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Dino Crisis Source. Remake of the Dino Crisis 1 game from PS1 / PC.

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What would you like to see in the mod in particular? (Games : Half-Life 2: Episode Two : Mods : Dino Crisis 1 Source : Forum : What would you like to see from the mod? : What would you like to see in the mod in particular?) Locked
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May 20 2012 Anchor

Hey guys n girls.
What in particular would you like to see in the mod besides the dinosaurs? Creepy rooms, dead bodies, more blood n gore then the original, funny scenes? Anything at all please post below.

May 21 2012 Anchor

I'd love to see decent AI, conversion of most of the source assets, an epicly designed UI/menu, crafted suspense, and maybe few awesome cutscene moments. It would also be cool if you threw in the shaders that are going to be released by Ivan's secrets or city 17 or something.

May 28 2012 Anchor

I'd like to see all the rooms, the dinosaurs and the characters exactly as they were in the original game. ^^

Jun 14 2012 Anchor

More guns Good Detail in game would be a hit

I think a team game would be cool at least like 2 or 3 NPC :de:

Jul 17 2012 Anchor

OT: (don't kill me... please)

A FPS Dino-Crisis game... ? If you ask me then it's the perfect idea to mutilate the very basic concept of the game itself...

Even Resident Evil, the emblem of surviving horror game genre had turned into a Modern Warfare competitor... Why in the world would you do such a thing... Why is survival horror genre fading away and not coming back anytime soon... ?

In my opinion the 3rd person fixed cameras positioned wisely across the environment along with the tank-like control of the character like in the original game would be the thing to die for in such a game...
Hate it as much as you want, but this definitely will add so much to the game's atmosphere...
That above and an auto-aim feature will go along very nicely. Because a survival horror it's not about point and shoot, it's about creating an unusual disturbing feeling and creating tension, making the player manage scarce resources and trying to avoid dangerous situations as much as possible etc.

There are also other advantages in using fixed 3rd person cameras:
- Player gets to see his favorite character all the time... Really helps player bonding with his character :D (not with a weapon... :O)
- The character can have different style walk animations like limping for example depending on how much health it has, shooting stances, etc.
- The character can dynamically turn his head onto the points of interest (items/doors/near by enemies)
- No more need for high detailed 1st person weapon/items models

Well, to be back on topic...

- No jumping seems a very good idea for a survival horror game.
Jumping only in certain situations, in fact not jumping, but using the "jump" command to climb ladders or boxes or small gaps instead of using the "use" command also seems a nice idea.
Jumping all around like crazy seems highly unlikely to add something good to the game atmosphere...

- You could also consider not letting the player shoot while moving, or at least make the recoil exponentially higher depending on movement speed.
Moving while reloading doesn't seem to be a bad thing, since the reloading process doesn't need very much precision.

- 3d inventory models examination like in Resident Evil 1 would be very nice

- Using animated cut-scenes instead of video cut-scenes

- Non Linear GamePlay it's a must: Revisit some old area/s because you need a "piece" to solve a puzzle just to see that the area has somehow changed in a way or another it's quite nice and adds to the total length of the game. Revisiting old areas may also bring a reward (not gonna bring ideas here... )

- Explosive barrels or cutter charges in specific areas of the game

- Instead of having 1 billion weapons better few weapons but customizable
> different types of ammo/grenades/etc.
> different clip capacity
> attachable laser (improves aiming)
> silencer (helps player to stay stealth to some degree)
> flashlight (in dark areas can be useful for pure orientation across the environment or to discover "hidden from the eye" items)
> barrels for certain weapons that can be modified like MP5/ARWEN37/M4A1 or others... (increase damage dealt but also the recoil)
> stocks (decrease recoil and an example for a specific handgun (HK-VP70 aka Matilda) it adds burst-fire mode capability)
> scopes for mid/long ranged weapons (increase accuracy)

- from Resident Evil 3: mixing herbs and mixing gun powders (with the Reloading-Tool) to obtain heal items and different kinds of ammo was such a nice addition that you don't see in games these days... :(

- lots of commented environment stuff... You know, when you are looking to walls and find a picture for example: You hit the "action/use" button and there's a written description of the item appearing on screen (this is a picture of blah blah etc.) or when you find a locker and it says (nothing useful here... ) and so on... People just love exploring all kind of crap like this on the map... at least I do :D (more of them descriptions the better it gets)

I've got to go right now (I have other crap to add but don't have the time) so if you don't find all this above pure crap, I will post some more when I'll get back home.


Ok, back home.

...about the 3rd person fixed camera again: (I just can't get it off my mind, sorry... )
My knowledge in coding tends to absolute Zero but I quite understand that messing with Source engine's 1st person camera isn't a walk in a park by any means... I saw discussions in other mod boards where people were trying to create a RE4 style camera to follow the player. I don't know if I recall well from few years back, but the actual 3rd person player model was a custom created entity with it's own model and movement system... Well, I might talk crap... But I know that it's a pain.
That being acknowledged I hope you will maybe take this aspect in consideration.

So... let's continue the endless list shall we... :D ?

- Absolutely no HUD at all would be great. That including no crosshair. At least in normal/hard modes. In easy mode a crosshair will be present but optional.

- RE 1/2/3 style menu (subscreen/inventory) accessible through a press of a button.

- If it's possible, when character takes heavy damage and fall of it's feet there can be a chance for it to drop it's weapon on ground.

- to be continued... :D


- Door transitions and captions like in the original game (when you enter a door a caption appears telling you which area are you entering)

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May 20 2013 Anchor

I think nether the first person or the original 3rd person are good in this, it would be nice with something new.
Of cause it's easy to say.
The guy above have a point about the bonding to your character. Maybe you should walk around in 3rd person but aim In first.

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