This mod adds some great new gameplay to the game. Virtually everything have been tweaked and modified and around 80 new units and 20+ new structures have been added. In combination with new generals, superweapons and powers. New music and sounds for some units.
This mod will take the fight to the sea in huge naval battles between submarines, destroyers, battleships and gunboats. It will take fighting in the sky to new levels with a broad variety of aircrafts and helicopters. The GLA can now participate in these fights. But the real battle will take place on the ground, engaging mammoth overlords, light vipers and specialised infantry units.

With tons of new and improved units to play with, Destructive Forces will keep you busy for hours! Skirmish is supported.

"This mod does what Zero Hour did to Generals, to Zero Hour! Each side is even more diverse than before, some Generals may be absolutely horrible against others, and some may be a fair fight. The only units that are shared even between the countries are the supply gatherers, and sometimes even that's not the case!"

Here are the new generals you get to play around with.

-Airforce General
-Tech & Naval General
-Commander in Chief
-Assault General

-Tech & Naval General
-Commander in Chief
-Artillery General
-EMP & Napalm General

-Stealth & Naval General
-United Arabs
-Terror Leader
-Toxic Warfare General

-Mother of all coalitions (MOAC)
-United Generals

14 new generals, more than 85 new units, new Generals powers and plenty of Naval units, what more could you ask for?

Designed for multiplay with unique strength and abilities for all different generals. A general superior in one type of game may be useless in another....

NOTE: This mod is for Zero Hour only, and for the English version. IF you have another version all in-game text will not display properly. To fix this : copy the contents in the English folder to your language-folder located in "gamedir/Data".

Download available through moddb

Version 1.4 is now available for download (as soon as it has been approved by moddb).

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About six years from initial release of this mod (that means about three weeks ago), I heard about C&C Generals 2 (release date late 2012). So I just had to once again play some Destructive Forces to relive some fun LAN moments. Now, since this was a Skirmish-endeavor I couldn’t help but notice the lack of AI in this mod. And even though I know that I’ve said to myself in the past that fixing the AI was too complicated, I couldn’t resist starting up World Builder and play around. So I decided to start this last™ project with DF, codenamed “Make the AI use the SW for all sides, and add in some other AI enhancements like building units and attacking”. Now, I am nowadays a busy guy so the time-budget for this project was at max 2h/day for a period of two or so weeks (I like to “finish” things I start). Now, 40 or so hours later, with 80% of that being skirmish game-time, I hereby give you version 1.4 of Destructive Forces with working* AI, two new generals and some smaller changes.

You can grab the latest version here

Finishing the project

Finishing the project

8 years ago News 6 comments

During the coming Christmas holidays we will try to finish this mod and release a final version perhaps in late January next year.

Destructive Forces 1.2 released

Destructive Forces 1.2 released

8 years ago News 1 comment

About a month ago, I claimed that I was done with the mod. However, I just happened to get caught with it one night and since then I've been working...

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Destructive Forces V1.4 Automated Install

Destructive Forces V1.4 Automated Install

3 years ago Full Version 51 comments

So, six years after the first release of Destructive Forces, I just had to give this project a proper closure. And what could be better than a working...

Destructive Forces V1.4 FULL

Destructive Forces V1.4 FULL

3 years ago Full Version 43 comments

So, six years after the first release of Destructive Forces, I just had to give this project a proper closure. And what could be better than a working...

GameData.ini  (improved performance)

GameData.ini (improved performance)

5 years ago Other 8 comments

This is the same file as include din the 1.4b full installation archive.

Destructive Forces for MAC (ZIP archive)

Destructive Forces for MAC (ZIP archive)

5 years ago Full Version 5 comments

This is the exact same version as DF 1.3 but instead of embedded in an installer it is contained in a ZIP-archive. So MAC users should be able to extract...

Destructive Forces V1.3 (OLD)

Destructive Forces V1.3 (OLD)

6 years ago Full Version 81 comments

**VERSION 1.4 now available** Ok, so I found the piece of data that I worked on for about a year ago, on a forgotten USB-stick. So I give you the latest...

Full DF soundtrack

Full DF soundtrack

7 years ago Full Version 6 comments

This music-file contains all tracks used in Destructive Forces.

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chris8729 Oct 20 2012 says:

you might wanna give us a patch for first decade zero hour campaign it crashes with error an surely be better to do like all companies making them windows 8 compatible
as its soon replacing windows 7 and most all others Microsoft retired others an surely do it to windows 7 like it done to vista

+1 vote     reply to comment
Dragon492 Dec 3 2012 replied:

campain isnt supported to my knowledge o.O

+2 votes     reply to comment
z741 Oct 13 2012 says:

hey do you have a download for the mappack you had with 1.3?

+1 vote     reply to comment
KOYK_GR Jul 14 2012 says:

hey i got a moding question that i dind find by google it i made my search and dind find what i need. ok how i can modify the guard area of a unit? like enlarge it or make it small? (i need some one that have done it,to tell me.not random comments) thanks

+1 vote     reply to comment
PeaceKeep0r Jul 18 2012 replied:

You can do it, but it all consider's on the units range. What unit were you looking to modify?

+2 votes     reply to comment
PeaceKeep0r Jul 13 2012 says:

Can you make the health bars original and not smaller, and the sky camera to not zoom in and out very far? I hate playing Mission Maps where there a script following a camera and the camera shows the unit very close.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Redembrah Jul 8 2012 says:

Help, having issues getting this mod to work with the first decade. Keeps crashing at startup. I have tried the read me suggestions, I have used the auto install version, 4b and manual install, I have coppied the big file over and renamed the scripts folder. Still crashe. I have removed the first decade and reinstalled twice, made sure it worked and then tried the mod again, no luck. Help, plz

+1 vote     reply to comment
Guest Dec 7 2012 replied:

Normal install doesn't work with First Decade. For first decade. Copy the .big-file to your mydocumentsfolder containing the Zero Hour specific files. Then create a shortcut to generals.exe and in the target field, add -mod nameofthebigfile.big at the end of the string.

+1 vote     reply to comment
Redembrah Jul 8 2012 replied:

I got it. For anyone that might be having issues I followed these steps to get the mod to work.
Run C&C Generals / Zero:Hour on Windows 7
Go to your install directory and set the compatibility and “Run as administrator” settings for the generals.exe in the same way as mentioned above for the setup.exe! Start the game – Don’t worry if you’re receiving an error. We can fix that! Go into your Documents folder (C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\) and you should be able to see a folder “Command and Conquer Generals Data” and or “Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data”. Browse into the folder and do a right click into the empty space -> New -> Text Document. Open it with a notepad and copy the following text into it:

AntiAliasing = 1
BuildingOcclusion = yes
CampaignDifficulty = 0
DynamicLOD = yes
ExtraAnimations = yes
GameSpyIPAddress =
Gamma = 50
HeatEffects = yes
IPAddress =
IdealStaticGameLOD = Low
LanguageFilter = false
MaxParticleCount = 5000
MusicVolume = 70
Resolution = 1024 768
Retaliation = yes
SFX3DVolume = 70
SFXVolume = 70
ScrollFactor = 60
SendDelay = no
ShowSoftWaterEdge = yes
ShowTrees = yes
StaticGameLOD = Custom
TextureReduction = 0
UseAlternateMouse = yes
UseCloudMap = yes
UseDoubleClickAttackMove = no
UseLightMap = yes
UseShadowDecals = yes
UseShadowVolumes = yes
VoiceVolume = 70

Important: Now save it as options.ini into the Command and Conquer Generals Data / Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data folder. You can delete the created New Text Document file within the folder.

+1 vote     reply to comment
FlamenTeddy Nov 26 2012 replied:

Didn't work. Still not working. Added in the new file and it overwrites the other one. I reinstalled C&C and then did this again without overwriting it just naming it options.ini with the Options.ini that was already there and nothing. It gets to the loading screen then i get the serious error message.

+1 vote     reply to comment
PeaceKeep0r May 30 2012 says:

Did you use some factions and models from reborn? Or am I not up to date at what happens at moddb anymore.

+1 vote     reply to comment
PeaceKeep0r May 30 2012 replied:

Edit: Also found a little glitch with the China Tech & Naval General: For tank assault, You can only use that support power if you use the tank drop from the Chinese commander, and then use tank assault to get the units. Wanted to point that out :P

+1 vote     reply to comment
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just some bug need to fix
and better AI
if the bug fixed and get better ai

this will rock :D

Oct 27 2009 by h0devil

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