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Dino Crisis Source. Remake of the Dino Crisis 1 game from PS1 / PC.

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1st or 3rd Person (Games : Half-Life 2: Episode Two : Mods : Dino Crisis 1 Source : Forum : Details about the mod : 1st or 3rd Person ) Locked
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Mar 16 2012 Anchor

I keep getting asked wether or not this mod will be 1st or 3rd person. We were going to originally make it 3rd person but after a discussion a few of us had we have decided to make it 1st. There are a few reasons as to why and here they are.

  • Makes combat with the dinosaur's more intense
  • Had trouble making 3rd person work with some actions we were playing around with
  • We noticed the mod was pausing for a sec or 2 every 5 to 10 mins in 3rd person view

If you want more info about this then post underneath. I hope I have answered your question.raiden58237

Mar 21 2012 Anchor

personay its good news for me :D i hated the view in silent hill 2 soo much! :D its useless
if 3rd person id chose the dead space type :D

Jun 14 2012 Anchor

Defently 1st not doubt about it.When i was a kid i allways woundered what happend to 2nd person

Jul 18 2012 Anchor

3rd person would be critical in such a game. 1st person it's just another COD:MW style clone with dinosaurs... just like Resident Evil games CRAPCOM keeps releasing nowadays... Many other companies too... We have one billion too many 1st person games to choose from...
What about a real adventure survival-horror game ? Where are those... :/ Pretty much nothing to choose from isn't it ?
I loved Resident Evil 1/2/3/C.V. I loved Dino Crisis and I loved Parasite EVE 2 on the PS1. Still have more fun playing them on emulators then other current gen games. Much more fun...

But, let me stop crying about what I want and what I don't and start putting together some arguments here:

3rd Person Fixed/Rotating Cameras: (not RE 4/5 over the shoulder camera style but RE 1/2/3 or Dino Crisis 1/2 independent cameras style)

+ first and most obvious thing it's you get to actually see your character
+ you can actually see what equipment or weapons your character carries/wears
+ you acknowledge in a better way the fact that your character is taking/has took damage (different walk/run/misc animations)
+ you don't need to use very high detailed weapons/items/characters models
+ you can benefit from camera position/angle to cover wide open spaces thus making the player feel lonely and small not knowing if a huge danger may await him (and by huge you know what I imply... ) or a very close camera pointing at the door you just exited that will create tension again, while the player wouldn't know what lies in front of him when he steps forward... and so on. (there are so many ways to create a disturbing and tense atmosphere with 3rd person almost cinematic like cameras)
+ wider fov cameras would definitely highlight the work of the mod team and the art style (you get to see more stuff in one screen)
+ actually seeing your character on screen would also have some benefits. Like head turning for example: the player's head wold turn pointing toward near by objects of interest such as close enemies, off-screen/hard to see items or doors.
+ you will use an auto aim feature because a "point and shoot" 1st person style combat system it's wrong for a general adventure style game in so many ways. Using this combat system would let the player really feel (in fact see) when his character is shooting different kinds of weapons. 1st person view weapon models are such a poorly done concept regarding the actual weapon positioning, aiming, and recoil that it hurts the eye; It really ruins the gameplay experience by such a high degree...
Many game developers had tried to improve this view style by positioning the weapons in different ways, adding iron-sights, adding run animations, adding feet, even torso view models when player looks down, but in the end it's still a very poor designed concept. It's still indeed the very best approach for a first person shooter, but that's quite it...
- tank or 2d character control scheme (but if you ask me that's still a plus... if you are a "gamepad person" you know what I mean)
- hard to implement into Source Engine (which was conceived as a 1st person shooter engine)

That's about all that's on top of my head right now... but I'm sure that there are quite a bit more to come with...

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