Discovery mod is a full-scale expansion pack for Freelancer focused on continuing the story started in the vanilla campaign. The mod is used by some of the busiest multiplayer Freelancer servers and has multiplayer features including player owned (and built) bases, jumpdrives, cloaking devices and equipment manufacturing.

Report content Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion - Update 2
Oct 31st, 2009
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Update 2 is a cumulative update for Discovery Freelancer 4.85 (Update 1 was not released on ModDB, and it's included into this update). All updates that will follow are going to be cumulative as well. The update introduces a number of significant balance changes, trade routes changes, fixed models and hitboxes, and a revamped mining system. Multiple bugs were fixed, and many infocards were rewritten or corrected. See full changelogs for both updates in the detailed description.

New in Discovery 4.85 Reunion Update 2 (4.85.1):

General changes:
- Adjustments and fixes to the trade routes system by Xoria.
- ID and ship infocards updated
- Broken IonCross files fixed.
- Updates to the mining areas in Omega 11, Tau 37, Omega 7
- Fixed minor bugs in Omicron Delta and Omega 15.
- New command line option '-logappend'. When this option is used the DSAce.log is not overwritten when Freelancer is started.
- Fixed cruise power drain feature when the ship is in a nebula.

Ship changes:
- Changed zoner gunboat hitbox to improve hit detection accuracy and fixed firing arcs.
- Fixed Light Carrier (dsy_lightcarrier) and Aquilon Carrier (dsy_bsg) morphing bugs, added an improved textures and moved docking points to tip of ship.
- Change BHG Destroyer (dsy_ccrv) camera position.
- Falcon upgraded to HF MKII.
- Challenger CD firing arc restricted and bots/bats changed to 113.
- Added extra turret to Greyhound with class 9 guns and more turning but less power.

Equipment changes:
- Bomber gun changes: less range, less refire, more dispersion, new models by Doom.
- Transport solaris range corrected.
- Increased speed and range of Solaris Cruiser Turret (dsy_solariscturret).
- Tweaked range on BS Pulses, Cruiser LM, Cruiser Pulses, Liberty and Dragon forward guns
- Small transport turrets changed to be equal to large "primary" turret and transport turret 3 projectile changed to proper liberty one.
- Special transport turrets changed to new generic models made by Doom
- BS primaries/cerb now have small dispersion angle
- Kingfisher radius fixed.
- Purple Goddess changed to class 9.
- Changed mining ship rumble to a less annoying rumble.

Cannon was the one who implemented most of the changes, built the package and wrote this changelog.

Contributors include (but are not limited to): Xoria (trade route enhancements), Dusty Lens (infocards), Markam (testing), Mjolnir (balance), Jinx (models), Doom, MarvinCZ, Hribek.

Mule, Jure, Enko, Blodo and others were heavily involved in balance discussions and related testing.

Treewyrm provided the mirror for the automatic updater.

New in Discovery 4.85 Reunion Update 1 (4.85.0):

General changes:
- The mining system has been updated. Many asteroid fields have been moved and new fields added. Most fields now drop metal ore as a commodity rather than the original commodity. Several existing ships have been re-tasked as mining ships and a new mining turret have been added.
- New command line options are available when launching freelancer. These include suppression of new and departing player messages, wide screen support and player chat logging. See below for a description of the available options.
- Support for a server controlled option has been added to disable the ship power plant when the ship enters cruises. The power plant will not start charging again until the ship leaves cruise.
- A anticheat feature has been added to prevent the most common ini file based cheats.
- Fixed a large number of bugs related to systems, infocards, equipment, and other areas.

Trade route changes:
- Significantly rebalanced trade routes system by Xoria.
- Mining commodities (Ores) incorporated into the trade system.
- Locations of many Jump Holes altered to eliminate trade shortcuts. System changes: - Pueblo Bontio in Baffin has been moved closer to the scrubby fields.
- Gallic weapon platform firepower decreased.
- Firepower of Gallic NPCs decreased.
- NPC bomber loadouts changed.

Ship & equipment changes:
- Cruising now drains ship energy as a means to avoid abuse of cruise in combat situations.
- Modified freighter powerplants, giving them 3x more capacity while keeping same regen.
- Changed transport turrets, solaris, cereb, primaries, pulses.
- BS primaires and Cerbs do 2 times more damage and use 2 times more energy + 5%.
- New icons for nova torp ammo, EMP missile ammo and heavy missile ammo by MarvinCZ.
- Bombers are now unable to use Mini Razor, Inferno, Starkiller, Sunslayer as well as fighter missiles and guns.
- New bomber guns and turrets introduced (1 hullbuster, 1 shieldbuster), courtesy of Kress.

Specific ship/equipment changes:
- Civ. Bomber, Arrow, Sekhmet and Barge models fixed for morphing issues.
- Bhg bc firing arcs improved (2 turrets).
- Modified slipstream to be able to use Phantom guns.
- Bretonian bs primaries range and damage increased.
- Tweaked explosion vulnerability on Bretonia, Kusari and Rheinland GBs.
- Barragers changed to 5.00 refire, simillar damage to before.
- Zoner gunboat got new model, 6 turrets, removed mines.
- BHG BS got new hitbox.
- RH BS impulse speed increased.
- Light Carrier got new model, new engine effect, reduced thruster speed.
- Greyhound shield lowered to class 9.
- Falcata mass increased from 200 to 225 (same level as bhg and gc bombers, lowest of all bombers).
- FA Bomber upwards turning decreased.
- Rheinland Bomber response decreased.
- IMG Bomber turning increased.
- Avenger powerplant upgraded.
- Odin armor increased, powerplant upgraded.
- Wraith turning slightly increased.
- Gc vhf armor and bots increased turning decreased.
- BD "HF" armor increased, turning decreased.
- Barge cargo hold increased.
- Raba cruise recharge time fixed.
- Kusari explorer hardpoints corrected.
- Challenger changed to barghest-like bomber, agility decreased, extra CD slot, freighter shield, more armor, 10% bigger size.
- Backward turret slot (for mining) added on basalt lf.
- Aquillion Carrier model updated.
- Hammerfall energy consumption increased.
- Protectors range increased by 50m.

Command line options:
Widescreen support, where the screen size is set to the current desktop resolution
Widescreen support, where W = screen width and H = screen height.
Hide the "Mouse Flight" and associated text on the hud.
Disable hud
Log chat to My Documents\Freelancer\dsace.log
Include the timestamp in chat log
Show the timestamp in local time rather than UTC.
Enable new player messages. By default new player messages are disabled
Enable departing player messages. By default departing player messages are disabled
Show the lag indicator icon. By default the lag indicator icon is disabled.

Huge thanks for making this update possible go to:
- Cannon for the command line tools, anticheat, bug fixing, infocard work, update packages, and lots of various stuff;
- Dusty Lens, Blodo and Cannon for the mining update, with contributions from Seth Karlo and NEXUS;
- Mjolnir for creating update packages, leading the balance work, bug fixing, and updating hardpoints on certain models;
- Dusty Lens for huge infocard work and other contributions;
- Jinx for model updates and other contributions;;
- MarvinCZ for NPC accessories code, and balance contributions;
- Jure for balance contributions, and organizing the testing process;
- Xoria for trade routes redesign;
- Blodo, Exile, mwerte, Bluntpencil, MarvinCZ, Dab, Frozen, Lohingren, McNeo, Kuraine, Kress, SevereTrinity, Hyung Soong, Mule for working on balance, code, and testing;
- Markam, Enko, Dart, HotShot, Fletcher and others whom I missed for testing;
- TheMilliers for the new BHG BS hitbox.
- Igiss for fooling around and pretending he's organizing the process.

Notes on version number and server connectivity:
In most cases, the mod will update itself automatically, and you will not need to interfere in the process. If you experience trouble, you can download the update as a standalone package and apply it manually, closely following the installation instructions. Version number of this update remains 4.85, however, you will not be able to connect to server where the update was applied with a game client which was not updated. Servers with different mod version will be grayed out in your server list.

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Discovery Freelancer 4.85: Reunion - Update 2
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LNS_Utah Dec 21 2013 says:

This modification is not bad but the community is horrible. Censorship with really stupid and boring rules everywhere, admins are arrogant and when you want something from them, better commited suicide-they will ban you.

Before 3 years, there was usually 200 players at a time on the server, now it wont happend there are more than 100 players. Please continue with it, after some time, only admins will play their mod. ;)

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