The Epic sequel to the greatest series in video gaming is now here--in Deus Ex: FROZEN HELL you will find out what happened to the world after the events of DX: Invisible War. How did Helios change the humanity? Where did the Templars and the Omar go? Did the Illuminati take over the Earth with the power of Ophelia? And has JC Denton ever become himself again? In Frozen Hell conspiracy grows deeper, and the action takes you further in the future. It's the year 2150. The protagonist, DX Denton, the third Denton clone, is sent to the colonized Mars to prevent a gathering war between the worlds from happening. JC Denton is the only person who can help him with that...but will their posthuman might be enough to encounter Uber Alles, a mysterious leader of the conspiracy, always hiding behind a mask, just like the ancient secret societies? In the World of Terror, remember one thing--Death does not matter any longer.

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Deus Ex: FROZEN HELL v 0.2

Deus Ex: FROZEN HELL v 0.2

May 1, 2012 Demo (39.59mb) 0 comments

As many gamers requested, I fixed the dialogues in this version. Now at least half of Medionusquam's population can talk! Also, I fixed the goals, so...

City On The Hill--Demo map of DX:FH

City On The Hill--Demo map of DX:FH

Apr 23, 2012 Demo (9.10mb) 0 comments

City On The Hill is the opposite of Medionusquam, the stage of DX:FH, but if Medionusquam is located on Mars, City On The Hill is its prototype in New...

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