This mod adds some great new gameplay to the game. Virtually everything have been tweaked and modified and around 80 new units and 20+ new structures have been added. In combination with new generals, super weapons and powers. New music and sounds for some units. This mod will take the fight to the sea in huge naval battles between submarines, destroyers, battleships and gunboats. It will take fighting in the sky to new levels with a broad variety of aircrafts and helicopters. The GLA can now participate in these fights. But the real battle will take place on the ground, engaging mammoth overlords, light vipers and specialized infantry units. With tons of new and improved units to play with, Destructive Forces will keep you busy for hours! Skirmish is supported. "This mod does what Zero Hour did to Generals, to Zero Hour! Each side is even more diverse than before, some Generals may be absolutely horrible against others, and some may be a fair fight. The only units that are shared...

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Destructive Forces V1.4 Automated Install

Destructive Forces V1.4 Automated Install

Feb 12, 2012 Full Version (93.95mb) 51 comments

So, six years after the first release of Destructive Forces, I just had to give this project a proper closure. And what could be better than a working...

Destructive Forces V1.4 FULL

Destructive Forces V1.4 FULL

Feb 11, 2012 Full Version (101.76mb) 43 comments

So, six years after the first release of Destructive Forces, I just had to give this project a proper closure. And what could be better than a working...

GameData.ini  (improved performance)

GameData.ini (improved performance)

Aug 7, 2010 Other (0.01mb) 8 comments

This is the same file as include din the 1.4b full installation archive.

Destructive Forces for MAC (ZIP archive)

Destructive Forces for MAC (ZIP archive)

Aug 7, 2010 Full Version (99.17mb) 5 comments

This is the exact same version as DF 1.3 but instead of embedded in an installer it is contained in a ZIP-archive. So MAC users should be able to extract...

Destructive Forces V1.3 (OLD)

Destructive Forces V1.3 (OLD)

May 5, 2009 Full Version (92.27mb) 81 comments

**VERSION 1.4 now available** Ok, so I found the piece of data that I worked on for about a year ago, on a forgotten USB-stick. So I give you the latest...

Full DF soundtrack

Full DF soundtrack

Apr 29, 2008 Full Version (21.65mb) 6 comments

This music-file contains all tracks used in Destructive Forces.

Harmageddon Nuclear Showoff

Harmageddon Nuclear Showoff

Apr 10, 2008 Movies (36.99mb) 8 comments

A little video showing the power of the Harmageddon Nuclear Missile. I'm began working a little on the mod now, after one year in hibernation. Hopefully...

Destructive Forces 1.21 (OLD)

Apr 22, 2007 Full Version (83.70mb) 37 comments

**VERSION 1.3 is AVAILABLE, download that one instead* Because I got a request I uploaded the latest version as a full installation executable. This is...

DF_Hotfix_for_V1.2 (OLD)

Feb 16, 2007 Patch (0.27mb) 1 comment

/// HOTFIX for Destructive Forces 1.2 \\\ WARNING: ONLY install this patch if you already have installed DF Version 1.2. --Information-- If you have downloaded...

DF_1.2_Update (OLD)

Feb 12, 2007 Patch (4.31mb) 6 comments

So I decided to give it another shot. This is the largest update since version 1.1. It includes everything from small bugfixes and tweaks to completley...



Jan 25, 2007 Movies (17.74mb) 2 comments

This is a small clip showing the effects of using the Harmageddon nuclear bomb. It shows the map as is before the explosion, during the explosion and...

Destructive_Forces_UPDATE_1.15 (OLD)

Jan 4, 2007 Patch (1.06mb) 0 comments

**Version 1.2 is now available. You'll find the update here: DF 1.1>1.15. Final Update for Destructive Forces. Sorry, but there is no more time available...

Fix#1 for V1.1 (OLD)

Jul 13, 2006 Patch (0.09mb) 3 comments

A bug made the USA cruise missile submarine unable to move or Fire any missiles. It has been fixed in this tiny patch. The cost was also modified a bit...

Destructive Forces 1.1 FULL (OLD)

Jul 12, 2006 Full Version (81.13mb) 7 comments

Note that version 1.21 is available as a full install. This one is now obsolete. ****FEATURES***** * 60+ new ground, sea and air units * New structures...

Destructive Forces UPDATE to version 1.1 (OLD)

Jul 12, 2006 Patch (11.42mb) 0 comments

This version is for everyone that has a previous version of the game. CHANGES SINCE VERSION 1.0 ---------------------------- GENERAL FIXES: * New naval...

Destructive Forces PATCH 1 (OLD)

Jun 5, 2006 Patch (0.69mb) 1 comment

Later than I had promised, but hey, it's summer times ;) No big changes, mainly just a few tweaks and corrections. ----------------CHANGES SINCE...

Destructive Forces 1.0 FULL (OLD)

May 8, 2006 Full Version (72.29mb) 5 comments

NOTE: This version is now older than obsolete. It remains here only for reference. DO NOT download this if you do not know what you're doing :P...

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Destructive Forces V1.3 (OLD) Full Version (92.27mb)
Destructive Forces 1.21 (OLD) Full Version (83.70mb)
Destructive Forces 1.1 FULL (OLD) Full Version (81.13mb)
Destructive Forces 1.0 FULL (OLD) Full Version (72.29mb)
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