts an interactive community that works together and is supported by itself. Features are designed for the player to make playing Freelancer a smoother experience. Custom plugins and content are added each update.

Join us online on the official Discovery Freelancer RP 24/7 server or a number of player hosted servers, or take to the forums and read up on announcements or stick around and chat!

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Discovery Freelancer v4.88.1

Discovery Freelancer v4.88.1 is here! But it’s not the only thing that’s changed. We have had a few changes here at Discovery Freelancer, and with what is hopefully going to be the first news post of many, I’m going to touch on a few points about our latest release, and with the team here at the Discovery Freelancer ModDB page.

The Team

I wanted to start this post by touching on the recent changes, or rather additions, to the team here on the ModDB page for Discovery Freelancer.

  • The team here is headed up by our good Admin (from the Discovery RP 24/7 server) King Boo! He’ll be around to help with things, from both you, the player, and us, the team. We may get the occasional snippet from him, so watch this space!
  • Those of you that have been watching lately will have noticed many pictures going up. Our graphics and entertainment branch is headed by none other than our very own Discovery 24/7 Community Member Snoopy! Feel like you’ve grabbed a great snap? Send it in to him. Maybe you’ll see it featured here someday soon!
    • Snoopy, known better here as Connor, will be backed up by one of our newest Forum Moderators, Cashew. James (Cashew) will also be adding photos, and working with Snoopy on any projects that we might be working on in the future. Be sure to talk to both of them if you’d like to arrange some larger shots, I’m sure they’d appreciate it!
  • The Public Relations section is headed up by me, AlphaWolf215 (better known as Joe). I’ll be working on the News Posts, and any announcements we might be making here. I’ll be working closely with everyone to ensure you know about things here at Discovery Freelancer as soon as possible. Please feel free to send me a message if you’d like to see a feature here. I always appreciate a little community insight!

Between the four of us, we will work to bring you news about the mod, snaps and videos from Discovery Freelancer in action, and the latest updates.

Recent Additions

There have been a couple of recent changes to the Discovery Mod in the past couple of months which I’d like to touch on with this first news post. That would be the introduction of the “Civilian Carrier” and the rebalance and reclassification of the Corvo Research cruiser.

I’d like to start by looking at the new Bustard “Civilian Carrier”. This, in previous versions of the Discovery Freelancer Mod, was known as the “Barge”, a gigantic transport that was useful to those with Player Owned Bases as a repair materials storage (in case of a siege). The vessel has been remodelled, rebalanced, and repurposed. The Bustard (as it is known now) is classed as a Liner, with eight (8) Cruiser class hardpoints (Basics only guys. No full Cerberus liners now!), a Transport/Freighter shield hardpoint, Light Battleship core (7 million power capacity), seven hundred thousand (700,000) base armour, alongside a compliment of eight hundred (800) Nanobots and Shield batteries each.

Now let’s try and make sense of this. Some of you will be wondering at this point, “Why has a LINER got a BATTLESHIP core?”. It’s a good question, but it all comes down to the experimental equipment available to it. Thats right, Jump Drives. The Bustard is designed with jumping in mind. Previously, Jump Drives, and their usage, was restricted to factions that either had battleships, or where allied with other factions and groups that had access to battleships themselves. The Bustard now fills this gap, allowing factions to use Jumping technology, regardless of what ships they can fly, and who their in character friends are. As an example, the Xenos. Checking their ID, you find they are allowed “Fighters, Freighters, Transports”. They, from checking their reputation sheet, are friendly to no-one outside of themselves, and aren’t close enough to the Zoners to reliably count on them for jumping assistance. Whether it’s for trade, or moving fighter wings to an advantageous location, the Xenos, as a faction, now have a genuine option available to them in the form of the Bustard. This could also be applied to other groups, such as Freelancers, and various other pirate groups.

These are just some initial thoughts on the usage and roles we might see the Bustard in. I would like to make a final note on it for our Role Playing servers out there. You may recognise the Bustard model as the previous Geb Order Carrier model. Please realise, this model is a placeholder until a final one can be designed and implemented (we’re looking at you, ship modelers). The path chosen here at the Discovery Freelancer 24/7 Role Playing server was to retcon the models place in Order lore, and treat this as an entirely new vessel, and completely unconnected to the Order ship line. I can only advise you to take a similar approach, but that is your decision.

Moving on, I’d like to touch on the Corvos reclassing. The Corvo, in previous versions, was a Cruiser owned and designed by the Zoners, with the justification of being a research cruiser (rather than a combat vessel). Many people argued that it should be open to all (being made for research). After much debate, many discussions (and a few arguments), it has been reclassified! The Corvo is now a gunboat (opening it to most factions). The ship has five (5) gunboat class turret slots, Cruiser core (1.4 million power capacity), Cruiser shield, two hundred thousand (200,000) base armour, and a compliment of six hundred (600) Nanobots and Shield Batteries.

The Corvo also has one “Equipment Slot”, and that is what this ship focuses on. Once again, this ship has been made to work with the “experimental equipment” available to it, this time with hyperspace scanning modules in mind. The Corvo had been redesigned to work as a scanning ship, likely with the Bustard in mind. Having spoke in detail about the Bustard to you already on my thoughts and what it’s potential uses could be, I’d like to hear YOUR thoughts. What do you think the Corvo might be used for? What kind of situations? Where will it be best applied? These are the things I would like you to think about.

So, having touched on the Bustard & Corvo, I want to hear from you! I want to know your thoughts on the ships and their uses, perhaps what you’d like to see and hear about in the next post. Perhaps you have a question you’d love to ask the staff and have answered. Tell me about this, and perhaps it’ll feature in our next newsletter!

Thank you for taking the time to read this ladies and gents. I hope to bring you more exciting news on the developments over here on the Discovery Freelancer Mod!


Public Relations

Discovery Freelancer

Discovery Freelancer - Status

Discovery Freelancer - Status

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Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion pre-release trailer now available

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Discovery Freelancer v4.84 Released

Discovery Freelancer v4.84 Released

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After three months of multiplayer beta-testing, Discovery v4.84 modification for Freelancer has reached release status and is already available for download...

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Neurogenisis Cheaters Conditioning....

As previously mentioned I suggested that cheaters have the capacity to run the gauntlet on the servers to a system that is the only system friendly to cheaters. :)

Suggested ships would be the base ships from Freelancer for sale, so the next part can work.

Transferring cheaters to a server which is much faster gameplay and faster resourcing. With the base Freelancer ships being movable through most of the mods on different servers.

I would be suggesting a server that has a complete list of modding resources and cheating resources as commodities for them to be able to learn how to cheat better and also how to mod, to give a greater level of assets for the Freelancer community....

As if people feel they need to cheat the game is too boring and not engaging enough.
Better to use their cognitive cycles to be able to test out the engine with cheats and also look for ways for more cheats to be documented so that servers could take better preparation for better RP gammeplay.
Also with all the modding tuts internal it would make it more likely they can express their ideas upon the engine without the need to impose the ideologies upon other Rp'rs.

Just seems common sense to me. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

To expand on this would it be possible to have the server Multiplayer FLs on a web drive and multiple servers could use it for faster server swapping with characters?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Neurogenesis Super traders.

I found that with the barge if you alter the power for the first survey module and the first jump module erstwhile equipment to power = 90000.

You will find the Barge comes in handy.

It would be handy to have a choice of barges.
With the current one and the old one as well as the "Space Sperm" Pirate Barge? one. :P
In combination with the small station setup as seen in TNG but with barge movement and a jump drive setup.

Also commodities based around manuals for using aforementioned craft would also be handy to have at your bases.
Purchased from where you buy the Barges ETC.
And could be stored at your player bases for New Pilots too learn from.
There is sufficient material on the internet to use as content. :)

Back to learning IDS. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Base development issue.

Documents\My Games\Freelancer\Accts \MultiPlayer\player_base\...Here...

Might I suggest having a complete list of all items in the game in here.
Generated on base build. So I think it needs to be coded for?

commodity = 2182071621, 35, 1.000000, 100000, 100000
commodity = 2186953605, 6, 1.000000, 100000, 100000
commodity = 2187064197, 1, 1.000000, 100000, 100000
commodity = 2187252623, 2, 1.000000, 0, 10

Having it automatically generate with 0 quantity.
Price of 1.000000
With a min amount of 0 and
a max amount of 10,000

I find this could be a solution to the fact that you have to login with the base setup to be able to sell new items to your friendly base.

And when you login to your friendly base you loose the capacity to trade with certain planets.
Without making a back up of the FL.

If you know another way to log out of a base? Please advise?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Neurogenesis, RU sector....

Using the models or designs from Star Wolves Genre, I believe would be suitable for a Russian sector based around the unique nature of the ships.

I am not sure if someone has already done this?

But on completion a different systems(Universe) setup could be used and could be linked back to on another server with a single sector in the FLD mod.
That way characters could be transferred from server to server and use the assets developed.

So it could be 1C hosting the server MMO style.

Same could go for Freespace Open / Homeworld Genre and many other titles.
The mod could integrate the environments across multiple servers.
I still have a bit of thinking to do around this. :P

Be safe an consume lots of Liberty Ale. As we do on this Liberty Carrier Battle Fleet. :P

I understand why the Liberty Carrier wobbles so much. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

guys... i need a quick answer... how to install it i already have the mod manager and just recently finished the vanilla game... so how can i install the game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

"Computer Name"\AppData\Local\ Discovery Freelancer 4.87.0\EXE

50 Char limit means there is a space in the address which shouldn't be there. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Disable all mods in FLMM1.? and run the DL exe.

It will not install over the top of freelancer.
But will install in your documents.
Or by default it did here.

then you still have a vanilla version ready to go to create characters in to transfer over to discovery.
As at the mo there is no character creation.

A smart decision to stop character creation spam to /sendcash to one character.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Neurogenesis Realistic commodities.

Would it be possible to be able to create a Caro Terminal in Each System, Labeled as the systems Commodities Terminal?

With the same character being able to login into each and set dynamic prices on commodities depending on the quantity of the commodities?

Using freeport 9 style of base with its multiple access points from many directions, as it works best with the Barges.

That would not only allow Barges to interact with the inner worlds easier, but also allow a better profit margin for smaller inner worlds craft/players.

Oh and a Jump Drive barge works well. :P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Neurogenesis LARGER commodities.

Is there a chance that the Icons for the Fighters/bombers could be used as commodities?
That way the Fighters and anything that fits in a docking bay could be traded.
Something to increase base commodities and increase profit margins?

If not the direct name of the small craft.
The direct name of the small craft with components after it.
-Rhino components.

There may be plenty of uses of this type of commodity in future, which I cannot describe at this point in time. :)

Since most small craft seem to be under 300 storage because of the carrier bays.
So a cargo usage would need to be changed from 1 to anything larger, but still under 300.

In future a base defense ai could use the commodities to determine what type of craft defend the base.
Like wise a carrier could have the commodities turn into a AI launched wing/defense.
Also a base could produce the craft for sale base around the commodities of ships stored there.

Enuff babbling for now. :P

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Great Mod!!!

Nov 23 2010 by wazzaa12

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Do to complicates with the next version, I highly advise anyone to read my review and get this message. Discovery 4.86 is a pathetic attempt to increase the role play values while providing little content as possible. Considering how many years it took to develop it, the whole thing is a fluke. Jump Drives, Player Controlled Bases, Cloaking, even Hud color changes? None of those features really exist. Jump Drives, and Cloaking are ADMIN ONLY. It's all bound to the FLHook Plugin system developed…

Jul 12 2011 by Robco2.0

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