Discovery mod is a full-scale expansion pack for Freelancer focused on continuing the story started in the vanilla campaign. The mod is used by some of the busiest multiplayer Freelancer servers and has multiplayer features including player owned (and built) bases, jumpdrives, cloaking devices and equipment manufacturing.

Report content Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion - Update 3
Dec 9th, 2009
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Update 3 is a cumulative update for Discovery Freelancer 4.85. This update includes contents of Update 1 and Update 2. The update contains a number of significant fixes that were not included into the previous update, certain balance changes, and bug fixes, including fixes for broken infocards. Cruise drain and no-hud mode were updated, and new, corrected market commodities file was implemented to fix and enhance the trading system. See full changelogs for both updates in the detailed description.

New in Discovery 4.85 Reunion Update 3 (4.85.2):

General changes:
- Updated market commodities.
- Updated cruise drain & no-hud modes.
- Updated broken infocards.
- Add Global List Server workaround to freelancer.ini.

Ship changes:
- Order Carrier model fixed.
- Junker bomber model and cockpit fixed.
- Rheinland transport lights changed to yellow (affects only new ships).
- Praetorian dodging slightly decreased.
- Civilian bomber turning slightly decreased.
- BHG BS camera moved.
- CSV turret view fixed.
- GMG HF mine and cm positions fixed.

Equipment changes:
- Reinforced CD and Heavy CMs can now be used by heavy ships even when energy is drained.
- Bomber guns changed to 4.00 refire while keeping same damage per second and energy per second.
- Changed effect on bomber EMP guns.
- Trefoil damage increased.
- Colada damage and energy use lowered.
- Inferno shield damage increased.
- Skyblast damage and energy use increased.
- Purple Goddess price lowered.
- Basic GB turrets added on Junker bases in Gallia as well as on Montbard.
- Nova torpedo ammo added on some bases.

- Contributions for update 3 came from Moljnir (balance+update builds), Jinx (models), Seth Karlo (models), Cannon (packaging+dll changes) and Xoria (economy).
- Thanks to Hribek, Blodo, MarvinCZ, Dab, Kress, Mule and Jure for balance, testing and other contributions that didn't make it into this update but with luck will make it into the next.
- Special thanks to Curt.Remmert for helping Cannon with testing in Cannon's timezone.
- Treewyrm provided the mirror for the automatic updater.

Notes on version number and server connectivity:
In most cases, the mod will update itself automatically, and you will not need to interfere in the process. If you experience trouble, you can download the update as a standalone package and apply it manually, closely following the installation instructions. Version number of this update remains 4.85, however, you will not be able to connect to server where the update was applied with a game client which was not updated. Servers with different mod version will be grayed out in your server list.

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Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion - Update 3
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opoffis Dec 11 2009 says:


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Igiss Author
Igiss Dec 14 2009 replied:

Translate what exactly?

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opoffis Dec 15 2009 replied:

in this fashion sche did not play, but igarl to another, because There all is not Russian but the game itself is totally Russian.
Translation - dialogues and tasks

-2 votes     reply to comment
Igiss Author
Igiss Dec 21 2009 replied:

This can't be done unfortunately. We don't provide translations into any languages other than English, it's just a task too large for indie team to accomplish.

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Homoerectus1994 Dec 17 2012 replied:

I feel sorry for foreigners. We create things in our native language and don't bother about other countries.

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rarndtjr Jan 2 2010 says:

Is this Mod cumulative (4.85) or do I need to install the Discovery Mods individually (in order)?

+1 vote     reply to comment
rarndtjr Jan 3 2010 says:

OK. Perhaps I missed some readme or guidelines elsewhere but I installed 4.85 per the readme.txt (as best I could make out) and activated with FLMM 1.3 however the "Installation & Updates" instructions in the Readme.txt appear to be invalid and incomplete. Step "3" refers to a .zip.flmod file
that does not exist (which was verified once the 4.85 Mod was downloaded) and therefore "double-clicking" the file is an invalid step.

Step 3
"3) When all required software is installed and ready for use, download the Discovery mod (.zip.flmod file) and double-click it. If FLMM was installed correctly, the file will be unzipped to FLMM folder. "Ready for activation" message will appear, and FLMM main window will open."

Instead, I unzipped the 4.85 Mod file and copied the 4.85 folder to the FLMM "mods" folder, ran FLMM and successfully activated (Discovery) 4.85 (according to FLMM).

However,it appears that there is a problem with updating the original FL files or registering the Discovery update since executing FL 4.85 causes an Access Violation (AV) 0xc0000005 each time the game is executed. (Error Logs are available)

In addition, This problem occurs on multiple Platforms.

Scenario 1: Windows XP SP3
Scenario 2: Windows Vista SP1 (Running FL as Admin)

The documentation is definitely unclear/ambiguous and needs better structure.

Q: What are the proper installation instructions for applying this Mod to the Base Freelancer install?

Q: What is the proper method for verifying that the files were copied/updated and registered correctly?

Thanks Much.

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rarndtjr Jan 3 2010 says:

OK, I figured it out.

I didn't realize that 485 Update 3 was only a patch. I thought it was the Base Plus Patch #3.

Be sure to download Discovery 485 Base code (
Example - Download from: (to be posted after 7 days)

[Windows XP]
- To install (double-click)the file which will extract the zip file to the mods folder of FLMM directory.

[Windows Vista]
- Download and Rename the file to "" and extract the files to a desired location.
- Create a folder named "Discovery485"
- Copy all of the recently extracted files from to the newly created Discovery485 folder.
- Copy the Discovery485 folder to the FLMM mods folder.
Example: C:\Program Files\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods
Note: The mods folder should now contain the folder "Discovery485" (along with other mod folders)

[Activating the Discovery v4.85 Mod]
- Run the FLMM application and Activate the "Discovery Mod v4.85"
- When complete (and successful), Run FL from the Start Menu.

[Update to Discovery 4.85 (Patch) 3]
- After Running FL from the Start Meny, when prompted if you want to download and install the Update 3 patch, select Yes to complete the update process.

[Play Freelancer]
- Run FL (again) from the Start Menu and Play the game as normal.

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Ballroom Jan 7 2010 says:

I have a question. I see that the only planet in the Pennsylvania system is "Planet Erie". I sadly do not have the mod downloaded as it took my cousin to load out another one for Freeworlds but this one also looked very interesting and i'd love to know if i could be able to play this one also along with the other one i'm presently in. I just do not know if or how. My question is, What inspired you to name it Erie and also, do you live or used to live in Erie ? I ask because i used to but i still live close by in Albion.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Igiss Author
Igiss Jan 8 2010 replied:

Planet was named because Freelancer has naming convention based on real-world locations. I never lived near Erie, I'm from Russia, actually (which is reflected in my profile).

You can have two Freelancer installations and have two mods installed simultaneously, but you won't be able to use FLMM normally to de-activate mods in this case. Not that it's an issue if you got a clear game install backed up somewhere.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Ballroom Jan 8 2010 replied:

REALLY ?! How could i back it up do do that ? Well i have to admit , though i no longer live in Erie and now am back living in my home town of Albion about a 40 minutes drive from Erie, i am honored that you named the planet after it. I'm sadly not very good with computers to figure out how to do that, however i'd really like to play your mod also. I really loved the main Freelancer game but was really bummed that of all it's potential, none of it was really tapped as much as it should have. Exe; Buying and flying a larger ship than just a Very Heavy Fighter not to mention, more systems to explore. I am playing Freeworlds and i really do like it, but it'd also like to play Freelancer in it's more expanded universe......and eventually command a large battleship. heh heh heh. I hope i can get my cousin to find the time to come by and see if he can get both of them hooked up for me?? He's a computer whiz.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ballroom Jan 12 2010 replied:

I need to ask you as i'm desperate to know how and load up and play your mod. Am i able to have your mod running while also running my Freeworlds mod? If so, how would i do that ? I hope i do not have to uninstal one for the other ? My cousin is going to come by to put it on for me as soon as he knows what to do. I cannot wait to check it out.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Ballroom Jan 11 2010 says:

I need to ask. If i were to load up this mod, what specs do i need to have to run this game ? As in, what's the minimum and what's the recommanded ? I would love to play this mod real soon along with my Freeworlds mod that i had my cousin come over to help put it on. I appreciate your input. Thank you .

+1 vote     reply to comment
Capt_Reynolds Feb 19 2010 says:

bought freelancer a couple of days ago just because i saw this mod, and leapt at an oppurtunity to pilot my own firefly :)
anyway - got mod 4.85, and it worked, but the NPC's are pretty much impossible to kill, i fired 50 eraser missiles at one and it barely dented its health.
so i was hoping this update would fix that, but when i try and open this in FLMM 1.3 it works (after saying "this may cause problems and contradict 4.85") but i just click yes. Then when i open freelancer and click load game all of my saved games have gone, and when i click newgame it becomes non-responsive and crashes.

+1 vote     reply to comment
verybored Jun 23 2010 replied:

Look at the missle specs... The erasers are for shields. Use slingshot or javelins to take out your opponents.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Capt_Reynolds Feb 25 2010 says:

hey everyone, still having problems but either no one comes on here or no one likes me :) lol
So... my xp computor died - probably something to do with my mother hoovering out the inside, but that's another story
anyway back to my desire to captain a Firefly on Freelancer.
It now had to be run through my vista laptop, which does have all the specs. I installed everything, inc flmm 1.3 and the discovery 4.85 base - as i was having troubles with this version on the xp i assumed i would have the same problems, and sure enough this refused to download - even though i followed what 'rarndtjr' did - i got no screen asking me whether i wanted an update. after trying many different installs and uninstalls it still didnt work. so i gave up with that and prayed that i may be able to beat the unkillable NPC's

i started it up (this is the simple 4.85 version), and the first cutscene bit where that ship is blown up and everything worked fine = and the npc's in that bit went down a lot moe easily which i was really happy about - so i went onto the first level with the USV BRANDT where you get attacked by pirate ships (like the tutorial level pretty much) - however no pirate ships arrive - the trade lane is disrupted but nothing appears?! i cant move on in the campaign or get the ally ships back in the trade lane.
Can anybody hellllp?

+1 vote     reply to comment
a09b4c5670 Dec 12 2010 says:

I am having problems with this mod.. Whenever I start Launching my ship outside the space it crashes everytime it creates Autosave files.. Do you have anything in mind that can prevent this from happening?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Caballord Feb 27 2011 says:

Igiss i need download all versions or just the 4.85?

+1 vote     reply to comment
DiamondbackGunner Mar 8 2011 says:

Iv'e downloaded it, set options, (bloom effect is off), I get to main menu, and when I click start new single player, it crashes and says "Freelancer has stopped working, windsows can check online for a solution to the problem." And when I click on check, it loads, then disapears, and when I try freelancer again, same thing all over. Anything you can suggest?

+1 vote     reply to comment
rino0987 Apr 6 2011 replied:

I have the EXACT same problem as ^^^.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Nokk Apr 23 2011 says:

II'm trying to run this mod on my laptop (Vista Home Premium, 32bit). Regular FL plays fantastic on here and when I saw this mod I just had to try it!!! I'm still using FLMM1.31 because I keep reading of problems with FLMM4.1. I installed the 485 mod into FLMM, I then activated it in FLMM, I also did what rarndtjr said to do on how to dload and run 485 update3....... Well the splashscreen comes up but when I try to start a new game it says "loading" and then crashes. I then tried using my own savegames and this worked a bit better---until I try to leave the planet----then it says "loading" and crashed yet again. I never have been able to get anything to ask me if I want to update to 485 update3 or anything else like rarndtjr did. Also, this was a clean install of both FL and FLMM1.31 . Is there anyone out there who can help? I love FL and still see myself playing it for years to come even tho I'm an avid gamer and play anything and everything new that comes out (if it's my type of game that is), but I will always play FL (single player mostly). Well, if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thx :)

+1 vote     reply to comment
Audists Jul 17 2011 says:

I have a problem. I installed the discovery mod and it didn't show me any update. Help please?

+1 vote     reply to comment
Jon0791 Oct 28 2011 says:

Could someone please asist me.
When i use FLMM to activate the mod it has an error and says:
"Error: FLMM has determined that 'Discovery Mod v4.85' won't properly activate.
Error: file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Freelancer\data \universe\systems\ intro\intro.ini' doesn't exist "
I am using windows vista (which i know is a dog to use for games" but i have been playing the main game for ages with no problems, someone please help.

+1 vote     reply to comment
mustaklic Jan 1 2012 says:

I have a problem when i buy new transport ships GALIC TRAIN in two bases. i can't lunch of space because my ship stuck on the exit door because of the shape or size. I found this problem in two locations :

CHAMPAGNE SYSTEM - chalons-en champagne station
DAUPHINE SYSTEM - briancon station

My ship was captured in the database but I can see how the game is still unfolding. can rotate the camera and turet wiev but I am stuck in the base. only helps LOADING save file


+1 vote     reply to comment
bormos3 May 8 2012 says:

How to install these updates? Readme only tells how to install the mod.
Idk why but i don't get asked if i want to update the mod (i was the last time) so i need this update but don't know how to install it...

+1 vote     reply to comment
bormos3 Sep 17 2012 says:

The mod used to be good , but now it doesn't least the multiplayer doesn't.

+1 vote     reply to comment
LNS_Utah Dec 21 2013 says:

This modification is not bad but the community is horrible. Censorship with really stupid and boring rules everywhere, admins are arrogant and when you want something from them, better commited suicide-they will ban you.

Before 3 years, there was usually 200 players at a time on the server, now it wont happend there are more than 100 players. Please continue with it, after some time, only admins will play their mod. ;)

+1 vote     reply to comment
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